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Cathy Dennis is an English singer-songwriter who will experience her first artistic success on the title "C’mon and get my love", title which we owe to the producer D Mob and where she plays mainly the vocalists.

Even if she is not at the origin of the title, it will make a real worldwide hit and launch the career of the young singer in a sensational way.

We find her a year later in 1990 again with D Mob on the title "That’s the way of the world", single which will also have its heyday. She immediately released the title "Justa nother dream", a title to her credit and which had gone unnoticed, to say the least, when it was first released the year before. With this time a significant success.

A year 1990 which will also see the release of her first album "Move to this", album which confirms the status of phenomenon of the moment of the singer.

She even hit the jackpot the following year in 1991 with her revisited version of the 1984 Fonda Rae title "Tuch me". A revisited version that will sublimate the original version in an incredible way and make it a huge global hit.

The year 1991 saw her succeed as if by magic with the release of two other successful singles starting with "Too many walls". Then "Everybody move" which will in turn make a most flattering course in the Charts.

New album "Into the skyline" in 1992, album with less success than its predecessor but with major success all the same. Album which will mainly produce the singles "You lied to me" and "Irresistible".

Two singles which will be the last notorious successes of the singer. She will release a last album “Am I the kinda girl ?" in 1996, album with average success. A relative failure which will see her reorient her career towards the composition of titles for others such as Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Celine Dion. Among others ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • C’mon and get my love 1989

  • That’s the way of the world 1990

  • Just another dream 1990

  • Touch me (All night long) 1991

  • Too many walls 1991

  • Everybody move 1991

  • You lied to me 1992

  • Irresistible 1992

  • Falling 1993

  • Moments of love 1993

  • Why 1994

  • It's my style 1994

  • Love's a craddle 1995

  • West end pad 1996

  • Waterloo sunset 1997

  • When dreams turn to dust 1997

Clips :

1989 ... first title and entry planetary success. This is what we call a shattering introduction, to say the least. The young singer did not ask for so much, it is clear. HU-GE !

1990 ... one would have thought that the singer would pass like a shooting star in the musical landscape of the 90s but she directly confirms her status as a phenomenon of the moment. And that's just the beginning !

1990 ... this title had already been released in 1989 but had only experienced a very limited level of success. This time around, his fate in the Charts is going to be quite different. Phew !

1991 ... one would have thought that she had reached the top of the world with her first title but it was without counting on this one ! Here, she signs quite simply the biggest success of all her discography and at the same time offers herself a significant place in the musical Pantheon of the 80s. All thanks to a particularly successful cover of the title of Fonda Rae dating from 1984. MAS-TER-FUL !

1991 ... a year 1991 which will undoubtedly remain as its best vintage. Even if this title will not have the same level of incredible success as its predecessor, it will still have a very flattering career in the Charts. When it wants, it wants !

1991 ... and it continues ! An exceptional year in all aspects, 1991 which saw her succeed as if by magic. Hopefully it will be so in the years to come !

1992 ... we suspected that it would be almost impossible for her to match at the level of success such an incredible year 1991. Be that as it may, the year 1992 still presents itself under the best auspices with a first title with more than certain success ...

1992 ... she will have to take full advantage of this year 1992 in terms of success because the rest will prove to be clearly less favorable for her. But for now, all is well in the best of all possible worlds ...

1993 ... the loosening in the Charts will be brutal to say the least. After 2 years spent at the top of the bill, the singer will fall back violently on the cow floor. Hard law of the trade ...

1993 ... and whether in Dance mode or Intimist mode, nothing helps. The dynamics of success are well and truly broken down and will unfortunately never find new impetus ...

1994 ... the little success met is now limited exclusively to England. The situation is deteriorating from year to year and it is difficult to see how this could be arranged despite an obvious desire to do well ...

1994 ... a single which will only be released in the Land of the Rising Sun, hence inevitably a most limited success. Too bad because it is far from unworthy, it is clear ...

1995 ... a know-how in the Intimist evident but which will not pay more than that. It must be said that with a title that also only comes out in Japan, it's difficult to hit the jackpot ...

1996 ... the adventure continues for some reason but it is clear that the singer will never find the level of incredible success that she knew at the beginning of the decade. But what she continues to offer is far from lacking in quality so we will not shy away from our pleasure ...

1997 ... despite all his efforts, the exit door is fast approaching. The year 1997 will be his last year at the high level before a disappearance of the radars that nothing, and no one, will be able to counter ...

1997 ... she had the potential to do great things but fate will have decided otherwise by shortening her career somewhat. Anyway, she will still have produced 2 singles of very high caliber and just for that, the goal is more than achieved !

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