Every time he closes his eyes...

Babyface, whose real name is Kenneth Edmonds, is an American singer-songwriter who can boast of having won no less than 12 Grammy Awards to date, just that !

Artist who began his artistic career alongside singer Bootsy Collins who would nickname him 'Babyface' because of his particularly youthful appearance.

He was subsequently found in the 'Manchild' group at the end of the 1970s and then in the groups 'Redd Hott' and 'The Deele' at the beginning of the 1980s.

But it really started in 1983 when things took off when he composed the track "Slow jam" for the band 'Midnight Star'.

On the personal side, he will record his first success three years later in 1986 with the single “I love you babe”, a title taken from his first album “Lovers” which was released the same year.

The takeoff, the real one, took place in 1989 with the release of the album "Tender lover", an album that gave him his first top hit with the title that bears the name of the album. Album which will produce 3 other big caliber tracks with the singles "It’s no crime", "Whip appeal" and "My kinda girl".

The 80s will have revealed him at the highest level but it is the 90s which will consecrate him with to begin the release of the album "For the cool in you" in 1993. Album from which will be extracted no less than 5 successful singles, the most successful of which will be “When I can see you”, a single which offers him a first planetary recognition worthy of the greatest.

The ultimate consecration took place three years later in 1996 with the album "The day", an album that will make a real worldwide hit and which remains to this day its biggest success on the album side. Album which will produce 2 mega hits which are "This is for the lover in you" and "Every time I close my eyes".

Unfortunately, the sequel will be less glorious despite the release of other successful albums. Other albums that will be unable to produce singles of an equivalent level to the previous ones ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • I love you babe 1986

  • Lovers 1987

  • Mary Mack 1987

  • If we try 1988

  • Love saw it 1989

  • It’s no crime 1989

  • Tender lover 1989

  • Whip appeal 1990

  • Love makes things happen 1990

  • Give you my heart 1992

  • For the cool in you 1993

  • Never keeping secrets 1993

  • And our feelings 1994

  • Rock bottom 1994

  • When can I see you 1994

  • Take a bow (Madonna) 1994

  • Where is my love ? 1994

  • Dream away 1994

  • Someone to love (Jon B.) 1995

  • Slow Jams 1996

  • This is for the lover in you 1996

  • Every time I close my eyes 1997

  • How come, how long 1997

  • Talk to me 1997

  • (Always be my) Sunshine 1997

  • Gone to soon 1998

  • Fire 1998

  • You were there 1998

  • Reason for breathing 2000

  • There she goes 2001

  • What if 2001

  • The loneliness 2004

  • Sorry for the stupid things 2005

  • Grow and sexy 2005

  • Fire and rain 2007

  • Comfortable 2008

  • I need a love song 2008

  • Hurt you 2013

  • Where did we go wrong 2013

  • We've got love 2015

  • Exceptionnal 2015

  • He don't know nothin' 'bout it 2020

Clips :

1986 ... first title and already first star on the charts. An ideal start to say the least and which ideally positions the young singer for the rest of the events ...

1987 ... of course, the success is limited to R&B Charts but it is already that as they say. An ideal introduction that allows him to break in quietly but surely ...

1987 ... especially since he is good at everything. A global potential of the most interesting and which will inevitably end up producing great things ...

1988 ... year after year, title after title, he climbs the slope at his own pace and gets closer and closer to the top of the mountain. It could therefore be that the end of the decade has a nice surprise in store for us ...

1989 ... he starts the year 1989 in charming company and at the same time gives us a title that literally floats in the air. MA-GIC !

1989 ... for the big takeoff, it's now ! We suspected that at some point all his efforts would pay off. This time it's gone for good !

1989 ... success is now global. The 1980s saw him reveal himself and reach the highest level. It remains now to reach the consecration, the true ...

1990 ... a know-how in the Intimist which, once again, works wonders on this title. A year 1990 which started gently and which above all allowed the artist to prove if necessary that he was not there by chance ...

1990 ... an attraction for shocking duets but above all charming more than certain and which succeeds him, to say the least. Everything smiles on him now, starting with the women ...

1992 ... he puts it back this time with Toni Braxton. They want him all, it is clear ! And as long as it works, it would be wrong not to take advantage of it !

1993 ... a 'glamorous' style that will increasingly become its trademark. Mi Dance, mi Intimist, a subtle blend that he now masters to perfection ...

1993 ... but he is never as effective as in the register 'with emotions', it is clear. You could say too much Intimist kills Intimist but with him, we ask for more and more !

1994 ... all you have to do is ask and he gives direct cover. A decade of 90 undoubtedly placed under the sign of softness and finesse. Who would complain ...

1994 ... it still happens to him to know some 'misses'. This title is not lacking in interest, far from it, but it will pass somewhat under the radar. Astonishing ...

1994 ... on the other hand, this one will not go under the radar, that's for sure. A title which literally floats in the air and with which he will obtain one of his biggest successes. MA-GIC once again !

1994 ... he will have sung with almost all the stars of the moment on the female side. The 2 deliver us here an absolutely sumptuous title which adds a new star to their respective charts. And what a star !

1994 ... an exceptional year in 1994 which saw him string together the legendary duets in an impressive way to say the least. This time, it will be a 100 % male duo. And why not...?

1994 ... as if that weren't enough, here he is now alongside Lisa Stansfield. And once again, the duo works works of god's fire. What talent !

1995 ... the duo mode also became his business. And he would be wrong to deny it because each time he obtains impressive sales scores ...

1996 ... there, it is not even a duo that we are dealing with but a quintet. But as the old saying goes, the merrier the more we laugh ...

1996 ... a title which still sees him particularly well surrounded. So much so that this title will bring him his first mega hit. Finally !

1997 ... he will have known the biggest success of his career on the previous title but with several. This time, he will experience the biggest success of his career, but solo. The circle is now well and truly complete. MAS-TER-FUL !

1997 ... rarely an artist will have sung so much with the others. This time, it is squarely with the Master Stevie Wonder that he pushes the ditty. With the result inevitably very high class given the pedigree of the 2 protagonists !

1997 ... solo return for this title, a title that will remain as his 'little' hit of the year. Especially when you see what is on the horizon ...

1997 ... a year 1997 which ends in apotheosis with this new title to several, new title which adds an additional star to an already abundant prize list. This singer becomes a real war machine when he is associated with others, it's clear ...

1998 ... he sets the table again with the Grand Stevie. Unfortunately, this title will not really meet the same level of success as their previous collaboration. Go figure ...

1998 ... a year 1998 decidedly much more complicated to manage than expected. The titles follow one another but know only a minimal level of success. Passive air hole or beginning of the end, good question ...

2000 ... passenger air hole. Here he is back in this new decade 2000 in a form that we will qualify as certain. Sufficient in any case to get back to the leading pack ...

2001 ... of course the level of success of this new decade will not have much to do with that of the previous one, but it still allows the singer to continue to believe in it. It's already that...

2001 ... still as effective in the Intimist. He takes refuge there as soon as things get complicated and my faith, we are not going to complain, far from it when we see what is still happening ...

2004 ... the singer continues to chart his course without worrying about a competition which is light years ahead from now on. On the other hand, as long as he still exists in the Charts, why stop everything ...

2005 ... the level of success is in free fall despite an obvious desire to do well. Despite a talent more than obvious, the 20 years of career are starting to seriously weigh, it is clear ...

2005 ... this one will do a little better, but not much. It gets more and more complicated and it is obvious that things will not work out if they get better ...

2007 ... he had practiced very little luxury covers and tried it with this title. A revisited version of the title of James Taylor dating from 1970 which largely holds the road but which will know a level of success of the most limited ...

2008 ... even the duets, which until then brought him more than substantial successes, no longer bring him back. Hard law of the trade ...

2008 ... a decade 2000 which will have seen him decline slowly but surely. But he is still there and that, no one will be able to take away from him ...

2013 ... it's still a shocking but above all charming duo that will bring him its last major hit. Women will bring him luck to the end ...

2013 ... as paradoxical as it may seem, this title will go completely under the radar while we find the same protagonists as on the previous title. Sometimes you don't have to try to understand ...

2015 ... impossible to stop him regardless of the result in the Charts. His will to believe in it always and again commands respect, it is undeniable ...

2015 ... almost 30 years of career, and yes, already. And despite those multiple decades and a level of success in socks, what he continues to offer largely holds up. What talent !

2020 ... who knows what he has in store for the future because he does not seem really decided to throw in the towel. And who would blame him ? Surely not us ...

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