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Right on target...

Patrick Cowley is an American composer with a particular focus on AmericanDisco and Hi-NRG and considered to this day as one of the pioneers of electronic dance music.

It was the meeting and collaboration with Sylvester in the late 1970s that really launched Cowley's career, especially on the singer's "Step II" album. Flagship album which will notably produce the mega hit "You make me feel (Mighty real)".

Crowley will experience some solo success mainly in 1981 thanks to the titles "Menergy" and "Megatron man".

1982 will once again be a successful year, but unfortunately fatal for the artist. Splendid thanks to the fruitful collaborations with Paul Parker on the track “Right on target”, then again with Sylvester on the top hit “Do you wanna funk”.

And disastrous because Cowley died on November 12, 1982 from complications related to AIDS which he contracted some time before.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Get a little 1981

  • Megatron man 1981

  • Menergy reprise 1981

  • Do ya wanna funk 1982

  • Mind warp 1982

  • They came at night 1983

  • Homenaje 1984

  • Right on target 1986


Clips :

1981 ... a first title which already says a lot about what will be next. It will be Dance, Dance, Dance ! And high level please !

1981 ... especially when you see what is happening behind ! Here he is surely signing one of his most emblematic hits, thanks to an extraordinary sound and style. Two fundamental qualities that will remain his trademark forever. Inimitable !

1981 ... the magic duo ! A duo with a particularly tragic fate but which left incredible titles in the musical history of the 80s ...

1982 ... of which one of the most famous will be this one. Here they sign one of the biggest dance hits of the decade and of the twentieth century. A perfect alchemy between the 2 !

1982 ... and always this unique style which will forever remain the hallmark of the artist. A definite gift to set the Dancefloor on fire !

1983 ... an obvious sonic evolution. With a very clear slowdown in tempo. Part of the charm is gone ...

1984 ... and it started again. We suspected that this sudden slowdown in pace was hardly like him ...

1986 ... a style truly recognizable among all and a tone that will forever remain one of the most remarkable of the decade. U-NI-QUE !


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