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Seeking special partner, unlocked, not too shy...

Partenaire Particulier is a French group formed in 1983 in the Bordeaux region by Dominique Delaby and Eric Fettweis. Duo who will be quickly joined by Pierre Béraud-Sudreau.

The group rode during concerts in the Bordeaux region and with an obvious recognition from the public, it recorded a model of four titles including the now cult "Partenaire particulier".

Flagship title released in 1985 and exploding their notoriety, the song became one of the hit events of that year. The disc will finish Platinum Disc.

They re-offend in 1986 with the excellent title "Je n'oublierai jamais" which does not have the same success but has made a more than honorable journey. The first album "Jeux interdits" was released the same year.

In 1987, the single "Elle est partie" was released. New success.

Things will seriously deteriorate in 1988 when the group decides to redirect the sound of the group on audio, fatal choice that confuses fans and irreparably precipitates the group to its loss.

The album "Le chant des vautours" released this year will be a failure from which the group will not recover.

Anyway, we will remember this group forever thanks to this now cult phrase: "Particular partner looking for a particular partner, unlocked, not too shy and a good dose of know-how, know-how ! .... "

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Partenaire particulier 1985

  • Je n’oublierai jamais 1986

  • Elle est partie 1987

  • Elle n'aimait pas les garçons 1987

  • Tiphaine 1987

  • L’armée 1988

  • Volodia 1988

  • L’amour à 3 1989

  • Paris s'endort 1989


Clips :

1985 ... what will surely remain one of the most HUGE Dance hits of the 80s on the French side. The incredible title that will reveal them and make them One Shot part of the musical legend of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... an excellent suite which would have deserved recognition much higher than it was at the time. Not always easy to exist after a title that shattered everything in its path ...

1987 ... another quality title which demonstrates once again that this group was not simply the group of a single hit. Great work again !

1987 ... a title passed somewhat unnoticed but not without a certain quality, it's clear. Like others that they will produce in the years to come ...

1987 ... an obvious melodic quality carried by a So 80's tone. A summary of all that was best at the time on the French side !

1988 ... little anti-militaristic delirium that sticks well at the time and that would fall completely flat today

1988 ... one of their very few soft titles. Even in this area, they display obvious skills. Too bad they didn't use it more often ...

1989 ... an unbridled and delirious inspiration to the end. Even if the group does more than some figuration at the end of this decade, the main thing is to believe in it as they say !

1989 ... until the end they will have been good. Another title which is far from unworthy and which shows once again that this group was really full of talent !


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