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Grant Miller is an American singer who started his artistic career by playing the singer/dancer in cabaret type shows organized on cruise ships.

It was from 1984 that things got serious for him when he went to Germany where he first played the model.

But it’s the meeting with singer Fancy that will change everything. The latter brings him on a plate the title "Colder than ice". Title that launched his career as a singer in a dazzling way and propelled him overnight to the rank of planetary star.

A collaboration between the two men which will prove to be extremely fruitful and which will produce a significant number of Italo Disco hits.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Colder than ice 1985

  • Red for love 1985

  • Doctor for my heart 1986

  • Wings of love 1987

  • California train 1987

  • Tracks in the snow 1988

  • Lost in paradise 1989

  • In the rain again 1989

  • Doch Ich Habe Dich Geliebt 1990

  • Stranger in my life 1993

Clips :

1985 ... no more luxury cruises, welcome to the Dance Music galaxy. A transition that takes place under the best conditions, the proof with this first title which places him from the start as one of the future sure values of Italo Disco

1985 ... of the Italo Disco version Hi-NRG. And why not. In any case, there is everything you need to set the Danceflooor on fire !

1986 ... surely one of his most emblematic titles. The Italo Disco, a musical movement that could not be more simplistic but with a formidable efficiency in terms of swaying buttocks !

1987 ... this title is not bad either. Miller will undoubtedly remain as one of the Maestro of Italo Disco with several titles of very, very high caliber

1987 ... we start again in Hi-NRG mode. Each time, these are not necessarily his best songs but it's Dance, that's clear !

1988 ... pure Italo Disco as we like it. Why make it complicated when it can be simple. A good melody, a good rhythm and roll youth !

1989 ... no waste in his discography. There are some good, some very good and some very, very good. One of the rare Italo Disco singers to have remained so constant in terms of quality throughout his career

1989 ... a sudden change in sound that contrasts radically with everything he had done before. Well, why not ...

1990 ... when Miller takes over Pet Shop Boys in German, the result is to say the least...strange. We knew him much better ...

1993 ... after Italo Disco, after Hi-NRG, here he is in EuroDance mode. The result is nice but the best of his career is already behind him. We cannot be and have been ...

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