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Tell her why...

Not much info about Anita Mayer other than the fact that she is a Dutch singer who will mostly go down in 1980s musical history for the high-caliber single "Why tell me why" released in 1981.

As such, she deserved this article.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Just a disillusion 1976

  • The alternative way 1976

  • You can do it 1976

  • Anita that's my name 1977

  • It hurts 1977

  • You are my everything 1979

  • Rock me up a mountain 1980

  • The Hurtin' Doesn't Go Away 1981

  • Why tell me why 1981

  • They Don't Play Our Lovesong Anymore 1981

  • Idaho 1982

  • The One That You Love 1982

  • Goodbye to love 1983

  • Blame it on love 1984

  • Heart Of Stone 1984

  • This Ain't A Life To Be Lived 1984

  • The Story Of A New Born Love 1985

  • Run to me 1986

  • We've got tonight 1986

  • Now and forever 1987

  • Having my baby 1988

  • Freedom 1990

  • The Medicine Of Love 1992

  • I've Heard It All Before 1994


Clips :

1976 ... trendy beginnings which ideally position the young singer for the rest of the events. Let's wait and see if she confirms or not ...

1976 ... she immediately confirms that she is certainly not there by chance. Second title and second classified title. Certainly only in the Netherlands, but that's it already, right ?

1976 ... a flood of titles in this year 1976 which allows her to quickly establish herself as a sure value. It remains to produce THE title that will make all the difference ...

1977 ... she will all the same have to raise the level of play a little to hope to integrate the big leagues in the long term. So let's be patient a little longer ...

1979 ... the duo mode appeals to her at first sight, it is clear. A mode which she will use several times and which will allow her to take down the cup several times ...

1980 ... the transition to the 80s is done in light and air mode. Sympathetic necessarily but not sure that this is the best way to set the Dancefloors on fire ...

1981 ... after a year 1980 single-title, we can begin to seriously wonder about what will happen next. Considering what is on the horizon, not much to worry about. Quite the contrary !

1981 ... then THIS title comes ! This time she seems to have taken the measure of the changes that were needed in her style to be able to land THE big success after which she has been chasing since her debut. It is now done. HU-GE !

1981 ... after setting the Dancefloors on fire, she decides to go from one extreme to another and gives us a nice Intimist track that literally floats in the air. We take, we take !

1982 ... here she is again in duo mode, a mode that she will serve us again and again. Admittedly, this duo will not be the most glamorous duo of the year, but it works very well. Isn't that the main thing ...?

1982 ... an Intimist mode in which she feels particularly comfortable and inevitably the result is up to par once again. We want more !

1983 ... of course, she will not remain as the greatest singer of her generation but certainly does not have to be ashamed of her discography, that's clear !

1984 ... the 1970s saw her hatch and then reveal herself and it is really the 1980s which will definitively consecrate her. A well-deserved recognition !

1984 ... she won't produce masterpieces all the time, but her entire discography largely holds up. We don't ask for more !

1984 ... her versatility of style and tempo allows her to vary the pleasures endlessly. A very homogeneous discography which only asks to be listened to ...

1985 ... some titles will go completely under the radar, she will not escape the rule any more than others. But who would blame her ...

1986 ... back in duo mode with his favorite partner. As soon as we bring the 2 together, the osmosis is obvious and the result in the Charts accordingly. At least in the Netherlands ...

1986 ... since the recipe works perfectly, the 2 put back the direct cover in stride. And the association works perfectly once again. Both are made to get along, that's undeniable !

1987 ... in the Intimist field, whether solo or in duo, it works very well. Once again the proof with this title which proves a new faith her extreme talent in this field ...

1988 ... new duo of shock but above all of charm and not with just anyone. Of course, the Paul Anka of the 80s is no longer the Paul Anka of the 60s, but all the same !

1990 ... here she begins its 3rd decade without asking too many questions and the flower with the gun. And it works again. Beautiful longevity !

1994 ... it is clear that the gap with the competition is becoming more and more obvious but the main thing is to participate as they say. Unfortunately, the 90s will be one too many as they say about it ...


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