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Light my fire...

Amii Stewart is an American singer and dancer who took her first steps in her artistic career through the D.C. Repertory Dance Company, a dance body that enabled her to learn ballet as well as Modern Dance.

It was in 1975 that she met producer Barry Leng, then working for Hansa Records. Producer which allows her to release his first single "You really touched my heart" in 1977. Single which will know only a very relative success. The album that comes out in the process does not do much better.

Things really picked up speed two years later in 1979 when she released a cover of an Eddie Floyd song from 1966, a title called…"Knock on wood." Title that will be a real hit on a planetary level and literally ignite all Dancefloor. It will sell over 6 million copies worldwide and Eddie Floyd will say he made more money with this cover than with his own version ! The singer's notoriety literally explodes.

She did it again in the same year with a new cover, this time of The Doors, with the title "Light my fire". A title that is certainly less successful but still large.

Also in the same year, a third single was released called "Jealousy". Excellent title which will be a real hit on the Old Continent but much less across the Atlantic, as paradoxical as it may seem.

The bellows will unfortunately fall as quickly as it is mounted. And the transition to the 80s will prove to be complicated for the singer. Apart from a few sporadic hits with titles like "The letter" and "My guy" in 1980, "Friends" in 1984 and "You really touch my heart" in 1985, for the rest, most of the songs will go somewhat unnoticed. And this despite a fairly abundant discography ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • You really touched my heart 1978

  • Knock on wood 1979

  • Light my fire 1979

  • Jealousy 1979

  • The letter 1980

  • Paradise bird 1980

  • My guy 1980

  • Rocky woman 1981

  • I’m gonna get your love 1981

  • Lay back in the groove 1982

  • Digital love 1982

  • Working late tonight 1983

  • Grazie perchè (We've got tonight) 1983

  • Friends 1984

  • Try love 1984

  • I gotta have you back 1984

  • That loving feeling 1985

  • Fever line 1985

  • Together 1985

  • You really touch my heart 1985

  • Love ain’t no toy 1986

  • Time is tight 1986

  • Break these chains 1986

  • Sahara dreams 1987

  • It’s fantasy 1988

  • I still believe 1988

  • My heart and I 1990

  • So shy 1992


Clips :

1978 ... a first title which immediately sets the trend. This singer is made for Dance. And the rest will prove it in a brilliant way !

1979 ... then comes THIS title. A mind-blowing track which makes her fit One Shot into the musical legend of the end of the 20th century. Here she is quite simply signing one of the biggest dance hits of all time. All on a luxury cover of Eddie Floyd's title from 1966. A-MA-ZING !

1979 ... this time, it's Doors that she covers. And not just any Doors track but the most famous one, a title dating from 1967. In Disco version, you had to try this one !

1979 ... an exceptional year with no less than 3 mega hits in a row. And this time, point of recovery, it's brand new. A sumptuous piece that will surely remain among his most emblematic !

1980 ... the transition to the 80s will prove to be much more complicated than expected. While one would have thought that she was gone for years of incredible success, just the opposite will happen. Especially since she continues inexorably in the luxury cover. This time on a Box Tops title dating from 1967. Well, for now, it holds, but for how long ...

1980 ... which does not prevent her from delivering here an absolutely sumptuous Intimist title, a field that she had very little explored until then. It was high time, especially when you see the result !

1980 ... a nice duo which allows her to stay afloat. Again and again on a cover of Mary Wells' track from 1964

1981 ... and yet it's not for lack of trying. As soon as she returns to pure creation, the inspiration of the pieces becomes very random. This title is not without interest but it lacks the stroke of genius that can make the difference with the competition ...

1981 ... a year 1981 provided in titles but none will be classified ! After a sensational debut, the singer does not manage to capitalize on the colossal success generated at the end of the 1970s. Too bad ...

1982 ... will 1982 be a better year than the previous one ? Unfortunately no. And yet, she is largely in the average quality necessary to produce hits, even small ones. But for now, nothing to do, success inexorably eludes her ...

1982 ... when it doesn't want, it doesn't. The years 1981 and 1982 did not allow her to catch up with the leading pack and yet, it was not for lack of hanging on !

1983 ... come on, we believe it, there is a moment when luck will turn for the singer. Unfortunately not that year either ...

1983 ... it takes this duo to finally see her return to success. And again, the success will be limited to Italy. But that's it already !

1984 ... ah, finally, a title to match ! The Belle finally returns to the front of the stage with this magnificent title. Phew !

1984 ... exceptionally, here she is in full Intimist incursion and my faith, it all works particularly well. A niche that she should have much more exploited ...

1984 ... the beginning of 1984 was of a very high level, the end a little less. And yet, once again, this title is not without interest ...

1985 ... back to the Intimist. A futrtive passage in soft mode which allows her to hang a 'small' hit. It's always better than nothing ...

1985 ... yet another title of obvious quality and which would have deserved much greater recognition than it was. But the competition is fierce in the mid-1980s ...

1985 ... we start again in duo mode and once again, it works...but only in Italy. Better that than nothing at all ...

1985 ... in the end, a great 1985 which saw her come back to the race somewhat. From time to time, she manages to get her head out of the water to temporarily find her way back to the Charts. The proof with this song ...

1986 ... new little 'hit'. Well, we are in the depths of the ranking but the singer resists, year after year, without being discouraged in the least ...

1986 ... the number of singles she produced is still particularly impressive. A career of unusual longevity for a singer whose repertoire is essentially Dance ...

1986 ... another title of certain quality and which nevertheless will have gone almost unnoticed. It is clear that the singer will not have been rewarded for her enthusiasm and perseverance ...

1987 ... a sumptuous title offered on a plate by the Master...Ennio Morricone. Completely outside the singer's usual register. Anyway, the result is ... MA-GIC !

1988 ... 10 years after her debut, she is still there and resists, resists, resists. We find her again in the Intimist and it is really an area in the end that is particularly successful for her

1988 ... here she is again in the luxury cover, something she had not done for a long time. On the mega-hit Brenda K. Starr released the same year. Certainly, the version of Ami will not have the same level of success at all, but the copy is almost worth the original ...

1990 ... new partnership with Ennio Morricone. Who says Morricone, necessarily says extraordinary inspiration. The proof by this title ...

1992 ... she will have gone through the 1970s, the 1980s and here she is now in the 1990s. And in EuroDance mode. Yes Yes, it's possible ! But this time, it's well and truly the end !


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