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War, first called Eric Burdon and War, and now known as The Lowrider Band, is an American band from Long Beach, California. One of its main characteristics, apart from its many hits, is that it has been a particularly mixed group and composed of members of very diverse and varied origins. They had their first successes in 1972 with tracks like "Slippin 'into darkness" from the album "All day music" and "The world is a ghetto" from the eponymous album. Album that will remain as the highest ranked album of all their discography. Followed a year later in 1973 by the flagship single "The Cisco kid", still taken from the same album and which will offer them one of their biggest success of the whole decade 70. The same year leaves the album "Deliver the world ”, album which will produce 2 new hits which are “Gypsy man” and “Me and baby brother”. Another success two years later in 1975 with the release of the album "Why can't we be friends ?" from which two new hits will be extracted. The first named after the album and the second "Low rider". The year 1976 saw the release of a best of which contained an unreleased "Summer", the flagship title of the album and which will remain as their last mega hit. The album "Galaxy" which came out in 1977 will experience mixed success, only the eponymous single will be successful. Other albums will be released subsequently but only the album "Outlaw" which comes out in 1982 will allow them to record last two hits with "You got the power" and the single named after the album. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

  • The Cisco kid 1973

  • Gypsy man 1973

  • Low rider 1975

  • Summer 1976

  • Galaxy 1978

  • Good, good feelin’ 1979

  • I’ll be around 1980

  • Cinco de Mayo 1981

  • You got the power 1982

  • Outlaw 1982

  • Just because 1982

  • Life (is so strange) 1983

  • Groovin 1985

Clips :

1973 ... after a few minor tests which will have allowed the group to break in, here comes the time of the first top hits

1973 ... a BIG year 1973 with a succession of titles of very high caliber. The group is growing, as is its fame ...

1975 ... the first global success. Their success now exceeds the US borders, it starts to smell good !

1976 ... a truly atypical group which mixes the most diverse styles, as well as the sounds. This time, it's very smooth in Afro-Caribbean-South American fashion ...

1978 ... which says end of decade 70, says sudden acceleration of the tempo. The proof with this title which makes them switch to the Dance mode, a field hitherto more or less hidden ...

1979 ... now it is pulsating, that's clear. Everything is done to get the buttocks moving and set the Dancefloor on fire !

1980 ... a change of decade which is combined in Intimist mode. After the euphoria of Dance, the group shows once again that he also knows how to do more in finesse ...

1981 ... we start again in multi-influence mode. On a predominantly South American basis anyway, a style that they particularly like ...

1982 ... then here comes the title of consecration out of nowhere. An HUGE Dance title which literally sets fire to every Dancefloor on the planet and which will remain as one of the best Funk songs of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... we stay on a Funk base, but this title does not have the same level of inspiration as the previous one. A lesser success necessarily ...

1982 ... a very heterogeneous year in terms of sounds. Now is the time for reggae fashion. They will have really done everything for us. On a title of certain quality and yet not classified ...

1983 ... once again, the group surprises with the style used. We leave in soft mode on a title that literally floats in the air ...

1985 ... another nice title, all in finesse, and which once again shows all the versatility of the group. A group that perfectly knew how to alternate pure dance and pure emotional moments

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