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Dance version 80s Part 36 - The best of the International Category

The playlist of phew in which you will find all the biggest hits 'Dance International' of the 80s.

For those who know nothing about it, the ideal way to find everything you need to organize a memorable evening.

For connoisseurs, the means to complete their knowledge or to find titles whose names they no longer remember.

Just Dance !

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Dollie De Luxe - Queen of the night/Satisfaction 1985

  • Janice McClain - Giving my love 1986

  • Alice - L'era del mito 1989

  • Wings - Coming up 1980

  • Little Nemo - Seconds 1987

  • Johnnie Taylor - What about my love 1982

  • Slade - 7 year bitch 1985

  • Pete Wylie - Sinful 1986

  • Basia - Prime time TV 1986

  • Gregory Abbott - Runaway 1988

  • Essence - Burned in heaven 1988

  • Herbie Hancock - Rockit 1983

  • G.I. Orange - Psychic magic 1985

  • Steve Hurley - Jack your body 1986

  • The Primitives - Way behind me 1988

  • Shooting Party - I go to pieces 1989

  • Kid 'n Play - Do this my way 1988

  • Oran 'Juice' Jones - The rain 1986

  • Babyface - Mary Mack 1987

  • Furniture - Love your shoes 1984

  • Shoc Corridor - Holding treasure 1984

  • Troll - Jimmy Dean 1989

  • Stone Fury - Break down the walls 1984

  • The Sinceros - Disappearing 1980

  • Heatwave - Gangsters of the groove 1980


Clips :

1985 ... THIS title arrives for the 2 girls ! They will simply hit the jackpot with this totally improbable title, a title that is half Opera, half Rock, pure and hard. It had to be tempted, and well they did. HU-GE !

Full Article Dolie De Luxe


1983 ... as astonishing as it may seem, the singer will not succeed in confirming all the good that one could think of her with this title. And yet she is far from unworthy, it is clear ...

Full Article Janice McClain


1989 ... the tempo finally accelerates and allows the singer to deliver a particularly inspired track to end the 80s in style. A decade of the 1980s which saw her reach for the stars, it remains to be seen what the following decade will hold for her ...

Full Article Alice


1980 ... unfortunately, all the best adventures come to an end. The group is living its last moments here, undermined by strong internal dissension from which it will unfortunately not recover ...

Full Article Wings


1987 ... what to do with this potential if it is not at the service of all. The group isolated himself by entering this very special musical niche and only reserves its music for a handful of initiates ...

Full Article Little Nemo


1982 ... it will all the same have to explain to the singer that he is well and truly passed to the 80s and that its typical 70's sound risks damn isolating it in the long term if he continues like that ...

Full Article Johnnie Taylor


1985 ... the fall in the Charts will be severe after this title and this time the group will not recover despite all the efforts made. Hard law of the trade ...

Full Article Slade


1986 ... paradoxically it is under his name alone that he will achieve the greatest success of his entire career. It just goes to show that changing your name all the time will not have helped much, on the contrary ...

Full Article Pete Wylie


1986 ... after having left in an incomprehensible way the incredible adventure Matt Bianco, here is the singer now in solo/duet with the second defector of their former group namely Danny White. A new adventure that starts off pretty well with this first classified title ...

Full Article Basia


1988 ... ah, we couldn't believe it anymore but here comes the long-awaited evolution on the tempo side for the singer. And my faith, the result is not that bad ...

Full Article Gregory Abbott


1988 ... the group will not be satisfied with being a shooting star group and will have produced several albums of more than certain quality, the proof with this title. All good little guys !

Full Article The Essence


1983 ... the artist will sign here quite simply one of the most striking titles of the decade if not of the end of the twentieth century. With the key to a direct ticket for posterity. CULT !

Full Article Herbie Hancock


1985 ... a group that will have passed 'through' as they say but it must be said that faced with excessive competition, difficult to find a place in the sun

Full Article G.I. Orange


1986 ... the consecration for the singer, the real one, here it is ! And yes, already. In just 2 years the artist will have achieved the consecration that others take decades to obtain. After, remains to be confirmed and especially to last ...

Full Article Steve 'Silk' Hurley


1988 ... the group signs here a new title of very big caliber which shows once again that they are certainly not there by chance. And on this one, the overspeed does not spoil anything, a real feat !

Full Article The Primitives


1989 ... this time will be the good one ! It took them 4 years to reach full maturity but the result is there, it is undeniable. They sign here the biggest success of all their discography and at the same time offer themselves a direct ticket for posterity. HU-GE !

Full Article Shooting Party


1988 ... the rise in power is slow but steady. We therefore suspect that at some point all their efforts will finally pay off. And they will pay!

Full Article Kid 'n Play


1986 ... THIS title arrives for the singer ! He was going to sign here quite simply the biggest success of his career and at the same time offer himself a place of choice in the musical Pantheon of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

Full Article Oran 'Juice' Jones


1987 ... a singer who is good in everything. A global potential of the most interesting and which will inevitably end up producing great things. Which will be the case of course ...

Full Article Babyface


1984 ... it's much better for the group with this title, there is no picture. He finally found the style and the sound that go well and the result is strongly felt ...

Full Article Furniture


1984 ... a questioning on the part of the group which will bear fruit with THIS title. He finally obtains a semblance of recognition with this title and unexpectedly obtains a direct ticket to posterity. HU-GE !

Full Article Shoc Corridor


1989 ... comes THIS title for girls ! They will finally obtain the semblance of recognition after which they have been chasing since their beginnings. This time will be the good one. HU-GE !

Full Article Troll


1984 ... a title, THIS title, was enough to bring the group One Shot into the musical history of the 80s. For a first title, it's what we call a master stroke !

Full Article Stone Fury


1980 ... fortunately, the group is back on track with this title. A title that will undoubtedly remain as one of their most emblematic. Great job little guys !

Full Article The Sinceros


1980 ... given where they were at the career level, we had every reason to fear the worst but it was very bad to know them. Here they come to the surface in an impressive way, with the key to obtaining a new prestigious star to add to a list that already has a certain number ...

Full Article Heatwave

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