Say I’m your number one...

Princess, whose real name is Desiree Heslop, is an English singer who will stay in the musical history of the 80s mainly for her hit "Say I'm your number one".

Single dating from 1985 and produced by the infernal trio Stock Aitken and Waterman, known as the Tube Makers.

Single from the album "Princess" which was released in 1986 and which will also produce four other hits which are "After the love has gone", "I'll keep on loving you", "Tell me tomorrow" and "In the heat of a passionate moment ”, just that !

The album "All for love" which was released a year later in 1987 was unable to compete with the previous steamroller and was only relatively successful.

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Discography (among others ...) :

  • Let the night take the blame 1985

  • Say I’m your number one 1985

  • After the love has gone 1985

  • I’ll keep on loving you 1986

  • Tell me tomorrow 1986

  • In the heat of a passionate moment 1986

  • Red hot 1987

  • I cannot carry on 1987

  • Jammin’ with your love 1988

  • Lover don’t go 1989

Clips :

1985 ... very Dance beginnings. An obvious predisposition for the domain. And the rest will vividly prove it ...

1985 ... its jewel ! What will remain as his highest ranked title and among the most emblematic of all his discography. Literally shattering beginnings !

1985 ... an exceptional year 1985 which saw her unroll in an impressive way. Here, she signs her 2nd planetary top hit, a hit that definitely consecrates her as one of the phenomena of the moment

1986 ... a year 1986 which started again on almost the same bases. Of course, the planetary resonance is diminishing but it is already the third top hit in a row. Who says better !

1986 ... she continues its momentum and produces a new high-caliber title. A war machine to dance !

1986 ... of course, success is no longer limited to the Anglo-Saxon sphere, but the sales scores are still impressive. And quality is once again essential !

1987 ... after spending 2 years at the top of the Charts, the decline is underway and above all will be irreversible. 1987 will be the last year of ranked hits ...

1987 ... the last notorious hit. The pretty Desiree will have passed like a shooting star in the musical landscape of the 80s. Difficult to stay at the top in the field of Dance in the mid-80s ...

1988 ... a single-title year. The deceleration is violent and the singer will not produce much. An end that is fast approaching ...

1989 ... Dance from start to finish. She will have tried everything but impossible to catch up with the leading pack as the competition is so fierce and the inspiration for her titles of average quality ...

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