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Abaguedeflish Abaguedeflash...

Richard Gotainer is a French singer who started his artistic career as a teenager by writing sketches with a certain…. Jacky (who would become famous thanks to the Club Dorothée).

He subsequently took Law lessons to please the family, but it was towards publicity that he was going, which would offer him a playground particularly suited to his vivid imagination.

He will thus compose now cult advertising spots such as “Buvez, éliminez” for Vittel, “Y'a des fruits, y'a de l'eau” for Banga, “Tu baguenaudes dans les paturages…” for Belle des Champs, “On se lève tous pour Danette…” for Danette or others “Abaguedeflish Abaguedeflash…” for Malabar !

It was while recording the commercial for Banga that he met musician Claude Engel, a providential meeting that would change everything. It is with him that he will achieve his highest standards.

A first album "Forgeur de tempo" was released in 1977 followed by "Contes de traviole" in 1979, albums with relative success.

It was in 1980 that everything accelerated when the single "Primitif" was released, a single that finally made him known to the general public. But it was above all a year later, in 1981, that his notoriety exploded when the single "Le sampa" was released, a single which gave him his first hit and immediately marked this very particular sound identity which characterized Gotainer.

The consecration came in 1982 with the release of the album "Chants zazous", an album from which will be extracted the enormous "Mambo du decalco", the flagship single of the singer's career and which will shatter everything in its path. The singer then reached the height of popularity.

He did it again two years later in 1984 with the single "Le youki", a single which had the luxury of attacking the sacrosanct cliché of "doggies to their grandmother" and which brought him new notorious success.

A new album "Vive la Gaule" was released in 1987 but the mayonnaise no longer took hold and the album was a half-failure. Putting a stop to the meteoric rise of this kind, quirky, and undeniable talent.

Barré-shifted which will have profoundly marked the 80s by its colorful eccentricism and oh so revealing of those Roaring Twenties.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Le taquin et la grognon 1977

  • Banga quick 1978

  • Tout foufou 1979

  • Primitif 1980

  • Le sampa 1981

  • Poil au tableau 1981

  • Chipie 1981

  • Le mambo du décalco 1982

  • Youpi c’est l’été 1983

  • Elle est partie avec Robert 1983

  • Trois vieux papis 1983

  • Le youki 1984

  • Cafeine 1986

  • La gaudriole 1987

  • Les baffes 1988

  • Falbala 1988

  • Femmes à lunettes 1988

  • Marylin ou Marylou 1990

  • 13 envies 2 toi 1992

  • En vous mouvant 1992

  • Des oiseaux Rock'n'Roll 1996

  • La planète des animaux 1998


Clips :

1977 ... the first steps. Everything is already there : the style, the sound, that slight touch of madness that will make all its difference ...

1978 ... a first genius idea that will produce one of the most famous pubs of the 1970s. And launch a career that will be one of the most original of the 1980s ...

1979 ... the singer confirms all the good we could think of him. His unique style is just waiting to be expressed and the sequel will vividly prove it

1980 ... the title of the revelation. A title whose sound is unlike any other. It's fresh, light and airy and completely offbeat, but in a good way. The notoriety of the singer suddenly takes a big boost !

1981 ... a title which confirms the undeniable talent of the artist and especially his creative side (which undeniably stands out from the average artist of his generation). A title included in the soundtrack of the film "Le Maître d'école" with Coluche. Film which will be a hit in cinemas and will ensure the single is promoted from hell !

1981 ... a childish universe that suits him particularly well. Ideal playground for all these delusions. To wonder how old he is in his head ... lollll

1981 ... an exceptional year in which his unbridled inspiration worked wonders. In particular on this title. But the best is yet to come ...

1982 ... its jewel ! A track with an unbridled rhythm, enhanced with perfectly adjusted South American accents which sublimate the melody. Probably one of the biggest dance hits of the decade. HU-GE !

1983 ... well, side delirium, it does not get better...but it is also his goodwill. He will undeniably stay as the most evaporated artist of the decade. Only the 80s allowed these joyous excesses. Impossible to do that again these days ... Pffffff !

1983 ... a magnificent title all in softness and finesse, at the antipodes of its exotic delusions. He also knows how to do it. One of the most beautiful writing versatility of the decade !

1983 ... 3 old grandpas in his image...that is to say totally aware. On the other hand, the melody is not aware, it is the first choice as always !

1984 ... a constantly boiling visual and melodic inspiration. But where is he going to get all this ? On another planet, there is no other explanation ...

1986 ... the years go by and the guy is still so excited. A daring that does not deflate a bit. But the character's exuberance begins to shift away from this much less carefree second part of the 1980s ...

1987 ... the gaudriole of words ! The neurons too ... We are close to the direct psychiatric asylum ! But where will he get it all ?

1988 ... always so rhythmic, always so punchy, always so aware. We will not remake him again the guy, that's for sure !

1988 ... another nice interlude of sweetness with this particularly inspired title which takes us to regions of Gotainer unexplored until then ...

1988 ... yet another title of certain quality to end the 1980s in style. A blessed decade that saw the explosion of this alien whose extraordinary creative side really marked his time ...

1990 ... welcome to the 90s with this title with strong 70s accents. A decade that will prove more difficult to negotiate than expected ...

1992 ... oh there, something has changed, it's obvious. Gotainer Season 2 has just started ...

1992 ... it's well done, it's Gotainer, that's clear. But something is missing ... The innocence of the 80s ....?

1996 ... a nice renewal of inspiration which shows that he still has some under the pedal. When you have talent, it's for life ...

1998 ... come on, a Gotainer at his best in this animal madness ... The ideal end ...

Top Bonus : there was Banga ... But there was especially Belle des Champs. The cult advertising of a whole generation ! Even several !

Top Bonus : Belle des Champs ... in a long version. And yes, he did !


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