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Right back where she started from...

Maxine Nightingale is an English singer who really started her artistic career from 1969 by joining the troupe of the musical Hair which then performed in Germany. Musical where she plays one of the major roles, namely that of Sheila.

It was in 1975 that things seriously accelerated when the single "Right back where we started from" was released, a single that the singer refused to perform at first. It was a real success across the Channel and across the Atlantic a year later. The eponymous album was immediately released and was also a major success.

Another success two years later in 1977 with the single "Love hit me", taken from the album "Night life" which was released that same year.

The album "Love Lines" was released in 1978 and will stay in history as the singer's highest ranked album. In particular thanks to two titles which are "Lead me on" and "(Bringing out) The girl in me".

She will experience a last notorious success in 1982 with a flagship single "Turn to me". Before moving on to a career as a jazzy singer that would last almost 20 years ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Don't push me baby 1969

  • Right back where we started from 1976

  • Gotta be the one 1976

  • I wonder who's waiting up for you tonight 1977

  • Love hit me 1977

  • Didn't I (Blow your mind this time) 1977

  • Lead me on 1979

  • (Bringin’ out) The girl in me 1979

  • Hideway 1979

  • Take your heart 1980

  • Turn to me 1982

  • My heart knows 1986


Clips :

1969 ... a James Bond sound, it almost feels like the soundtrack of a 007...a first song with a 60's sound !

1976 ... surely what will remain as one of his most emblematic titles. Here she signs one of the biggest Dance titles of the decade and fits One Shot into the musical legend of the end of the 20th century. HU-GE !

1976 ... a BIG year 1976 with a plethora of very big caliber Dance titles. Here is the 2nd and which has nothing to be ashamed of compared to its predecessor

1977 ... then here comes the American Quarter Hour. A foray into the beautiful Intimist with this sumptuous Ultimate Slow which shows all the artist's versatility

1977 ... and here she is again in Dance mode. Always this light and airy rhythm that works perfectly and makes the artist one of the top names of the moment in this field

1977 ... we alternate constantly between Dance and Intimist. After the effort, the comfort, what more could you ask for !

1979 ... the exception that makes the rule. We will end the decade once again in the 'With emotions' register. A beautiful new Ultimate Slow, a constant with her !

1979 ... in full Disco wave, Maxine makes...Disco. Astonishing you will say to me. Admittedly, the quality is there once again but we have known her more inspired ...

1979 ... in the same vein. The end of the decade where the artist plays it too easily. The tempo sticks to the times, but that's not enough ...

1980 ... a smooth change of decade. On a title which literally floats in the air and which shows that nothing is ever finished. MA-GIC !

1982 ... decidedly, she asks for more. And this time, it's Intimist who combines with 2. Here she signs her last notorious hit after a career, my faith, well filled !

1986 ... it wasn't quite over. This time, on the other hand, it is indeed the end. On a Dance title which unfortunately met with only very limited success ...


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