Dance version 80s Part 34 - The best of the International Category

The playlist of phew in which you will find all the biggest hits 'Dance International' of the 80s.

For those who know nothing about it, the ideal way to find everything you need to organize a memorable evening.

For connoisseurs, the means to complete their knowledge or to find titles whose names they no longer remember.

Just Dance !

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Marty Balin - Hearts 1981

  • Billy Griffin - Serious 1981

  • 12 Drummers Drumming - I'll be there 1988

  • Images In Vogue - In the house 1986

  • Kim Larsen - Donnez moi du feu 1981

  • C-Bank - One more shot 1982

  • Cactus World News - The bridge 1986

  • Shanice Wilson - (Baby tell me) Can you dance 1987

  • Aerosmith - Dude (Looks like a lady) 1987

  • Roberta Flack - Back together again 1980

  • Freddie James - Don't turn your back on love 1982

  • Bill Nelson - Tender is the night 1983

  • Madleen Kane - Playing for time 1982

  • Anita Meyer - Why tell me why 1981

  • General Public - Tenderness 1984

  • The Motors - Love and loneliness 1980

  • Toni Basil - Hey Mickey 1982

  • Thelma Houston - I'd rather spend the bad times that spend the good times with someone new 1985

  • Hot Chocolate - I gave you my heart ( Didn't I) 1984

  • Cathy Denis - C'mon and get my love 1989

  • Rockers Revenge - Walking on sunshine 1982

  • Jennifer Warnes - First we take Manhattan 1987

  • Rick Springfield - Affair of the heart 1983

  • Joe Dolce - Shaddap your face 1980

  • Squeeze - Hourglass 1987

Clips :

1981 ... a total metamorphosis which will allow the artist to know the ultimate consecration with this title. He signed here quite simply one of the most striking titles of the decade and at the same time offered himself a direct ticket to posterity, this time solo. MAS-TER-FUL !

Full Article Marty Balin

1983 ... and the most significant success for the singer, here it is ! Here he achieved the greatest success of his career and at the same time offered himself a place of choice in the musical Pantheon of the 80s. HU-GE !

Full Article Billy Griffin

1988 ... big air gap of 5 years followed by a return in a certain form in this year 1988. Sufficient form in any case to sign their title of reference. All good little guys !

Full Article Twelve Drummers Drumming

1986 ... it is THIS title which will make them enter the musical legend of the 80s. Not that it finishes N° 1 of the Charts but it is especially this title which will remain as their most emblematic. Well Named !

Full Article Images In Vogue

1981 ... which will undoubtedly remain as one of his most emblematic titles. A title that will be a real hit in France this year but necessarily a little less elsewhere given the fact that it is sung in French ...

Full Article Kim Larsen

1982 ... just one title, THIS title, was enough to bring the group One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s. It goes without saying that a single title can be enough to change everything. The proof !

Full Article C-Bank

1986 ... released a year earlier and passed completely unnoticed, this title was released in this year 1986 and will experience a much more favorable fate. Admittedly, they will not win here the biggest success of all their discography but deliver here one of their most emblematic titles. HU-GE !

Full Article Cactus World News

1987 ... first title and first notable success. A career start for the less ideal and above all a very good omen for the rest of the events !

Full Article Shanice Wilson

1987 ... after a year 1986 when the titles released will go squarely under the radar, here they are again in this year 1987 pumped up like never before. But what happened ? Perhaps a much healthier lifestyle that finally allows them to find a level of inspiration worthy of the name ...

Full Article Aerosmith

1980 ... here is the singer arrived in Dance mode, but what happens to her ? Although the title will not be a huge success it shows at least another side of her that has been expected for years and years. It was time !

Full Article Roberta Flack

1982 ... a sound and a style that go well and yet that will not pay more than that. The singer will have really missed a little nothing to do very big things ...

Full Article Freddie James

1983 ... a good job once again. An atypical artist, of course, but with a certain talent. Isn't that the main thing ?

Full Article Bill Nelson

1982 ... a good job once again. The adaptation was quick and efficient which allows the singer to stay afloat without too much difficulty. Great responsiveness !

Full Article Madleen Kane

1981 ... THIS title arrives for the singer ! This time she seems to have taken the measure of the changes that were needed in her style to be able to land THE big success after which she has been chasing since her debut. It is now done. HU-GE !

Full Article Anita Meyer

1984 ... planetary success for the group, the real one, there it is ! They deliver here an enormous single which will remain as the biggest success of all their discography. Light, rhythmic, airy, everything to please as they say. HU-GE !

Full Article General Public

1980 ... here they arrived at the dawn of the 1980s without asking too many questions, neither about their future, nor about the new musical trends of the moment. For the moment, it passes but not on that it is the case on their next title ...

Full Article The Motors