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Walk this way...!

Aerosmith is an American group formed in Boston in 1970 and originally composed of Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Withford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer. A group that can boast of having sold no less than 150 million records to date around the world and having obtained 25 Gold Records, 18 Platinum Records and 12 Multi-Platinum Records, just that. And if that were not enough, to that is added a list of 21 titles classified in the Top40 of the American Billboard Hot 100, as well as the obtaining of 4 Grammy Awards, 6 American Music Awards and 10 MTV Video Music Awards !

The adventure really started for the group in 1972 when they signed with the Columbia Records label, a label that allowed them to release a first eponymous album a year later in 1973. The album was to be a great success of esteem and allow them to get their first ranked title with the single "Dream on".

New album "Get your wings" a year later in 1974, album of equivalent success but which struggled to produce any single of big caliber except for the title "Same old song and dance" which will be the only title to stand out from the lot, particularly in terms of radio broadcasting.

At the rate of one album per year, it is the album "Toys in the attic" which comes out in 1975, album which sees the group rise in power in an impressive way in particular thanks to the single "Sweet emotion". A rise in power such that the group begins to fight on an equal footing with the top names of the moment such as Led Zeppelin and other Rolling Stones. A competition with the Rolling Stones which goes as far as a rivalry between the singers of the groups, a rivalry due in part to a disturbing physical resemblance.

An album that contains another title that will go somewhat unnoticed. A certain "Walk this way" ...

The year 1976 saw the release of the album “Rocks”, an album that produced no less than 3 top hits with the titles “Last child”, “Home tonight” as well as “Back in the saddle”. another title which will create the event that year, the famous “Walk this way.” It emerges in this year 1976 and the version 76 will not go unnoticed, far from it. The single is a real hit and remains at to date one of the group's most emblematic titles.

The adventure continued in full force in 1977 with the release of the album “Draw the line”, an album which allowed the group to remain in the leading pack with obvious ease. Album from which will be extracted mainly the titles “Draw the line” and “Kings and queens". Album with notorious success but produced in difficulty given the more and more frequent excesses of certain members of the group, in particular Tyler and Perry.

First air hole in 1978 with an empty year followed a year later by the release in 1979 of a new album called "Nights in the ruts". Album with average success considering their usual level and which will produce only one title of international class with the title "Remember (Walking in the sand)". A year 1979 which saw the group literally explode from the inside with the climax of the shattering departure of Perry's group following a particularly violent argument with Hamilton.

Added to this are the increasingly sparse rooms during their concerts and a Steven Tyler more and more unable to provide his stage performances given his excessive drug consumption. Excessive consumption which will see him even collapse on stage during the concert in Portland in 1980. A year 1980 which will see him hit rock bottom in a particularly violent way when he is the victim of a serious motorcycle accident at the end of the year, serious accident which saw him hospitalized for 2 months and deprived him of music for most of 1981.

We will therefore have to wait for the year 1982 to see the group finally come back in force thanks to the release of a new album called “Rock in a hard place”. After all, a limited comeback because only the single "Lightning strikes" will save the furniture that year.

A recovery in hand which will still require a few more years with the key to the pure and simple disappearance of the group for almost 3 years apart from a few concerts on the right and on the left. Serious takeover which rhymes with change of label with a passage at Geffen Records and especially with the reinstatement in the group of Perry. All this put together, the group starts up again on new bases and releases a new album “Down with mirrors”. An album well received by critics but which will not find excessive reception from the public. Only the titles "Let the music do the talking" and "Shela" will know an honorable fate in the Charts.

The year 1986 will see them come back to the race in a completely unexpected way thanks to the extraordinary resumption of their flagship title “Walk this way” by the group Run-D.M.C. The revisited version of the title will make a real worldwide hit this year and bring the group up to date in a totally unexpected way. A particularly positive year for the group in 1986, as Tyler finally decided to resolve his very severe drug addiction problems.

Good news never comes alone, the other members of the group will also decide to follow the path traced by Tyler and this is how the group will find a much more adequate level of health with the production of very large successful albums. Starting with the album "Permanent vacation" which came out in 1987, an album of rehabilitation which saw them come back to grace in an incredible way with two major titles that are "Angel" but also, and above all, "Rag doll", two titles which will be released a year later in 1988.

A comeback which allows them to reach unsuspected heights in 1989 with the release of the album "Pump", an album which will reach an absolutely stunning level of success in the Charts and which will sell for more than 7 million copies. In particular thanks to 2 top hits which are "What it takes" and "The other side" but also, and above all, with the 2 mega hits "Love in a elevator" and "Janie's got a gun". An unprecedented success that they will savor for almost...4 years !

We will therefore have to wait for 1993 to see their new album "Get a grip" released, an album which will have well deserved 4 years of gestation given the unprecedented success it will achieve. The album will literally smash everything on a planetary level and allow them to obtain their biggest commercial success on the album side with no less than 20 million copies sold ! Album which will produce no less than 3 mega hits the same year with the singles "Livin 'on the edge", "Cryin" and "Amazing". There will even be a 4th success, admittedly on a smaller scale but all the same, with the top hit “Eat the rich”. Then a 5th success with the release in 1994 of the single “Crazy”, a single which will bring them a new star to add to an already well-stocked prize list.

No new album in 1995 but a compilation called “Big one”, a compilation that will allow them to stay on top with the resounding success of the title “Blind man”.

We will have to wait for the year 1997 to see their new album side achievement with “Nine lives”, an album that will not be able to compete with its 1993 predecessor as the bar has been raised. But who will come out all the same very honorably with the production of 2 new mega hits which are "Falling in love (Is hard on the knees)" and "Pink".

The ultimate consecration single side will arrive in 1998 with the release of the enormous title "I don't want to miss a thing", title present on the soundtrack of a small film called 'Armageddon'. Film which will become one of the biggest cinematographic successes of this end of decade 90 and allow the group to definitively reach the statute of major group of this end of XXth century.

Two new albums were released the following decade, first "Just push play" in 2001 then "Honkin 'on bobo" in 2004. Two albums with notorious success but which will not necessarily know the expected success on the singles side except for the enormous “Jaded” which will be released in 2001.

The decade 2010 will also see the release of a new successful album namely "Music from another dimension !" », Album which will be released in 2012 and which will once again show that with them, nothing is ever finished, far from it !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Dream on 1973

  • Sweet emotion 1975

  • You see me crying 1975

  • Last child 1976

  • Home tonight 1976

  • Walk this way 1976

  • Back in the saddle 1976

  • Draw the line 1977

  • Kings and queens 1978

  • Come together 1978

  • Remember (Walking in the sand) 1979

  • Lightning strikes 1982

  • Let the music do the taking 1985

  • Shela 1985

  • Dude (Looks like a lady) 1987

  • Angel 1988

  • Rag doll 1988

  • Magic touch 1988

  • Love in a elevator 1989

  • Janie's got a gun 1989

  • What it takes 1990

  • The other side 1990

  • Livin' on the edge 1993

  • Eat the rich 1993

  • Cryin' 1993

  • Amazing 1993

  • Crazy 1994

  • Blind man 1994

  • Falling in love (Is hard on the knees) 1997

  • Hole in my soul 1997

  • Pink 1997

  • I don't want to miss a thing 1998

  • Jaded 2001

  • Fly away from here 2001

  • Just push play 2001

  • Girls of summer 2002


Clips :

1973 ... the very first particularly successful steps with a first major success. But who would imagine at this stage the incredible adventure that awaits the group in the decades to come. Not many people ...

1975 ... after a fanfare start in 1973, the year 1974 will seem somewhat pale with 2 singles that will go under the radar. Back in this year 1975 in a certain form with a level of success which starts again on the rise ...

1975 ... the group's goodwill will never be finesse, that's for sure. But their expertise in the musical field they have chosen will amaze more than one, that's for sure !

1976 ... year after year the group grows in a linear fashion. With a level of success that also rises as a result ...

1976 ... a year 1976 which sees them align hit after hit with an obvious ease. It's not yet the great fireworks display but it won't be long ...

1976 ... and the first fireworks display, here it is ! This title had gone somewhat unnoticed the previous year, which was not going to be the case in this year 1976. The title will be a real hit and propel the group to a level of notoriety that they would never have imagined. HU-GE !

1976 ... an enormous year 1976 with no less than 4 titles and 4 classified titles including 1 anthology title. This is called a full box !

1977 ... the years go by but are not necessarily alike. As much as the year 1976 was rich in titles, the year 1977 will seem, to say the least, pale. With this only title to chew on ...

1978 ... business resumes in 1978 on the production side of titles but a little less on the quality side because this title will do less well than its predecessor. Like what, quantity does not necessarily rhyme with success for sure ...

1978 ... this one will do much better on the other hand with a much higher level of success. Despite this, and even if "Walk this way" broke the house, the group has still not produced the mega hit that would allow them to register their name definitively in the musical Pantheon of the 80s. We will have to be a little more patient because it will not be done during this decade 70 ...

1979 ... new single-title year. A last title to close a decade which saw them hatch and then reach maturity. Now that all this is done, it remains to achieve consecration !

1982 ... a change of decade that they will have a hard time negotiating. We thought they were going to smash everything straight away but for now, it is rather them who smash, it is clear ...

1985 ... 3 years will elapse between this title and the previous title. Healthy break or break for nothing ? In view of the results of this title in the Charts, this break will not have served much ...

1985 ... decidedly, when it doesn't want, it doesn't. And yet, they are far from being ridiculous since the beginning of the decade ...

1987 ... after a year 1986 when the titles released will pass squarely under the radar, here they are again in this year 1987 pumped up like never before. But what happened ? Perhaps a much healthier lifestyle that finally allows them to find a level of inspiration worthy of the name ...

1988 ... totally transformed, the little guys ! And obviously that is felt directly in the melodic quality of the titles they now offer ...

1988 ... the level of success achieved is now beyond comparison with anything they have known until then. So this time around, is the consecration looming on the horizon ? No, no, it will not be for this decade either ...

1988 ... the tiny hit of the year. Small but strong in any case and more than enough to keep them in an incredible dynamic which will find its apotheosis the following decade ...

1989 ... after the 'little' hit of 1988, here comes the 'mega' hit of 1989 and of the decade itself ! A decade that ends brilliantly with this title, an 80s that ends much better than the 70s, it is undeniable !

1989 ... and that's without counting on THIS title ! An exceptional year in all respects, 1989, which saw the group literally walk on water. And again, the best is yet to come, that's to say !

1990 ... the level of success drops somewhat at the start of the 90s, but really nothing to worry about. Especially when you see what is on the horizon ...

1990 ... in the distant horizon because for the year 1990, the level of success is stable and will not take off more than that. But it's getting closer ...

1993 ... we will have to wait for the year 1993 to witness the big takeoff and what takeoff ! We start with this first title which gives the group a new mega hit. While waiting for the following ...

1993 ... slight air gap with this title but nothing to worry about, that's clear. Because given what happens behind, this slight decrease in success will only be very temporary ...

1993 ... the big takeoff begins with this title. This time, the group has finally reached the dream level to reach the final consecration and to pulse, it will pulse !

1993 ... the mega hits follow one another at an astounding speed. It must be said that when inspiration is present, everything follows as if by magic ...

1994 ... each year now allows them to obtain at least 2 mega hits. For the year 1994, we'll start with this one ...

1994 ... they continue their momentum with this new mega hit and surely do not intend to stop there. When everything happens as if by a miracle, we necessarily want it to never stop !

1997 ... surprisingly, the years 1995 and 1996 will not bring much more and will see the group to do something on the spot. But it is better to come back to this year 1997. New mega hit !

1997 ... a huge year 1997 with a plethora of titles and a level of inspiration at the top. Obviously, the result in the Charts is accordingly !

1997 ... nothing, and no one, can stop them at this stage. They unroll with such ease that the competition has only to chomp on the brakes while waiting for better days ...

1998 ... and the consecration, the real one, here it is ! They will sign here one of the flagship titles of the soundtrack of the film 'Armageddon' and enter in a sensational way into the musical legend of the 80s, the one with a big L. MAS-TER-FUL !

2001 ... and the adventure will continue during the following decade with the obtaining of a new prestigious star. One more on a prize list which already has quite a lot !

2001 ... unfortunately all good things come to an end. The deceleration in the Charts will be particularly brutal and relegate the group to the rank of an almost normal group. Hard law of the trade ...

2001 ... the last major hit. This time the group has come to the end of their adventure and will only play supporting roles in the years to come. But what a career !

Top Bonus : 1986 ... the version of 'Walk this Way' revisited by Run-DMC. A totally surrealist version but with formidable efficiency. When 2 musical worlds which have nothing to do with each other meet to sublimate a title, here is the result. MAS-TER-FUL !


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