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Like an aftertaste of Wham!...

Pepsi & Shirlie is an English duo that started in 1985 and consists of Helen "Pepsi" Demacque and Shirlie Holliman. Charming duo that actually saw the light of day long before when they were official backing vocalists of the group Wham! very early in their career.

They experienced their first success in 1986 with the single "Heartache", taken from the album "All right now" which would be released a year later. And for a first try, it's a masterstroke. The single made a real worldwide hit and remains to this day the biggest success of their career.

The single "Goodbye stranger" which came out a year later in 1987 was almost on par with its predecessor. Then follows "Can’t give me love" which gives them a new worldwide success. Paradoxically, the album will be a semi-failure.

Four years will pass before the release in 1991 of their second - and last - album "Change". Album that will go completely unnoticed, just like the few singles that will be extracted ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Heartache 1986

  • Goodbye stranger 1987

  • Can’t give me love 1987

  • All right now 1987

  • Hightime 1988

  • Someday 1991


Clips :

1986 ... a shattering start for this shocking and charming duo with a first global mega-hit that propels them at the speed of light to the height of glory. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... they put the cover back a year later and even if this title will not have the success of the previous one, it will come closer to it more or less. A duo of formidable efficiency !

1987 ... the good momentum continues and allows them to chain together hit after hit. Quality, efficiency, charm, everything to please !

1987 ... a third hit to end the year in style. The style is much less Dance and the result in the Charts is immediate : it is the tumble ...

1988 ... here they are in Hi-NRG mode on what will remain as their last hit. A very nice duo that we would have liked to see go a little further ...

1991 ... the end of a great adventure that left some pretty nuggets in the musical history of the 80s. Good job girls !


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