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They loved to call each other on full moon nights...

Elli and Jacno is a French duo formed in the early 80s and composed of Elli Medeiros and Denis Quilliard, better known under the name of Jacno (a nickname borrowed from Marcel Jacno, famous designer of the winged helmet present on the packages of Gauloises, cigarettes that the singer smoked unreasonably ...).

The couple form this duo after the disintegration of their old group the "Stinky Toys".

They will produce in all and for all 3 albums with sounds so particular and recognizable among all. Not to mention lyrics mainly oriented around the theme of love, whether sad or gay.

The great adventure will end in 1984, when everyone will go their own way. Elli Medeiros will leave for a solo career of which we know the brilliant result. Jacno, meanwhile, will release several albums also with significantly less success and play the producers.

An adventure that will end for Jacno for good on November 6, 2009, when he died of cancer at the age of 52.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Plastic faces (Stinky Toys) 1978

  • Birthday party (Stinky Toys) 1980

  • Main dans la main 1980

  • T'oublier 1980

  • L'âge atomique 1981

  • Oh la la 1982

  • Pour toi 1982

  • Je t’aime tant 1982

  • Le téléphone 1983

  • Les nuits de la pleine lune 1984

  • Chica chica bongo 1984

  • Un bonheur bien fragile 1984


Clips :

1978 ... the completely crazy beginnings of the two lovebirds. It is clear that they will have to work a little more to hope to pass in the big leagues ...

1980 ... we find them 1 year later somewhat was about time. Unfortunately, that will not change much about the very hypothetical future of the group ...

1980 ... the true beginnings of the duo and my faith, everything changed. And rather in a good way ! The sound, the style, everything is trendy and makes the duo one of the phenomena of the moment. HU-GE !

1980 ... a title which will go a little more unnoticed but which shows that they can also do with finesse and smoothness. Beautiful versatility !

1981 ... a crazy track that perfectly sums up their universe. An astonishing musical universe which will be as much their strength as their weakness !

1982 ... a continuation in the same vein but a notch below. Can and must do better, that is clear. Beware of leaving the road prematurely ...

1982 ... a nice title which literally floats in the air, very simple but of certain quality. Business resumes as they say ...

1982 ... a unique sound, recognizable among all and which will remain their trademark forever. For a title with a certain inspiration ...

1983 ... the group finally seems to have found its cruising speed. The titles of good quality are linked one after the other ...

1984 ... new sound evolution evident in the mid-1980s. Too bad, part of their soul is gone and the duo will not recover ...

1984 ... the year too many. The group does not really know where he is going...and the quality suffers...the end is near

1984 ... a last title to end an adventure my faith very sympathetic. A duo that will obviously remain one of the most glamorous of the decade ...


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