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The pride of the White Lion...

White Lion is an Americano-Danish group formed in New York in 1983 by Mike Tramp and Vito Bratta. Which will be joined quickly by Nicki Capozzi and Felix Robinson.

They recorded a first album "Fight to survive" in 1984 under the Elektra Records label. Finding the quality of the opus mediocre, the label in question will land them outright.

The album was re-recorded in 1985 under a new label and was indeed released this time around. A highly esteemed album that will mainly produce the single "Broken Heart".

We find the group two years later in 1987 under a new label and with a new album called "Pride". This time, success is there and what a success ! The album was a hit, especially in the USA. It will sell more than 2 million copies in the United States alone.

Album from which will be extracted the same year one of the biggest hits of all their discography, namely the enormous "Wait" (which will still take 7 months before making its appearance in the Charts ...).

Followed a year later in 1988 by 2 other singles : "Tell me" with a much more modest success and also but above all the intergalactic hit "When the children cry". Single which will remain as their biggest success and which will definitively return the group to the musical legend of the 80s. The 2 still taken from the album Pride.

New success in 1989 with the album "Big game" which paradoxically will be a real hit at the planetary level but experience declining sales results in the United States. Album which will mainly produce the hit "Little fighter".

It wasn't until 1991 that the album "Mane attraction" was released. Album which will be their last major success but which will not produce any major hits. Public disaffection partly due to the Grunge surge.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Broken heart 1985

  • Wait 1987

  • Tell me 1988

  • When the children cry 1988

  • Little fighter 1989

  • Radar love 1989

  • Cry for freedom 1990

  • Love don’t come easy 1991

  • You're all I need 1991

  • Lights and thunder 1991

  • Till death do us part 1991

  • Dream 2008

  • I will 2008

  • Never let you go 2008


Clips :

1985 ... a first title, not classified, but which will immediately set the trend : it will hit hard !

1987 ... an air gap in 1986 and a shattering return in this year 1987, with a title which will give them their 1st global hit. It was worth the wait !

1988 ... a BIG year 1988 which started in the best possible way with a new hit on the clock. Certainly on a smaller scale, but the momentum is launched !

1988 ... their Masterpiece ! The title of the consecration and the definitive entry into the musical legend of the 80s. And as surprising as it may seem and as very often for the Hard bands, they are among the best in the Intimist register. MA-GIC !

1989 ... return to the fundamentals with a title that beats hard, strong, strong. Whether you like the style or not, the melodies are always inspired and that's what makes all the difference !

1989 ... the year 1988 was the year of the supreme consecration, the year 1989 will approach it more or less. The group quietly unrolls and connects hits after hits !

1990 ... the 1980s revealed them and saw them explode, unfortunately the 1990s will see them decline. And yet, they still have some under the pedal ...

1991 ... a particularly prolific year 1991 with a plethora of titles but the disaffection of the public is more and more evident ...

1991 ... an unranked title but of remarkable quality, go figure. The group signs here a new Intimist title of all beauty. Like what, nothing is ever finished !

1991 ... from one extreme to another. As much the previous piece fit in the lace, as much this one made in the jackhammer ...

1991 ... we end in style with this new foray into the 'With emotions' register which once again shows all the talent of the group in this area ...

2008...when we thought the case was definitely over, here they are back 17 years later. A return for the less unexpected and which will necessarily delight the basic fans...

2008...a comeback that will unfortunately go somewhat unnoticed. They took too long to come back and it will be impossible for them to come back even a little in the race...

2008... too bad because the quality was there. They really didn't miss much to get people talking about them again, but fate will have decided otherwise...


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