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Cactus World News...

Cactus World News is an Irish band formed in Dublin in 1984 and originally comprised of Frank Kearns, Eoin McEvoy, Wayne Sheehy and Fergal MacAndris.

It was Bono, the well-known leader of the group U2, who put their foot in the door by producing their first title "The bridge" in 1985. The first title which unfortunately went somewhat unnoticed ...

It was the release of their debut album "Urban beaches" a year later in 1986 that would be a game changer. The album brought them to the forefront dramatically with the release of the singles "Years later" and "World apart" in the same year. But also from a third single which is in truth the reworked version of their first single "The bridge".

Three years will pass before the release of their new album "No shelter" in 1989, album which will not really enjoy the same level of success as its predecessor. The singles "Rebound" and "Town like this" which will also be released in 1989 will also have a very limited level of success.

Just like the single "Don’t let me down" which will be released in 1990. Several repeated failures from which the group unfortunately did not recover ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Years later 1986

  • Worlds apart 1986

  • The bridge 1986

  • Rebound 1989

  • Town like this 1989

  • Don’t let me down 1990


Clips :

1986 ... trendy beginnings with a sound and style that go well. So trendy that they get a first ranked title here. Ideal start of career as they say !

1986 ... a continuation of equivalent level which sees them maintain a level of inspiration sufficient to continue to evolve in the big leagues. All good little guys !

1986 ... released a year earlier and passed completely unnoticed, this title was released in this year 1986 and will experience a much more favorable fate. Admittedly, they will not win here the biggest success of all their discography but deliver here one of their most emblematic titles. HU-GE !

1989 ... a great adventure which will seize up somewhat. Three years will separate this title from the previous title with an outright disappearance of radars. Surprising turnaround to say the least ...

1989 ... no more titles will be classified and the group will now only do some figuration. They had everything they needed to do great things, but fate will have decided otherwise ...

1990 ... the group will not resist the passage to the following decade. He delivers here a last title which will unfortunately be more of a last-ditch than anything else ...


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