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Marie Claude doesn't care, all she wants is to dance !

Lova Moor, whose real name is Marie-Claude Jourdain, is a French singer whose particularity is to have been a dancer, then Chef de revue of the Crazy Horse Saloon before pushing the song.

She will stay in the musical history of the 80s for her extraordinary plasticity which will make her a real sex symbol at the time even if her plastic was not very natural. But also and above all for the single "Et je danse".

A cult single that came out in 1988 and set fire to all the Dancefloor in France and Navarre. Very hot single which will be accompanied by a clip that is just as much.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Tendresse SOS 1986

  • Et je danse 1988

  • J’m’en balance 1989

  • Danse encore 1990

  • My life 1991

  • Jealous 1992

  • Ma géographie 1993

  • Oh les mecs 1997


Clips :

1986 ... the 'confidential' beginnings of Marie-France. A first title to break in and prepare for a sequel that will prove to be...crazy !

1988 ... the crazy sequel, here it is ! A huge hit that will explode its notoriety and make her one of the most Too-too-heavy phenomena of this decade. HU-GE !

1989 ... the machine is now perfectly run in and Marie-France just has to unroll. Well, you have to take advantage of it quickly because it will not last for years and years, that's clear

1990 ... and Marie-France tried her hand at Ultimate Slow. She, who usually plays it rather crazy, this time must play it with finesse. And my faith, it all works quite well ...

1991 ... a comeback on the Dance side. We suspected that the Intimist mode would not suit her very long ...

1992 ... well, plastic side, she is still on top. On the other hand, on the music side, we feel that it's all pre-made. She will have to find better and quickly ...

1993 ... back to Intimist mode, an area where she was more regular than in Dance. Nothing fancy but a good job once again ...

1997 ... one last Dance title before retiring. On a cover in Euro-Beat mode of the legendary Au Bonheur Des Dames hit 'Oh les filles'. It's all nice but will not be enough to save the soldier Marie-France ...


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