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Believe it or not...

Billy Griffin, real name William Griffin, is an American singer-songwriter best known for having replaced Smokey Robinson in The Miracles in 1972.

Singer who began his career with a first group called Last Dynasty, the first experience that allowed him to stand out when the group won a TV hook on NBC.

The adventure The Miracles thus starts in 1972 and will last approximately 6 years with its climax in 1975 which will see the group version Griffin obtain its biggest success with the title "Love machine".

The solo career began in 1982 with the release of a first album called "Be with me". Album which will know its hour of glory thanks to the single "Hold me tighter in the rain".

New album "Respect" a year later in 1983, album which will mainly produce the single "Serious".

The year 1985 saw the release of the album "Systematic", an album of modest success, which struggled to produce any major single.

The album "Technicolour" which will be released in 1992 will not do much better, yet another counter-performance from which the singer will not recover this time ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Be with me 1982

  • Hold me tighter in the rain 1982

  • Respect 1983

  • Serious 1983

  • Systematic 1985

  • If I ever lose this heaven 1985

  • Believe it or not 1986

  • First in line 1989

  • Technicolour 1991

  • True confessions 1992


Clips :

1982 ... first solo title and first star on the prize list. Of course, the success will be small, but at least has the merit of launching the singer's career in the best conditions ...

1982 ... a certain rise in power which saw him achieve a new major success. The success is limited to England but it is already that as they say !

1983 ... in just 2 years he will establish himself as one of the sure values of the moment. Here he is having his first success in the USA, a success that will call for another even more substantial ...

1983 ... and more success, here it is ! Here, he achieves the greatest success of his career and at the same time offers himself a place of choice in the musical Pantheon of the 80s. HU-GE !

1985 ... unfortunately, the fall will be as rapid as the rise. Year 1984 empty and back in this year 1985 in average shape. Attention danger...

1985 ... no title will be classified during this year 1985, a poor performance to say the least astonishing and which especially leaves to fear for the continuation of the events ...

1986 ... he will manage to save the furniture in extremis with this title. But this will indeed be the last time he will know the favors of the Charts ...

1989 ... the rest will prove to be much more complicated to manage than expected. And yet he is far from unworthy, the proof with this title !

1991 ... he will try the passage to the decade 90 but nothing will do, when it does not want any more, it does not want any more. Hard law of the trade ...

1992 ... the last title. A career that will have lasted 10 years all the same and produced several high-caliber titles. What more !


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