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Lust for love...

Images In Vogue is a Canadian group formed in 1981 in Vancouver and originally composed of Dale Martindale, Don Gordon, Joe Vizvary, Glen Nelson, Gary Smith and Kevin Crompton.

Group which knows a first success two years later in 1983 with the single "Lust for love".

Their first album "In the house" was released in 1985, an album which will experience its heyday mainly with the single of the same name.

New album named "The spell" in 1988, album which will meet only modest success.

A poor performance that will unfortunately be fatal for the group, which will end up separating shortly after ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • S & M 1982

  • Politics of sound 1982

  • Lust for love 1983

  • Educated man 1982

  • Just like you 1984

  • Rescue me 1984

  • Call it love 1985

  • Save it 1985

  • In the house 1986

  • So careful 1988

  • Strangers 1988


Clips :

1982 ... a very promising start, to say the least, with a sound and a style that goes well.Rather a good omen for the rest of the events as they say ...

1982 ... the basic tendency is confirmed to know that this group has talent to spare, it is clear. What will they do with it, good question ...

1983 ... a semblance of recognition begins with this title. A first success, certainly limited in Canada, but which rewards a certain potential ...

1983 ... this title will pass somewhat 'through' but allows the group to continue its adventure somehow. Isn't that the main thing ...

1984 ... business resumes with this title. Of course, they will never reach the top places in the Charts, but what they offer largely holds up !

1984 ... too bad they didn't break through more than that because they had everything they needed for. But like a certain number of Canadian colleagues, they will have remained in the shadow of the greatest, whether English or American ...

1985 ... once again the proof of a know-how more than certain. The inspiration is there, as is the style. They really won't have missed much to compete on equal terms with the best ...

1985 ... many Canadian bands of the time were particularly impacted by a lack of international recognition. Why, how, good question ...

1986 ... it is THIS title which will make them enter the musical legend of the 80s. Not that it finishes N°1 of the Charts but it is especially this title which will remain as their most emblematic. Well Named !

1988 ... the end of the decade which rhymes somewhat with a drop in the level of inspiration. It feels the end unfortunately all that ...

1988 ... an adventure that ends with this title. A good job anyway from start to finish. We are not going to sulk our pleasure as we say ...


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