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Florent Pagny is a French singer who started his musical career at the age of 13 by singing in bars and TV hooks by Luis Mariano, Michel Sardou and other Gérard Lenormand.

He stopped studying at 16 and went up to Paris to take drama lessons, then attended the Levallois-Perret Conservatory for 3 years. Three years where he trained in classical singing and explored all the possibilities of his baritone-martin voice.

But it was through television and more specifically cinema that he really started his artistic career through small roles in films like The Balance, L’As des as, Fort Saganne, Inspecteur la Bavure…

In 1987, his singing career suddenly took off when he composed his first song "N'importe quoi". First try and master stroke because the single is a real hit and will stay eight weeks in first place in the French Top50. His notoriety explodes.

Another success the following year with the single "Laissez nous respirer. Followed in 1989 by a recovery that did not go unnoticed by "Comme d'habitude".

The first album "Merci" was released in 1990 and enjoyed a noteworthy success which enabled it to finish Golden Record.

Two years later in 1992, the album "Réaliste" was released, a failed album due in part to the singer's stormy relations with the press and the boycott that ensued.

He returned in 1994 with the album "Rester vrai" co-written with a certain Sam Brewski who is none other than ... Jean Jacques Goldman. The first single single “Est-ce que tu me suis” is another failure. Which is not the case with the next one, "Si tu veux m'essayer" aptly written by Goldman.

The album will eventually sell more than 300,000 copies.

In 1995 the single "Bienvenue chez moi" was released and a new success. Pagny is again on the upward slope. Renewed notoriety confirmed by the title "Caruso" in 1996.

1997 arrives and his collaboration with Pascal Obispo. Very fruitful collaboration which will bring him on a stage one of the most beautiful titles of the decade, namely the magnificent "Savoir aimer".

The album of the same name was released in stride and the quality of the latter will allow the artist to obtain a 'Victoire de la musique' by the performer the following year !

Other titles and not least will be released later. But we will have the opportunity to talk about it again….

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • N’importe quoi 1988

  • Laissez nous respirer 1988

  • Comme d’habitude 1989

  • J’te jure 1990

  • Ça fait des nuits 1990

  • Presse qui roule 1990

  • Prends ton temps 1991

  • Tue moi 1992

  • Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait ? 1993

  • Est-ce que tu me suis ? 1994

  • Si tu veux m’essayer 1995

  • Caruso 1996

  • Oh happy day 1996

  • Savoir aimer 1997

  • Chanter 1998

  • D'un amour l'autre 1998

  • Dors 1998

  • Jolie môme 1999

  • Les parfums de sa vie (je l'ai tant aimée) 2000

  • Et un jour une femme 2000

  • Châtelet Les Halles 2001

  • Terre 2001

  • L'air du temps 2002

  • Ma liberté de penser 2003

  • Je trace 2003

  • Y'a pas un homme qui soit né pour ça 2004

  • Io le canto per te 2004

  • Là où je t'emmènerai 2006

  • Le mur 2006

  • A tout peser à bien choisir 2007

  • Un ami 2007

  • C'est comme ça 2009

  • Si tu n'aimes pas Florent Pagny 2010

  • Te jeter des fleurs 2010

  • 8ème merveille 2010

  • Je laisse le temps faire 2010

  • Les murs porteurs 2013

  • Vieillir avec toi 2013

  • Le soldat 2014

  • Combien de gens 2014

  • Nos vies parallèles 2015

  • Encore 2016

  • Le présent d'abord 2017

  • La beauté du doute 2017

  • Immense 2018

  • Rafale de vent 2019


Clips :

1988 ... this is where it all starts. The shattering start of a young man who will become one of the greatest French singers of the end of the 20th century, just that !

1988 ... a second title which confirms an undeniable talent and a voice really above the average. A huge potential that will explode in the years to come ...

1989 ... come on, this is only the 6245th cover of this legendary song ... But he does it well so we just enjoy it

1990 ... change of decade, change of look, a sound that evolves in an obvious way. The beginning of the metamorphosis ...

1990 ... a carved title that measures which allows the singer to show the extraordinary power of his voice. The rise in power is linear and obviously foreshadows huge achievements later ...

1990 ... the controversial title which sees the singer openly attacking the scandal press. A settlement of accounts by song interposed that he will pay in future years by an exile abroad and by an inevitable beginning of marginalization ...

1991 ... an astonishing title outside the musical standards of the moment, it's clear. With the key a fairly mixed success in the Charts ...

1992 ... the year of the breakup. The bad boy takes precedence over the exceptional singer. A flip-flop that will pay a high price with a beginning of disaffection on the part of the public ...

1993 ... after a start of career to say the least shattering, the singer does not manage to find a new breath which would allow him to pass in the court of the Very Great. Tough law of the trade ...

1994 ... in the same vein. This mid-1990s sees the singer stagnating at an average level. Yet what he proposes holds the road but it lacks that little extra that could make all the difference ...

1995 ... the title which will change everything and rehabilitate the singer in a spectacular way. The second part of the career begins...thank you who, thank you Jean-Jacques !

1996 ... the title which will show a new facet of singer, which we had underestimated. A vocal power almost unique in pop singers of the moment and which will do wonders on this track. HU-GE !

1996 ... the singer delivers here a copy my faith very sympathetic of the title of Edwin Hawkins Singers dating from 1967. One of the biggest gospel standards which he gives to the taste of the day and which he interprets with obvious mastery !

1997 ... then comes the WONDER. A gem offered on a set by one of the greatest composers of the 1990s, namely Pascal Obispo. The singer delivers here quite simply one of the most beautiful songs of this end of XXth century French side with in the key a notoriety which explodes consequently. MAS-TER-FUL !

1998 ... the return to grace is obvious and undoubtedly makes the artist one of the biggest phenomena of the moment. Like what, in music, everything can turn around like a miracle !

1998 ... a title that literally floats in the air and that paradoxically will go somewhat unnoticed. Anyway, no worries to have for the continuation of the events ...

1998 ... a slight air hole that lasts only the space of a title. This title will know a very different fate and especially will allow the singer to stick directly to the frontrunners

1999 ... a revisited version of the title of Léo Ferré dating from 1960 for the least surprising. A title boosted to end the decade in style, a decade that saw him literally explode ! To be continued...

2000...after covering Léo Ferré, here he is covering Art Mengo dating from 1988. A bold bet to start this new decade 2000 but a successful bet in any case...

2000...Pascal Obispo had already given him a sumptuous gift with 'Savoir aimer' and here he is doing it again with this title. Another equally sumptuous gift that will undoubtedly remain as one of his most emblematic titles. MA-GNI-FI-CENT ! astonishing, offbeat title, which will not really have the same level of success as its predecessor but which is far from deserving, that's clear...

2001...a year 2001 somewhat set back and above all less successful. It remains to be seen whether this is a basic trend that takes precedence over the rest or just a slight temporary air hole... was only a slight temporary air hole since business resumed with this title. And given what's on the horizon, no need to worry about him at this stage...

2003...he is simply going to sing here his biggest hit of the decade and one of his biggest hits altogether. A protest title in which he sends a more than obvious message...

2003...a beautiful and big year 2003 with this new title with more than certain success. We could have feared the worst when following his career during the 2000s, but for the moment everything is going perfectly...

2004...another sumptuous, tailor-made title in which he will be able to give the best of himself. Excellent work once again !

2004 ... what will always have made the difference with the others is his rare ability to be able to do in the Lyric. A multi-domain talent almost unique in its kind !

2006...a 2000 decade that saw him maintain a level of inspiration that was impressive to say the least. New title of big caliber and above all new star to add to a prize list which already has a lot of them !

2006...the titles follow each other but are not necessarily alike. As much as the previous title will have made an impression, this one will go completely unnoticed. Hard law of the trade...

2007... ditto for this one. There will be few titles that will pass 'through' during this decade 2000 but it happens to him too. Even if his talent is well above average, it is clear that he cannot produce exceptional title after exceptional title...

2007... it was obvious that at some point these 2 gifted people were going to push the song together. It is now done and in what way !

2009...the end of the 2000s was a little more complicated to manage than expected. A year 2009 which will end in freewheel with titles with very average success...

2010...and here he is, beginning his 4th decade of career with a desire to provoke controversy once again. A constant with him...

2010...he finds his fundamentals on this title and inevitably the result in the Charts will follow naturally. Good job once again... the series of titles that will pass 'through' here is a new one. Each decade will have its share of titles that have not worked despite a sometimes certain quality. Sometimes you don't have to try to understand...

2010...after Marc Lavoine, it's Pascal Obispo's turn to share the poster on this track. Unfortunately, this duo will not really have the same level of success as the previous one...

2013... he will disappear from the radar for almost 3 years and here he is back in this year 2013 in a form that we will qualify as certain. With the key to the production of one of his most inspired titles... very often with him, the titles follow one another but do not really meet the same level of success. Given the level reached by the previous one, we imagine that this one will not stay in the annals as his best title...

2014...we're not going to lie to each other, it's clear that the 2010s won't see him at his best. The qualitative level remains high but the level of inspiration is constantly decelerating... comes a new title that will go somewhat unnoticed. Times are getting harder and harder for the singer and the disaffection of the public more and more obvious...

2015...a duo of shock and charm that will put him back on track. A title that works perfectly and allows the duo to give the best of himself...

2016...a single-title year, but that doesn't prevent him from succeeding in staying in the race for a bit. It is clear that the head of the race is now far ahead but it does not matter, the main thing is to participate as they say...

2017... what is certain is that he intends to not give up and continue the adventure, come what may. Afterwards, rightly or wrongly, only the future can answer this question...

2017...and he's right not to let go because he still manages to rank his titles in the Charts. Admittedly, the level of success is very limited but at least he remains visible and that's the main thing... single-title year and ranking in the depths on the Charts side. He's going to have to pull himself together and quickly, otherwise the exit door risks approaching fast. Attention danger...

2019 ... message heard since he will succeed in coming to the surface with this title. An end of the decade which ends better than expected and which gives hope for an almost certain continuation of adventure during the next decade...


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