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If she could turn back time...

Cher, whose real name is Cherilyn Sarkisian, is one of the very few American singers and actresses who can boast of having lived through 5 decades while still being ‘In’.

From the age of 9, we can see a deep voice that is rather abnormal for a girl. And her very precocious behavior as a show girl very quickly sets her apart from others. At 16, she left school, moved to Los Angeles, took acting lessons, and danced in the evenings at small local clubs.

It was in this particular setting that in 1962 she met her future mentor, Sonny Bono, 11 years her senior. Bono introduced the young girl to renowned producer Phil Spector, a meeting that saw Cher as a backing vocalist for a number of leading groups of the day.

Sonny and Cher married in 1964 and began singing together that same year. But little success was achieved, and the couple split in two, Sonny as producer and Cher as sole singer. A single "Dream baby" is released under the name Cherilyn. And this time it works. Building on this success, the duo released another single, a cover of Bob Dylan's track, “All I reallt want to do”. Title that works even stronger than the previous one.

The duo reformed in 1965 and this time enjoyed their first notorious success with the title "I got you babe". The couple's fame literally exploded overnight. A notoriety due in part to their clothes which are all the rage among their fans.

The hits will now follow one another at Grand S speed with figures that make you dizzy: no less than 11 titles in the US Top 40 between 1965 and 1972. Of which 6 in the Top 10. They will even pay for the luxury of one certain moment to have 5 titles classified simultaneously in the Top 20 ! By the end of the year '67, they will have sold a whopping 40 million records around the world, just that.

But the turn of the 70s was going to prove difficult for the couple, both on stage and in life. Faced with the onslaught of increasingly heavy ’sounding groups, their music seems more and more bland. And Sonny refuses to move on. Faced with this public disaffection, the couple turned to the TV.

In 1971, they created the show The Sonny & Cher Comedy hour. Program which becomes a real phenomenon and which will last 3 years. We see a Cher at the best of her form interpreting different characters that are a hit with the public. Once again thanks in particular to his clothing.

At the same time, Cher continues to record more and more solo songs. The title "Gypsys, tramps & thieves" which came out the same year made a real hit, setting it apart more and more from Sonny and his tutelage. The duo had two last notable successes with "All I ever need is you" in 1971 and “A cowboy's work is never done” in 1972.

Cher, for his part, continues to hit the top hits with "Half-Breed" in 1973 and "Dark Lady" in 1974.

When it comes to private life, the couple is in serious trouble, but pretends nothing has happened until 1974. The separation will officially take place a year later in 1975.

Despite this new found freedom, the years that follow will rhyme more with crossing the desert than resurrection for the singer. Deprived of her mentor, she went on to chain half-successes and poor performances. Conversely, her solo television career is gaining momentum. And will keep his head above water until the early 1980s.

Her singing career took off somewhat in 1981 with the title "Dead ringer for love" which she performed in a duet with Meat Loaf. But the upturn will only be short-lived.

She then turned to the cinema, but the beginnings were hardly convincing. She will have to wait until 1985 and the movie Mask to achieve her first notorious success as an actress. Embellished also short-lived.

The following years will rhyme with excess of all kinds (provocative tattoos, excessive plastic surgery, clothes bordering on indecency, dating very young men ...). This will not prevent her from experiencing some new successes in the cinema in films like Suspect, The Witches of Eastwick and Moonstruck.

And especially to make a resounding return to the song with a first title "I found someone" in 1987 which will make an excellent course in the Charts. Followed by “We all sleep alone” in 1988.

The album "Heart of stone" which came out a year later in 1989 was to make a real hit, notably thanks to 2 flagship titles which are "After all" and especially "If I could turn back time" which very quickly became a worldwide hit. The album will sell 11 million copies worldwide !

A year later in 1990, she once again appeared in the cinema in the film Mermaids. Which will allow her to also don her singer's cap with one of the titles of the soundtrack of the film called "The shoop shoop song (It’s in his kiss)". The title in turn becomes a global hit.

The year 1991 saw the release of the album "Love hurts" which in turn was a hit and became the best-selling album abroad of its entire discography. Albums from which two top hits will be extracted : "Love and understanding" and "Save up all your tears".

The following years will rhyme with semi-success in the cinema, semi-success in song, overwork, various and varied diseases ...

Until 1998 when the singer will be reborn once again from her ashes with the enormous album "Believe" which will produce the intergalactic hit of the same name. The title will become one of the biggest hits of the whole decade and definitively establish Cher as one of the major artists of the end of the 20th century. The album will produce a second mega hit with "Strong enough".

Other albums were released later in the 2000s and also became popular with the public. Reflections of an incredibly rich career, incredibly long and almost unique for a singer of this age ...

But that, we will have the opportunity to talk about it later ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • I got you babe 1965

  • All I really want to do 1965

  • Bang bang (My baby shot me down) 1966

  • Alfie 1966

  • You better sid down kids 1967

  • Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves 1971

  • The way of love 1972

  • Living in a house divided 1972

  • Don't hide your love 1972

  • Half-breed 1973

  • Dark lady 1974

  • I saw a man and he danced with his wife 1974

  • Take me home 1979

  • Wasn't it good 1979

  • It's too late to love me now 1979

  • Hell on wheels 1979

  • Dead ringer for love 1981

  • I found someone 1987

  • We all sleep alone 1988

  • Skin deep 1988

  • After all 1989

  • If I could turn back time 1989

  • Just like Jesse James 1989

  • Heart of stone 1990

  • The shoop shoop song (It’sin his kiss) 1990

  • Love and understanding 1991

  • Save up all your tears 1991

  • Could’ve been good 1992

  • When lovers become strangers 1992

  • Oh No not my babe 1992

  • Love can build a bridge 1995

  • One by one 1996

  • Believe 1998

  • Strongh enough 1999

  • All or nothing 1999

  • Dov’é l’amore 1999

  • Piu che puoi 2001

  • The music's no good without you 2001

  • Song for the lonely 2002

  • Alive again 2002

  • A different kind of love song 2002

  • When the money's gone 2003

  • Bewitched, bothered and bewildered 2003

  • You haven't seen the last of me 2010

  • Woman's world 2013

  • I hope you find it 2013

  • Take it like a man 2013

  • The greatest thing 2013

  • I walk alone 2014

  • Fernando 2018

  • Gimme! gimme! gimme! (A man after midnight) 2018

  • Walls 2021


Clips :

1965 ... a legendary song for a legendary duo. The beginning of the genesis of the beginning. It all starts from there. An ideal launching pad that will make the singer one of the biggest stars of the next 40 years ...

1965 ... the magical duo continues its momentum and even allows itself the luxury of repeating Dylan. And the result is up to the task !

1966 ... this time, solo, even if Sony is still in charge. And she bursts the screen, that's obvious. On an original title that will be repeated countless times by others in the decades to come ...

1966 ... the exception being the rule, this time, it is she who takes the title of Cilla Black. A title made especially for the film of the same name

1967 ... after a literally shattering debut, in particular thanks to her mentor, the singer's meteoric rise is somewhat stalled. And this despite a title of obvious quality ...

1971 ... few major things to eat until the end of the decade. On the other hand, the new decade promises to be under the best hospices. Success is back. And not the least ...

1972 ... the singer does mainly in the Intimist for the moment and my faith, it succeeds very well. A BIG year 1972 in perspective ...

1972 ... in a style so recognizable and emblematic of the 70s, the pretty Cherylin continues its flawless journey and connects hits after hits ...

1972 ... here she signs a 3rd top hit with a country background, and whatever style she borrows, each song is a real success

1973 ... as the year 1972 was grandiose, as the year 1973 will hold few good surprises. Only this title will allow her to approach the top of the Charts. And yet, we are far from her best level ...

1974 ... 1974 sees the return of great success. But always in a very typical 70's style and far from the Dance hits that will soon make its legend ...

1974 ... no Dance hit on the horizon but a perfect mastery of the "With emotions" register. A new proof with this highly inspired title !

1979 ... nothing transcendent for several years. Then there she is again in the year 1979, literally metamorphosed. Everything has changed, both the style and the sound. Cher, Season II, has just started. And it will pulsate !

1979 ... now it's Dance, Dance, Dance. She is not necessarily the best in this category but the level is already there. And that's just the beginning !

1979 ... paradoxical as it may seem, this title will not even be classified. She signs here a magnificent Ultimate Slow which really deserved better in terms of recognition. MA-GIC !

1979 ... Dance hits follow one another in an impressive fashion. And still that perfect figure that makes her one of the sexiest women around. We will know later at what price ...

1981 ... another decade change and a sudden change of pace. A title that spins at 200 km/h, all in a register that we do not know her. And the least we can say is that it pulses !

1987 ... big, big air hole for 6 years. The few titles that come out only meet very little success. It was not until 1987 and this title to see her return to success. Phew !

1988 ... the end of the decade will be much more interesting. With a succession of high-caliber titles. Of which this one is part of course...

1988 ... an excellent Dance title which will nevertheless go somewhat unnoticed. Frankly shame because it really deserved better ...

1988... ditto for this one. Admittedly, in a totally different register but nevertheless a title of more than certain quality. The success - or not - of a title sometimes depends on a few things...

1989 ... another magnificent Ultimate Slow, one more. Its great versatility really allows her to brilliantly alternate all styles and all current trends. The mark of the Great. Oops, Greatest !

1989 ... here she signs her biggest success of the decade, just that. An Olympic form which allows her to chain mega hit after mega hit and which will allow her to start the next decade under the same conditions

1989 ... a last top hit to end the decade in style. The singer is really at the top of her possibilities and the sequel will once again prove it ...

1990 ... we restart the new decade as we finished the previous one, that is to say in style. Nothing and no one can now stop the singer's domination of events

1990 ... then comes this amazing track, which will undoubtedly remain as one of his biggest hits. A vintage style, totally offbeat for the time and yet will ignite the whole planet. MAS-TER-FUL !

1991 ... we continue on the same incredible dynamic with this title, which in turn, will shatter everything in its path. It's a surging of planetary mega hits that nothing and no one can stop !

1991 ... and a third mega hit in the wake. A pass of 3 which shows that the singer is really at the top of the wave and that she intends to stay there !

1992 ... slight slowdown in this new year with a title of certain quality. But who will not obtain the same favors from the public as his predecessors ...

1992 ... a year of transition with a plethora of successful titles well below the average of past years. It's going to start again, let's not doubt it for a second ...

1992 ... his biggest hit of the year. A busy year but one which will prove to be very disappointing in the end. Years like this ...

1995 ... two more empty years before the singer regains all its means. And what could be better than inviting 2 girlfriends to make a little beef for 3. Especially when you see the caliber of the girlfriends !

1996 ... the second half of the decade will prove to be much more to the artist's advantage. Starting with this title which sees her once again reaching the top of the Charts

1998 ... the ULTIMATE title ! A legendary title which definitively consecrates the artist as one of the greatest singers of the past 40 years. Here she signs one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade and the end of the twentieth century. MAS-TER-FUL !

1999 ... the end of the decade on the hats of the wheel with a new mega hit in the wake. And already almost 35 years of career. Mind-blowing !

1999 ... an extremely short year 1999 with a flood of world-class hits. She competes without any complex with the youngsters who are 30 less than her. A real feat !

1999 ... and it continues. No one can stop her. Because its story is far from over. A new decade awaits her. And yet another...!

2001 ... the end of the 1990s was to say the least exceptional, the beginning of the 2000s will unfortunately be a little less so. One could have imagined that the meeting with Eros would spark off. This will be the case but in a very limited way ...

2001 ... this one on the other hand will know a much more favorable destiny. This allows the singer to continue to believe in it and to tell herself that everything is still possible ...

2002 ... the relapse will be quite severe just behind. She is far from demerit, however, it is clear. But maybe this decade of 2000 risks being the decade too many ...

2002 ... and things are not going to work out. Yet the sound is trendy, as is the style. But the young generation can not hang on, it is clear ...

2002 ... especially in this year 2002, there is quantity and quality but nothing helps. She frankly deserved better in terms of results in the Charts but fate will have decided otherwise ...

2003 ... luckily there is the Charts Dance to save Private Cher. She manages to stay afloat thanks to them but not sure that it will last like that for a long time ...

2003 ... it is a duo of legend which is born on this cover of the title of Vivienne Segal dating from 1940. But it is clear that associations with men, even the most talented like Rod Stewart, do not succeed to her no more than that. Frankly shame ...

2010 ... she will disappear from the radar for almost 7 years and here she is back in this new decade 2010 in a form that we will qualify as relative. Insufficient in any case to bring her back to the forefront ...

2013 ... she will have to wait 3 more years to see the miracle happen. She is making a resounding comeback at the highest level here and at the same time proves that we will have to count on her in the future. One more time !

2013 ... an unexpected return which is confirmed with this title. Decidedly, this year 2013 will remain as one of its great vintages, that's for sure !

2013 ... the improvement will still have been short-lived because here she is relapsing once again. And this time she will never come back to the race unfortunately ...

2013 ... when 2 out of the ordinary singers cross paths. The first one who ends an incredible career and the other who is still writing her story and what a story. And inevitably the title on which we find them all 2 is up to the task. How could the result have been different ...

2014 ... the adventure will continue but there will be no more miracles and the singer will have to do with it. But whatever, the main thing for her now is to continue having fun, quite simply ...

2018 ... ABBA will always be an inexhaustible source of titles to cover. Madonna had made a brilliant demonstration of it and it is now Cher's turn to try to achieve the same feat ...

2018 ... Madonna had already made the cover of this title one of her greatest musical successes. This new version will unfortunately not bring much more ...

2021 ... here she has arrived in this new decade of 2020, a remarkable feat to say the least. It must be remembered that the singer started her career in 1965, this shows the incredible distance she has come since. And it's certainly not over yet, that's for sure ...


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