Dance version 80s Part 15 - The best of the International Category

The playlist of phew in which you will find all the biggest hits 'Dance International' of the 80s.

For those who know nothing about it, the ideal way to find everything you need to organize a memorable evening.

For connoisseurs, the means to complete their knowledge or to find titles whose names they no longer remember.

Just Dance !

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Cher - If I could turn back time 1989

  • War - You got the power 1982

  • Public Image Limited - This is not a love song 1983

  • White Lion - Wait 1987

  • Aztec Camera - Somewhere in my heart 1988

  • The Adventures - Send my heart 1984

  • Maxime Nightingale - My heart knows 1986

  • Zinno - What's your name 1985

  • Bronski Beat - Why 1984

  • Aneka - Japanese boy 1981

  • Maze - Running away 1981

  • Kenny Rogers - Islands in the stream 1983

  • Princess - Say I'm your number one 1985

  • Amii Stewart - Friends 1984

  • Patrick Cowley - Menergy 1981

  • Eddy Grant - Gimme hope Jo'Anna 1988

  • Gino Soccio - Try it out 1981

  • U2 - New year's day 1983

  • Grant Miller - Tracks in the snow 1988

  • Police - Every breath you take 1983

  • Pepsi & Shirlie - Heartache 1986

  • The Love Unlimited Orchestra - Lift your voice and say 1981

  • Fleetwood Mac- Little lies 1987

  • Al Corley - Square rooms 1984

  • Cetu Javu - Have in mind 1988

Clips :

1989 ... the singer signs here her biggest success of the decade, just that. An Olympic form that allows her to chain mega hit after mega hit and which will allow her to start the next decade under the same conditions

Full Article Cher

1982 ... THE title of the consecration. An awesome Dance track that literally sets fire to every Dancefloor on the planet and will stay as one of the best Funk songs of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

Full Article War

1983 ... THIS title arrives for the group. And there, everything changes. The group finally reached the desired planetary dimension and signed here one of the biggest titles of the decade. In addition, Dance, the height for this type of group ! HU-GE !

Full Article Public Image Limited

1987 ... air gap in 1986 for the group and a shattering return in this year 1987, with a title which will give them their 1st global hit. It was worth the wait !

Full Article White Lion

1988 ... THE title of planetary consecration ! Simply the biggest success of their career and a direct ticket to a definitive entry into the pantheon of the best bands of the decade

Full Article Aztec Camera

1984 ... day and night with their previous title. The group signs here its first hit, moreover global. A meteoric and totally unexpected progression at this stage ! Hu-GE !

Full Article The Adventures

1986 ... it was not quite over for the singer. This time, on the other hand, it is indeed the end of the adventure. On a Dance title which unfortunately met with only very limited success ...

Full Article Maxine Nightingale

1985 ... THE title of a lifetime ! The group signs here its main success, a HUGE Dance title which will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest titles of the decade. MAGISTRALLY crazy !

Full Article Zinno

1984 ... a decidedly exceptional 1984 for the group with a 2nd mega hit. The track sets fire to all the Dancefloor on the planet and establishes the group as one of the biggest phenomena of the moment

Full Article Bronski Beat

1981 ... THE title of a lifetime which offers the singer a direct ticket to the musical Pantheon of the 80s. A first title which will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest dance hits of the beginning of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

Full Article Aneka

1981 ... the group takes more and more time to alternate title Intimist and title Dance at the beginning of the 80's. And the least we can say is that this one has energy to resell !

Full Article Maze

1983 ... the biggest hit of his career. Mind-blowing, on a semi-country track. He who produced wonders of Intimist title sees the arrival of the supreme consecration with this title in duet with the Queen of Country. Bluffing !

Full Article Kenny Rogers

1985 ... its jewel ! What will remain as his highest ranked title and among the most emblematic of all his discography. Literally shattering beginnings !

Full Article Princess

1984 ... ah, finally, a title worthy of the 1980s ! The beauty finally returns to the front of the stage with this magnificent title. Phew !

Full Article Amii Stewart

1981 ... the magic duo ! A duo with a particularly tragic fate but which left incredible titles in the musical history of the 80s ...

Full Article Patrick Cowley

1988 ... after having crossed a big air gap which will last nearly 4 years, the singer rebounds in a spectacular way in this year 1988 thanks to this title, a title which will remain indisputably as one of his most accomplished. MAS-TER-FUL !

Full Article Eddy Grant

1981 ... return of dazzling inspiration for the artist at the beginning of the 1980s with this title much more suited to the Dancefloor. His 2nd biggest hit. Like what, when he wants !

Full Article Gino Soccio

1983 ... THE awesome title that will change everything for the group, as much in terms of their level of notoriety as in terms of their destiny. The sound, the melody, the style, everything is incredibly innovative for the time. CULT !

Full Article U2