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Four hearts beat as one...

U2 is an Irish group formed in 1976 in Dublin and made up of Bono (real name Paul Hewson), The Edge (real name David Evans), Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. Flagship group of the 80s, it can to boast of having sold to date no less than 170 million records worldwide and of having won 22 Grammy Awards, an extremely rare occurrence at this level !

So the adventure begins when a few college friends, whose names are mentioned above, get together to form a first group called Feedback. A group that specializes in the revival of standards, mainly from the punk scene, standards that they interpret in a rather crude way.

In 1977, the group changed their name to The Hype. Then officially became U2 from 1978. The name of the group would have been chosen simply for its ambiguous side and interpretable in several possible ways.

Everything accelerates for the group when they win the same year a local tele-hook that allows them to record a demo. Demo that will get them noticed from the CBS label and allow them to record their first mini album which is released under the name "Three". Album which offers them a nice esteem success.

Change of label in 1980 with Island Records and first major single with the title "11 O'Clock tick tock", single which gives them a first global recognition. Shortly followed by the album "Boy", their first real album which will also be their first big hit. In particular thanks to the flagship single “I will follow”.

A year later in 1981, the album "October" was released, with mixed success but which nevertheless produced their first two singles hits, "Fire" and "Gloria".

Things took a whole new turn in 1983 when the legendary album "War" was released. Very politically oriented album, it will literally explode the notoriety of the group and overnight its members to the rank of planetary stars. The album will ultimately sell over 9 million copies worldwide and produce the legendary "New Year's Day" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday", and to a lesser extent "Two hearts beat as one". The world is then literally in shock, and the charm of this extraordinary group with its incredibly rich and innovative sound.

The year 1984 saw the release of the album "The unforgettable fire", with a more refined, more accomplished sound that did almost as well as its predecessor. Certified Triple Platinum, it will sell 7 million copies. The magnificent “Pride (In the name of love)”, written in tribute to Martin Luther King, which became their best single ranked on that date, will be extracted mainly. As well as the no less remarkable “The unforgettable fire”.

But that's without counting on the marvel that came out three years later in 1987, namely the album "The Joshua tree", an album of all records, already starting with its number of copies sold : around 25 million !! Once again, the sound of the group evolves, this time towards a more blues, folk universe to which is added a hint of gospel. "With or without you" will be its main gem and will stay in history as one of the group's biggest global successes. Followed by little "I still haven’t found what I’m looking for" which will also record more than impressive sales scores.

The years go by but are not necessarily alike. The proof with the release in 1988 of the album "Rattle and hum". An album which, despite its 15 million copies sold and despite its 4 hits including the enormous "Desire", will not stay in history as the brightest and most acclaimed of all the group's albums, far from it.

Three years later in 1991 came back in force with the album "Achtung baby", an album created in pain between Berlin and Dublin, against a backdrop of conflict between certain members of the group. This does not prevent it from being the second biggest sale of the group with its 18 million copies. He will produce no less than 5 mega hits with the flagship single "The fly" in mind, which will be a real worldwide hit. Followed by a few "Mysterious ways", "One", "Even better than the real thing" and "Who's gonna ride Tyour Wild Horses".

Two years later, in 1993, the album "Zooropa" was released, an album that ended up at number one on a number of Charts worldwide and yet was the starting point of a slow but irreversible decline of the group. With only 7 million copies sold, it only produced one notorious hit with the track "Stay (Faraway, so close!)".

The "Pop" album, which came out four years later in 1997, very Dance Club oriented, did not do much better in terms of sales. On the other hand, on the singles side, it's a real surge with 4 minor hits and 1 major. “Discotheque” for the major and “Staring at the sun”, “Last night on earth”, “Please” and “If god will send his angels” for the minors.

Back to basics from the year 2000, with the album "All that you can’t leave behind". A much more rock-oriented album, which rhymes with rebirth and which will reconcile the fans with the group. But that is another story that we will have the opportunity to talk about again ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Another day 1980

  • A day without you 1980

  • I will follow 1980

  • Fire 1981

  • Gloria 1981

  • A celebration 1982

  • New year’s day 1983

  • Two hearts beat as one 1983

  • Sunday bloody Sunday 1983

  • Pride (In the name of love) 1984

  • The unforgettable fire 1985

  • With or without you 1987

  • I still haven't found what I'm looking for 1987

  • Where the streetshave no name 1987

  • In God’s country 1987

  • Desire 1988

  • Angel of Harlem 1988

  • When love comes to town 1989

  • All I want is you 1989

  • The fly 1991

  • Mysterious ways 1991

  • One 1992

  • Even better than the real thing 1992

  • Who’s gonna ride your wild horses 1992

  • Stay (Faraway, so close !) 1993

  • Hold me, hrill me, kiss me, kill me 1995

  • Miss Sarajevo 1995

  • Discothèque 1997

  • Staring at the sun 1997

  • Last night on earth 1997

  • Please 1997

  • If god will send his angels 1997

  • Sweetest thing 1998

  • Beautiful day 2000

  • Stuck in a moment you can't get out of 2001

  • Elevation 2001

  • Walk on 2001

  • Electrical storm 2002

  • Take me to the clouds above 2004

  • Vertigo 2004

  • All because of you 2005

  • Sometimes you can't make it on your own 2005

  • City of blinding lights 2005

  • One 2006

  • The saints are coming 2006

  • Window in the sky 2007

  • Get on your boots 2009

  • Magnificent 2009

  • I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight 2009

  • Ordinary love 2013

  • Invisible 2014

  • The miracle (Of Joey Ramone) 2014

  • Every breaking wave 2014

  • Song for someone 2015

  • You're the best thing about me 2017

  • Get out of your own way 2017

  • XXX 2017

  • Lights of home 2018

  • Love is bigger than anything in its way 2018

  • Ahimsa 2019

  • Atomic city 2023


Clips :

Top Bonus: 1978...totally surreal images which show what the group was like in its very beginnings. Collector of course !

1980 ... the beginnings of the genesis of an adventure which will prove to be incredibly incredible for this small group of young people who do not look like much for the moment. But whose style is already asserted ...

1980 ... a first year of existence where the group already shows obvious talent and a sound among the best of the moment across the Channel

1980 ... a decidedly incredible year for the group and which ended in the best possible way. Here comes their first ranked hit. On a particularly successful title and where all of the future Grand U2 is already there

1981 ... if for their part, everything is already there, the public is not yet quite close. But it will not be long...

1981 ... the group's fame begins to extend beyond the UK. It is now throughout the entire Anglo-Saxon planetary sphere that the group is starting to make people talk about him ...

1982 ... a year 1982 almost equivalent to the year 1981. The group is gaining strength, that's clear. But for the moment, not yet the exceptional title (s) that allow them to pass in the big leagues

1983 ... then comes THIS title. An awesome title that will change everything, as much their level of notoriety as their destiny. The sound, the melody, the style, everything is incredibly innovative for the time. A-MA-ZING !

1983 ... the legend is now on. Each title that will come out now is going to be an event in itself. And we are gone for years and years !

1983 ... a decidedly exceptional year with this 3rd title which will undoubtedly remain as one of their most emblematic. The group is becoming THE phenomenon of the moment !

1984 ... a year 1984 much quieter than the previous one. At least, in terms of the release of titles. Because the little that comes out is exceptional. This title propels the group into spheres never reached before. The fame of the group is now intergalactic !

1985 ... another single-title year. After the beginning of the decade on the hats of wheel, the group takes a break and calms the game. On the title side, here on the other hand, the level does not weaken, on the contrary !

1987 ... after an empty year 1986, the time for supreme consecration has come. Starting with this title which will undoubtedly remain as one of their biggest hits. A phenomenal success for an absolutely sumptuous title which shows the crazy and totally extraordinary talent of this group

1987 ... 1983 was an exceptional year. It was without counting on the year 1987 which will prove to be even a notch above. It's a surge of HUGE titles which follow one another at a staggering speed. The group literally walks on water ...

1987 ... the 'little' hit of the year. Which would be a mega hit for 90 % of the other bands of the time. This is to say the level reached by the group !

1987 ... a year 1987 which does not stop producing titles of very very large caliber. Admittedly, this one will be the least known of the 4 but we will largely be satisfied with it !

1988 ... the years go by...and look alike. This is simply their biggest hit of the decade. A planetary tidal wave that nothing and no one can stop ...

1988 ... few titles in this year 1988 but once again, in Premium quality. No waste in this group, it is truly phenomenal !

1989 ... a surrealist duo to end the decade in style. When 2 legends meet, the result is necessarily up to the task !

1989 ... a decade that ends in fireworks with this new global mega hit. A hallucinating decade for this group which will have become in 10 years one of the biggest musical phenomena of the century

1991 ... after a decade 80 which will have seen them explode, will the decade see them consecrate in the Top 20 of the greatest groups of all time ? It could be...because we're restarting the decade with staggering new sales levels !

1991 ... an incredible dynamic which does not weaken despite an evolution of style of the group, and of sound, which could have completely destabilized the fans of the 1st hour. Oh no, quite the contrary !

1992 ... another year with 3 mega hits after 1983 and 1987. The group is more and more in the Intimist, a major turning point in his evolution

1992 ... an inspiration constantly in motion and in direct contact with their time. The major force of the Great and which makes all the difference with the competition to stay on top

1992 ... a triplet of mega hits in solid gold. Everything the group touches now turns into this precious metal !

1993 ... a year 1993 a notch below. Amazing, but it happens to them. But there is always at least 1 mega hit per year. For the year 1993, it will be this one !

1995 ... a 1993 year inside and a 1994 empty year. What happens to them...? Nothing to worry about when you see the resounding comeback they are making in 1995 !

1995 ... another legendary 'duo'. They do 1 per decade on average. This time it will be with the Tenor of the Tenor, just that. They sign here a new Intimist title of all beauty. MA-GIC !

1997 ... then nothing in 1996. We say to ourselves, this time, it is indeed the end of the adventure. In view of what will happen next, it's quite the opposite. A year of madness with a number of mega hits like never seen before. Yes Yes !

1997 ... admittedly, they will not all have the same level of success, the previous one being the best ranked of all. But the 'minus' with them is once again the 'mega' for all the competition !

1997 ... and a 3rd in a row. We already match the best previous years. And we will even exceed them. Masters of the world !

1997 ... between the style of their beginning and their current style, there is hardly any similarity. Almost one-of-a-kind adaptability. Few groups of an equivalent level have been able to cross the decades with such ease !

1997 ... and here comes the 5th. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we've got 5 mega hits in one year. I told you that this year was going to outperform all the others !

1998 ... we go from one extreme to another. 5 mega hits for the previous year and only 1 for the year 1998. A single mega hit because only one single was released. Single which will be their last of the decade. The slanderers could announce the end of the group ... Oh no, quite the contrary. The 2000s will be a beautiful decade for the group. One more brilliant decade !

2000 ... when we thought they had already reached the top of the world, they will prove to us with this title that they can also win the moon. A hallucinatory start to the 2000s which saw them once again at the peak of their art thanks to this title which will remain as one of their most enormous successes ...

2001 ... the group is still in 3 decades where the mega hits follow the mega hits in an almost uninterrupted way. All thanks to an incredible ability to adapt to all fashions and all eras. The mark of the very very great !

2001 ... and it's going to last like this for a few more years. Especially when we still see the level reached on this title, we say to ourselves that these 4 are really out of the ordinary ...

2001 ... what is really incredible with them is that each album will have produced 3 or even 4 mega hits minimum each time. Undoubtedly one of the highest levels of inspiration at the end of the 20th century !

2002 ... what will also have made their strength is this ability to mix their musical influences from the start and that of all the eras that they will have crossed. One of the very rare bands to have done it so well ...

2004 ... when the young generation decides to pay tribute to legends, it gives this kind of result. This revisited version of the title "With or without you" will at least have had the merit of giving a little facelift to this title dating from 1987 ...

2004 ... after a year 2003 where there will not have happened much interesting, they come back in this year 2004 in a form that can be described as dazzling once again with the production of one of their biggest hits. Too strong little guys !

2005 ... a 2000 decade which ideally unrolls with an almost uninterrupted series of mega hits. You will tell me it was already like the previous decade and I will tell you that it is not false, history repeats itself over and over again concerning them ...

2005 ... what is all the more incredible with them is that they will have excelled in all registers, from the fastest to the slowest. This time it will be in the softness and finesse, certainly in their own way, that they will have won their biggest hit of the year ...

2005 ... given the level that the group manages to maintain in the middle of the 2000s, one suspects that the adventure is not likely to end there. So to follow ...

2006 ... still one of their most iconic titles. But there will have been so many that we can no longer even count them by force ...

2006 ... hardly any title concerning them will have passed 'through', a real feat. And it will certainly not be the one who will deviate from the rule, it is clear ...

2007 ... one of their very rare single-title years. It happens even to the greatest but given the quality of this unique title, we will largely be satisfied with it !

2009 ... a single-title year 2007, a year 2008 where not much will happen, but what happens to them ? Nothing worrying, that's for sure when we see how they will end this year 2009 on the hats of the wheel ...

2009 ... the 2000s are really ending in the best possible way with a group that manages to maintain a level of success in the Charts to say the least stratospheric. It must be said that with such a qualitative level, nothing surprising ...

2009 ... they will have crossed the 80s, then the 90s, then the 2000s and they are about to enter their 4th decade of career. What to expect, decade of decline or decade of maintenance, good question ...

2013 ... the transition to the next decade will take a little longer than expected. It will take them 4 years to make the connection but it was worth the wait, the proof !

2014 ... we are not going to lie to each other, the 2010 decade will mark a breaking point between the group's insolent success and its slow, but irreversible, deceleration. It is clear that the best years are now behind ...

2014 ... is also new, titles that will go 'through', something that had not really happened to them since their debut. This title will unfortunately be part of it ...

2014 ... a year 2014 which will not remain their best vintage, it is clear. We thought that the group would never reach his limits but he starts to reach them at first sight ...

2015 ... a year 2015 that will not do much better if not worse. A single title on the clock and to the most limited success ...

2017 ... after an empty year 2016, they are back in 2017 in a form that we will qualify as unexpected compared to previous years. The group will find here its level of success of previous decades and show in a dazzling way that the adventure is far from over !

2017 ... the relapse will be severe, to say the least, with a level of success in the Charts which will start to fall again seriously. The group is no longer a shadow of himself and no longer manages to create an event on each title as he did in the past ...

2017 ... luckily there are some good friends to get you back afloat. Certainly they will only appear very stealthily on the title but it was better than nothing as they say ...

2018 ... the end of the decade 2010 will see them really struggling and we hurt for them. Will this decade of 2010 have been one too many, there is reason to wonder ...

2018 ... yet another title that will pass under the radar. Decidedly the phenomenon is growing from year to year and the group is now more and more unable to stop the bleeding. Attention danger...

2019 ... a decade of 2010 that really ends in pain and puts the group in a position to say the least uncomfortable. Will we find them again the following decade, good question. To be continued ...


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