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Two Queens for the same hive...

Voice Of The Beehive is an Anglo-American group formed in London in 1986 by 2 sisters who are Tracey Bryn and Melissa Brooke Belland. Both girls of Bruce Belland, singer of a famous group from the 50s The Four Preps.

In addition to the 2 sisters, the group will include Martin Brett, Daniel Woodgate and Mike Jones.

They had their first success in 1988 with the singles "I walk the earth", "I say nothing" and "Don’t call me baby". All extracts from the album "Let it be" which came out the same year and which made a real hit in most Anglo-Saxon countries.

Three years later in 1991, another success with the album "Honey Lingers", which produced two new major hits : "I think I love you" and especially "Monsters and angels". Two flagship titles that will work hard on both sides of the Atlantic.

A third and last album “Sex & Misery” will be released in 1996 but will not produce any major hits.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Just a city 1987

  • I say nothing 1987

  • I walk the earth 1988

  • Don’t call me baby 1988

  • Man in the moon 1988

  • Monsters and angels 1991

  • I think I love you 1991

  • Perfect place 1991

  • Angel come down 1995

  • Scary kisses 1996

  • Heavenly 1996


Clips :

1987 ... a first title which will unfortunately pass completely under the radars. And yet the potential is obvious. Be patient ...

1987 ... after a first test that was left without a future, here comes the time for recognition with this first classified title. A first deserved reward for this completely wacky duo

1988... a much more rock sequel, that's clear. And still 100 % wacky ! But the nice crazy side is not enough for the moment to work miracles. Let's be patient...

1988 ... like an aftertaste of Go-Go's, which does not detract from their obvious talent. A talent that is bearing fruit since the girls finally obtain a first global mega hit. Like what, when they calm down, it pays !

1988 ... they even know how to do in the Intimist. Admittedly, it is not necessarily what they do best but it is cute anyway

1991 ... 3 years of windfall and a change of decade that does not affect the quality of their melodies, quite the contrary. New top hit !

1991 ... the girls go back to the wacky side and for once it pays. Normal, the wacky has become almost the standard of the moment ...

1991 ... all in finesse and beautiful feelings. Are they the same ...? Yes Yes. They know how to do too !

1995 ... totally unrecognizable. After the euphoria of the 80s, here they are completely transformed in this 90s decade. They have not accustomed us to deliver Intimist titles as inspired ...

1996 ... this time, it is indeed the end. An adventure that ends as it started, that is to say 100 per hour !

1996 ... come on, it's not quite over. This title will go completely under the radars but it is not without interest, it is clear. It would therefore have been a shame to miss out ...

1996...just like this one. The girls have decided not to let go and my faith we can only salute this desire to show that they will have believed in it until the end...

Top Bonus : 1988...the story of a lifetime


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