They bring on the sun...

Not much info about Londonbeat other than the fact that it's an Anglo-American band formed in the late 1980s and originally composed of Jimmy Helms, Jimmy Chambers and Charles Pierre.

Group that will remain mainly in the musical history of the 80s for the mega hit "I've been thinking about you" released in 1990.

As such alone, we had to devote this article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • There's a Beat Going On 1988

  • 9 A.M. (The comfort zone) 1988

  • Failing in love again 1989

  • I've been thinking about you 1990

  • A better love 1990

  • It's in the blood 1990

  • No woman, no cry 1991

  • You bring on the sun 1992

  • That's how I feel about you 1992

  • Lover you send me colors 1992

  • Come back 1994

  • Build it with love 1995

  • Read betwen your eyes 1999

  • Where are U 2003

Clips :

1988 ... after a first attempt that was not followed up, the group finally obtained a first classified title with this title. A first year of existence to break in and rise slowly, but surely, in power ...

1988 ... the group displays a most interesting versatility of style. In just one year they will have already shown everything they are capable of. And it is rather promising !

1989 ... a smooth end of the 80s, an area they particularly like at first sight ...

1990 ... the 1980s saw them hatch and grow, but it was the 1990s that would consecrate them. Here they are quite simply the biggest success of their career thanks to this enormous title which will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest titles of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1990 ... an exceptional year in all respects, since they won a second star here to add to their prize list. In just 2 titles they will have become one of the biggest phenomena of the moment on a planetary level !

1990 ... the pass of 3. Three titles for this single year 1990 but only two will have the favor of the public. This third title will pass completely and especially surprisingly under the radar ...

1991 ... here they are revisiting Bob Marley dating from 1974. And my faith, this new completely unstructured version is to say the least astonishing and has the merit of playing it total originality ...

1992 ... a great adventure that continues with this new title. Admittedly, the group will never again find the level of success reached during the year 1990 but remains in contact with the best and that is especially that the essential !

1992 ... the best years are now behind, but the group is quietly continuing its path. And continues to deliver titles that hold up well. The proof with this title !

1992 ... the pass of 3, again. Last time it was 2 mega hits and a third title that went unnoticed. This time, it's 2 top hits and a small hit. Nice prize list anyway !

1994 ... after an empty year 1993, the group came back in great shape in 1994. In any case, sufficient form to sign a last planetary top hit and show that it is still there above all !

1995 ... the rest will unfortunately be more figurative than anything else. There will be production of titles certainly but to the most limited success ...

1999 ... there it is downright 4 years of air gap which will separate this title from the title which preceded it. And this time, the return will not necessarily be a winner, unfortunately despite the quality of the title ...

2003 ... they will try the transition to the 2000s but what did not work at the end of the 90s is not likely to work more than that at the beginning of the 2000s. When it doesn't want any more, it doesn't want any more ...

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