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Stephan Eicher is a Swiss singer-songwriter who started his artistic career by taking video lessons at an art school.

He started his musical career at the age of 17 playing in his first group "The Noise Boys", a short-lived group that would give up after a few months.

It was in 1979 that he began to compose his first songs after a friend lent him a computer.

A year later, in 1980, he formed with his brother Martin a group called “Grauzone”, in an “electro-industrial” style, which produced a single album “Eisbar”, the success of which greatly exceeded their expectations.

At the same time, Eicher lays the foundations for his future solo career by releasing his album “Stephan Eicher spielt the Noise boys”, an album that will go completely unnoticed.

Things took off in 1983 when he released the album "Les chansons bleues", an album that would have the merit of making him known to the general public.

It was 1985 and the release of the album "I tell this night" that changed everything and raised him to star status when the single "Two people in a room" was released. Single which will be a real worldwide hit and be one of the biggest hits of that year.

He did it again two years later in 1987 with the release of another major hit, "Combien de temps" from the album "Silence". The singer is then at the height of his popularity.

But the real year of the consecration will be 1991 with the release of the album "Engelberg" from which will be extracted "Pas d'ami (comme toi)" but also and above all the enormous "Déjeuner en paix", which will be also will be a real hit, especially in France. The album will sell more than 600,000 copies in France.

Other titles will be released later because the career of this talented singer does not end there. But we'll talk about it another time. To be continued….

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Sweetheart 1983

  • Les filles du Limmatquai 1984

  • Nice 1984

  • La chanson bleue 1985

  • Two people in a room 1985

  • I tell this night 1986

  • Combien de temps 1987

  • Tomorrow will be the day 1988

  • Sois patiente avec moi 1989

  • My heart on your back 1989

  • Rien à voir 1990

  • Dejeuner en paix 1991

  • Pas d’ami (comme toi) 1991

  • Tu ne me dois rien 1992

  • Des hauts, des bas 1993

  • Ni remords ni regrets 1993

  • Rivière 1993

  • Oh ironie 1996

  • Venez danser 1999

Clips :

1983 ... the first very promising steps of a little Swiss who will soon be talked about. In good, of course !

1984 ... a totally supercharged title that borders on going off the road. But we can feel a more than obvious talent emerging that asks only to be expressed ...

1984 ... the artist rediscovers a sonority and above all a much more adequate tempo. On the other hand, it's not easy to get people talking internationally by singing in your mother tongue ...

1985 ... then suddenly, the style is refined, just like the sound. It is therefore easy to deduce that the best is yet to come, that's obvious !

1985 ... THE title that will change everything. THE HUGE transgalactic hit that explodes its notoriety overnight and changes its fate irreparably. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... the notoriety and the success bring the means ... Clips worthy of the name, a sound even more worked ... The singer now plays in the big leagues !

1987 ... which will surely remain as his most emblematic title. A HUGE dance hit that definitely established him as one of the best singers of the decade. The TOP !

1988 ... a quality sequel but going from a mega-hit Dance to a folko-rock ballad can slightly disconcert the public ...

1989 ... he signs here one of his most beautiful ballads. The amplitude of its possibilities is impressive : he is good almost in all registers !

1989 ... we go back to the folk side, an area he particularly appreciates. Commercially speaking, it's not what we do best ... But hey, it's him who sees !

1990 ... a change of decade that rhymes with evolution. A necessary and beneficial adaptation to avoid disappearing altogether like other little friends ...

1991 ... his biggest commercial success. A top inspiration that revives the artist in a spectacular way. It was time. HU-GE !

1991 ... an exceptional year which saw him produce 2 exceptional hits. Like what it is never too late to do well. The proof !

1992 ... in the series "Ballads of very large caliber", here is a new one of XXL quality. A very versatile talent who will have been able to explore all the possibilities open to him ...

1993 ... he will have recorded more mega hits in the 90s than in the 80s. As paradoxical as it may seem ...

1993 ... another great year with no less than 3 top class titles. A constantly renewed inspiration that works wonders !

1993 ... once again in Intimist mode. We will have known him more in this mode than in any other. When we love we don't count as we say ...

1996 ... his last notorious hit of the decade. Another excellent track this time in Euro-Beat mode, a tempo that is not really his cup of tea. Very surprisingly, he will have recorded his biggest hits on Dance tempos ...

1999 ... a second decade which ends in style for the singer with a masterful title with Folko-Celtic influences. 2 decades at the top, that inevitably commands respect !

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