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La Grande Mademoiselle...

Patricia Kaas is a French singer who began her musical career at the age of 8 by giving performances on songs by Sylvie Vartan, Claude François and other Mireille Mathieu.

Things got serious at the age of 13, when she was hired by a cabaret in Saarbrücken to sing there every Saturday evening. She was noticed by François Bernheim who decided to produce her first single, single named "Jalouse" which did come out but turned out to be a failure.

Berheim, who deeply believes in the singer, presents her two years later to a certain… Didier Barbelivien. Composer who will write the title that will change everything, namely the enormous "Mademoiselle chante le blues". Song refused a short time before by Nicoletta…

The title was released in 1987 and made a real splash. The notoriety of the singer explodes overnight.

In 1988 released her first album "" Mademoiselle chante ... " which in turn was a hit and from which will be extracted no less than 3 singles hits that are "D'Allemagne","Elle voulait jouer cabaret","Quand Jimmy dit" and 1 mega hit with "Mon mec à moi".

The Bernheim/Barbelivien duo will concoct two new albums in the following years with "Scènes de vie" in 1990 which will produce the hit "Les hommes qui passent". And "Je te dit vous" in 1993 which produced the magnificent "Entrer dans la lumière".

As well as "Il me it que je suis belle", pure jewels written to measure by a certain ... Jean-Jacques Goldman, who reveals himself slowly but surely as one of the greatest composers for women of the 80s.

Change of image and composers from 1997, Obispo and Goldman replaced Barbelivien.

The album "Dans ma chair", carried by the flagship titles "Quand j'ai peur de tout" and "IJe voudrais la connaitre" is selling well but sales are flattening.

And the Obispo version for "Le mot de passe" released in 1999 will unfortunately not reverse the trend, despite titles like "Ma liberté contre la tienne" or "Une fille de l'Est".

Kaasmania is slowing and the albums which will be released thereafter will only confirm the progressive decline of the singer.

Singer with an exceptional voice and physique and who deeply marked the French musical landscape of the 80s.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Jalouse 1985

  • Mademoiselle chante le blues 1987

  • D’Allemagne 1988

  • Mon mec à moi 1988

  • Vénus des abribus 1988

  • Elle voulait jouer cabaret 1989

  • Quand Jimmy dit 1989

  • Les hommes qui passent 1990

  • Les mannequins d’osier 1990

  • Kennedy Rose 1990

  • Regarde les riches 1991

  • Entrer dans la lumière 1993

  • Il me dit que je suis belle 1993

  • Ceux qui n'ont rien 1993

  • Reste sur moi 1994

  • Quand j'ai peur de tout 1997

  • Je voudrais la connaitre 1997

  • Je me souviens de rien 1998

  • Ma liberté contre la tienne 1999

  • Une fille de l'Est 1999

  • Une femme comme une autre 1999


Clips :

1985 ... the very first of a young unknown girl who will not stay long...unknown ! Just a little more effort before the start of an adventure that will turn out to be incredible ...

1987 ... then this title arrives ! The shocking arrival on the front of the stage of an alien with the voice of a trucker and with an incredibly blue look ... France is in shock and above all ... under the spell. HU-GE !

1988 ... the rise. Power is the word that describes this singer out of nowhere and who weighs heavy, very heavy !

1988 ... the HUGE hit which literally explodes its notoriety and makes her one of the now essential figures in the French musical landscape at the end of the decade. In just 3 years she has become one of the biggest phenomena on the French music scene. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... after a festival of very large caliber titles, this title will unfortunately go under the radar. An 'industrial accident' without consequences as they say ...

1989 ... the singer is now at cruising speed and unrolling in an impressive manner. We are almost at 1 title = 1 hit !

1989 ... not necessarily his best title but rhythm, rhythm and more rhythm ! A level that is largely sufficient to keep her in the lead without too much problem

1990 ... change of decade which rhymes with more Intimist songs and change of progressive look. Patricia Kaas Season II is now on ...

1990 ... all in force, once again. A force that sublimates the song each time. One of the very few singers to have this extraordinary vocal capacity

1990 ... a nice title but which will not remain as its best, it is clear. Anyway, the 1990 vintage was still a BIG year and that's the main thing !

1991 ... little folko-jazzy delirium. Not necessarily his favorite field with a slight underperformance as a result. Bad pick as they say ...

1993 ... which will surely remain one of his most beautiful titles. Thank you who, thank you Didier, says the tube maker. He offers her on a tray a tailor-made title where she can show another facet of her, more in finesse and softness. What more !

1993 ... but that's without counting on this WONDER ! The ultimate consecration thanks to this jewel offered by a JJ Goldman once again at the height of his inspiration. MAS-TER-FUL !

1993 ... a year 1993 which will have consecrated her in France but also beyond the borders, a real feat. At the height of his art !

1994 ... after an exceptional year 1993 in all respects, the year 1994 will look very pale next to it. No major title and a quality that we will qualify as average. Tough law of the trade ...

1997 ... the decade of WONDERS ! An uninterrupted series of sumptuous titles with incredible lyricism that have allowed her to be consecrated incontestably as one of the major singers of this end of the XXth century on the French side, just that !

1997 ... and it continues very smoothly and finely. Once again, thank you Jean Jacques ! As much as the 1980s saw her warlike, as much as the 1990s saw her essentially in the femme fatale version. And why not...

1998 ... another title that literally floats in the air. Certainly, the latter will not have the incredible success of some others but we will be content with it !

1999 ... another incredible title which once again sublimates the singer. The greatest composers of the 90s will have written for her, this time it's from the great Obispo. Missing more than Berger to complete the picture. Unfortunately, he will not have had time ...

1999 ... who did what ?? Pascal, Didier or Jean-Jacques ?? Once again Jean Jacques ! The association of the composer and the singer will have produced a record number of very large-caliber titles !

1999 ... she ends this decade in style with a title once again in more than certain quality. The 1980s saw her hatch, the 1990s saw her explode. Not sure that the decade 2000 was also favorable to her unfortunately. To be continued...


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