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Juliet loves to drink mint diabolos in New York...

Yves Simon is a French singer songwriter who started his musical career at the age of 8 after his parents gave him a diatonic accordion.

Salvatore Adamo would have been his model from the age of 16.

He released his first album "Ne t'en fais pas petite fille" in 1967, followed two years later by the album "La planète endormie". Without much success.

He began to make a name for himself when, in 1971, "Les jours en couleur" came out, then "L'homme Arc-En-Ciel". Successes not related to songs but to the novels he wrote.

In 1972, things accelerated when he returned to the song and released the single "Les gauloises bleues". For the first time, he is recognized as a singer.

And it was a year later in 1973 that his notoriety exploded when the huge "Au pays des merveilles de Juliet" came out. Title for which he will receive the Grand Prix of the Academy of Record.

He did it again in 1974 with the release of another flagship title, "J'ai rêvé New York" from the album "Respirer chanter".

Despite these successes and this deserved recognition, tired and weary, he decides to leave the scene in 1977. A resounding departure which did not prevent him from signing the soundtrack for Diane Kurys' film "Diabolo menthe", a title which will make a real success.

He came back in force 6 years later with the event title "Amazoniaque", extracted from the album the album "USA/USSR". Album which will also produce another flagship title "Barcelone".

In 1985, it was the album "L'autre côté du monde" which came out and which delivered one of the singer's biggest titles, namely the magnificent "L'Abyssinie". Title which will be his last notorious success as a singer.

He will mainly devote himself to writing from the 90s despite some musical aside which will go relatively unnoticed.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Ne t'en fais pas petit fille 1967

  • La planète endormie 1969

  • Les Gauloises bleues 1972

  • Au pays des merveilles de Juliet 1973

  • Les bateaux du métro 1973

  • J’ai rêvé New-York 1974

  • Manhattan 1974

  • Clo story 1974

  • Le film de Polanski 1975

  • Les fontaines du casino 1976

  • Nous nous sommes tant aimés 1976

  • De l'autre côté de ton âme 1977

  • Zelda 1977

  • Diabolo menthe 1977

  • Qu'est-ce que sera demain 1981

  • Ma jeunesse s’enfuit 1981

  • Amazoniaque 1983

  • Barcelone 1984

  • L’Abyssinie 1985

  • Deux ou trois choses pour elle 1988

  • Nés en France 1988


Clips :

1967 ... the first steps of a young man who will become in a few years one of the best singers of his generation

1969 ... a very 1960s style that will have to be refined and modernized to move on to the next decade. There is still a long way to go before glory ...

1972 ... the sound evolves, it's clear. The style is refined and will soon produce wonders. Just be patient ...

1973 ... the title that will change everything and reveal him. The singer here simply signs one of the biggest titles of the 1970s on the French side. MAS-TER-FUL !

1973 ... a know-how in ballads which is confirmed title after title. A rise in power which will quickly make the artist one of the biggest phenomena of the moment...

1974 ... the confirmation of a certain talent and a unique style. Fortune and glory are fast approaching ...

1974 ... very simple melodies and often minimalist orchestration. But when the melodic quality is there, no need to make tons of it ...

1974 ... proof once again with this very simple title but which works perfectly. Like what, simplicity always pays ...

1975 ... the years go by and look alike. Admittedly, the year 1975 will not remain as its best vintage but the quality is still in order and that is more than enough...

1976 ... the sound is structured, the orchestration becomes denser and makes it possible to produce particularly successful titles like this one...

1976 ... back to basics with this tailor-made ballad that underlines a slow evolution, maybe a little too slow ...

1977 ... here is finally a title which contrasts radically with what the artist has been able to offer so far. An evolution that necessarily goes in the right direction ...

1977 ... a year 1977 which will really decide with the previous years. And the best is yet to come !

1977 ... then comes THIS title. The artist has just passed a new level, it's obvious. One of its most emblematic titles. MA-GIC !

1981 ... the end of the 1970s which did not bring major changes in the artist's career. On the other hand, the change of decade will see him completely transformed ! A salutary adaptation that will revive him like never before...

1981 ... change of decade which rhymes with change of sound and an accelerating tempo...the artist adapts remarkably !

1983 ... the beginning of his big hits in the 80's version. In addition, in Dance mode, register until then completely out of his skills. A magnificent title which definitely consecrates him as one of the best composers of this end of the century

1984 ... another melody inspired by wishes and which shows once again all the versatility of his talent...

1985 ... at the peak of its possibilities. What will remain as his biggest Dance hit. And yes, on this one, we are the opposite of Juliet's country ... MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... more than 15 years after his debut, an inspiration which still does not weaken and which allows him to stay afloat despite the fiercest competition

1988 ... an ode to diversity to end in style, almost 20 years after its beginnings. An exceptional career for an artist who is no less so


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