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The diamonds rocker...

Catherine Lara is a French singer who started playing music and more specifically the violin at the age of 5. She was awarded the 1st prize at the Versailles Conservatory in 1958 and the 2nd prize at the Paris Conservatory in 1965.

Just after the Conservatory, she created a chamber orchestra "Les musiciens de Paris". Then the "Quator Lara" which accompanies on stage singers like Claude Nougaro or Nana Mouskouri.

She released her first album "Ad libitum" in 1972, but it would take another ten years and 1981 before seeing her achieve her first laurels with the album "Johan". Album from which the single of the same name is extracted and which finally opens the way to success.

She did it again two years later in 1983 with the release of the album "La rockeuse de Diamants", an album which produced the hit of the same name and which confirmed its status as a sure bet in the French musical landscape.

The same year, she openly affirms her homosexuality in the song "Autonome" and becomes one of the first singers of the 1980s to display it openly.

A year later in 1984, the relatively successful album "Flamenrock" was released.

A spectacular turnaround in 1986 when Luc Plamondon gave him the best of gifts by writing him the magnificent "Nuit magique", a major hit of his career and which would be one of the biggest hits of that year. The notoriety of the singer is then at its zenith.

The album "Encore une fois" was released in 1987, followed by "Rocktambule" in 1988, albums which unfortunately did not experience the same enthusiasm as the enormous "Nuit magique".

Like the others that will come out during the following decade.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...):

  • Avant le petit jour 1972

  • Morituri 1972

  • T'as pas le temps 1972

  • On s'est trompé d'histoire d'amour 1973

  • La craie dans l'encrier 1974

  • Les lions vont boire quelque part 1975

  • Coup d'feel 1979

  • Bateau de pluie 1980

  • Johan 1981

  • A way 1981

  • Pirates de la musique 1982

  • La rockeuse de diamants 1983

  • Famelique 1983

  • Dernière séquence 1984

  • Au milieu de nulle part 1985

  • Nuit magique 1986

  • Encore une fois 1987

  • IEO 1988

  • Ticket bleu 1988

  • Rocktambule 1988

  • Les romantiques 1991

  • Entre elle et moi 1992


Clips :

1972 ... at the origin of the beginning of the genesis. Promising first steps, that's for sure ...

1972 ... a sequel in the form of gothic-mystical delirium. Astonishing, confusing. It's the least we can say...

1972 ... a BIG year 1972 which saw her follow up title after title. We couldn't have a better launch pad !

1974 ... surely one of the most beautiful titles of the decade on the French side. A magnificent duo where the singer shares the poster with a certain Gilbert Montagné. 2 very Great futures ...

1975 ... another single title year. This does not prevent the Lara style to refine slowly but surely ...

1979 ... the end of a decade with little to chew on. Then this title. We immediately see that a new trend is emerging : it will now be punchy and rock !

1980 ... a crossover of decades on the horizon. And who will allow the singer to literally explode ...

1981 ... the title of the revelation, the real one. A title which very subtly mixes strength and softness and which shows all the potential of the artist ... A potential which will produce titles for some exceptional ...

1981 ... she even allows herself the luxury of singing in English ... On a track that is part of the soundtrack of a french emblematic film of the 80s. It seems that "Les hommes préfèrent les grosses" ...

1982 ... a year of transition which allows the singer to rise slowly but surely in power. And to prepare a sequel that promises to be top notch ...

1983 ... then suddenly, THE title that will change everything. The notoriety of the artist literally explodes on a particularly playful and punchy title. A first big success which foreshadows an even more enormous one ...

1983 ... henceforth, it's Miss 100,000 volts ! The 1970s were the decade of rather Intimist titles. The following will be just the opposite ...

1985 ... the quality rises crescendo, that's obvious. The more the years go by, the more the 'Lara' style stands out as one of the best of the moment

1986 ... then his Masterpiece arrives. An AMAZING title with extraordinary lyricism and which will undoubtedly remain as one of the most incredible Intimist titles of the decade. Simply MA-GIC !

1987 ... she clearly excels in the 'emotional' register. New proof with this once again particularly inspired song !

1988 ... a timeless track against a background of Celtic-rock inspiration. say the least

1988 ... the end of the decade alternates between Intimist and high energy title. A versatility that allows her to explore almost all possible musical regions ...

1988 ... BIG year 1988 with no less than 3 titles of great caliber. When inspiration is in order, it flows naturally ...

1991 ... his last major success. A decade of 90 which will prove difficult to negotiate for the artist. After a decade of 80 in all exceptional points, this new decade will rhyme with a decline in inspiration and gradual sidelining. Anyway, what a career !

1992 ... when 2 of the biggest feminine sizes on the French side come together for a duo, the result is necessarily up to the task ! The last major title in a decade that will prove to be more complicated to manage than expected ...


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