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Brilliant mind...

Furniture is an English group formed in 1979 and originally composed of Jim Irvin, Tim Whelan, Hamilton Lee, Simon Beaton and Ian McDonald.

Group which releases a first single "Shaking story" two years later in 1981, single which unfortunately will go somewhat unnoticed ...

We had to wait for 1983 to see the release of their first album "When the boom was on", album which did not do much better on the Charts side.

New singles "Dancing the hard bargain" and "Love your shoes" a year later in 1984, two titles which still do not allow the group to take off. Ditto for "I can't crack" which was released the following year in 1985.

It was the signing with the Stiff Records label in 1986 that would finally allow the band to move up a gear. Signature that allows them to release the album "The wrong people", an album with average success but which will still produce their biggest single success with the title "Brilliant mind".

Stiff Records will unfortunately file for bankruptcy thereafter and put an end to the group's planned rise. They will have to wait 3 more years to succeed in going up the slope and in 1990 to release the album "Food, sex & paranoia". Album which will go somewhat unnoticed, a relative failure which will definitively seal the fate of the group which will end up separating shortly after…

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Shaking story 1981

  • Transatlantic cable 1983

  • Dancing the Hard Bargain 1984

  • Love your shoes 1984

  • I can't crack 1985

  • Brilliant mind 1986

  • Bullet 1986

  • Slow motion kisses 1989

  • On a slow fuse 1989

  • Song for a doberman 1989

  • One step behind you 1990


Clips :

1981 ... the very first steps. A first title which clearly shows that there is still a little - even a lot - of work before hoping to be able to join the big leagues ...

1983 ... it's a little better but the account is still not there. The group will really have to stick a little more to the standards of the moment to hope to stand out from the crowd ...

1984 ... having your own style, as well as your own sound, is good. But too much originality kills originality at one point ...

1984 ... there, on the other hand, it is much better, there is no photo. The group has finally found the style and the sound that go well and the result is strongly felt ...

1985 ... the group sets off again in its youthful ways and sets out again as quickly in the darkness as he had left. Can and must do better !

1986 ... then THIS title comes ! This time will be the good one with the biggest success of all their discography. We no longer believed it is clear. HU-GE !

1986 ... the euphoria will fall as quickly as it unfortunately had risen. There is nothing to do, the group loves to set out again in its somewhat tortuous musical paths with the immediate sanction of a direct exit from the Charts ...

1989 ... the years go by and nothing changes. The group continues in a style that is frankly hermetic to the general public, a gamble to say the least daring and above all totally counterproductive ...

1989 ... a nice title all in finesse and lightness but once again in an unusual style. We will not do them again as they say ...

1989 ... the group continues its adventure without asking too many questions. It is clear that under these conditions there could be a premature departure from the road ...

1990 ... they will try the transition to the following decade but what did not work during the 80s is not likely to work better during this 90s decade. Bet lost in advance with this time the definitive end of the adventure...


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