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The Triforce ...

Maurice White, drummer, originally created in the early 1960s the group "The Salty Pepper" which in 1969 became Earth Wind and Fire (in reference to certain astrological elements). Disco-funk group now legendary, it has based its reputation on its amazing ability to mix different sounds from different musical traditions (African, Brazilian, Cuban and Caribbean). But also by the extraordinary vocal capacities of his singer Philip Bailey. White’s original idea was to create a spiritual group. Concept very quickly abandoned, the musicians not sticking to the desired image. It was in 1975 that the group literally took off. And success will not leave them for 5 years thanks to the albums "Gratitude", "All’n all" and "I am". It is the overly greedy appetite of record companies and their total control over the group which will stifle it and precipitate it towards its fall in 1984. Discography (among others ...) :

• Love is life 1971

• Evil 1973

• Keep your head to the sky 1973

• Devotion 1974

• Shining star 1975

• That's the way of the world 1975

• Sing a song 1975

• Brazilian rhyme 1977

• Runnin' 1977

• Fantasy 1978

• September 1978

• Boogie Wonderland 1979

• After the love has gone 1979

• In the stone 1979

• Star 1979

• Let me talk 1980

• And love goes on 1981

• Let’s groove 1981

• I've had enough 1982

• Fall in love with me 1983

• Magnetic 1983

• Touch 1984

• System of survival 1987

• Thinking of you 1988

• Turn on (The beat box) 1988

• Heritage 1990

• Sunday morning 1993


Clips :

1971 ... at the origin of the beginning of the genesis of an adventure which will prove to be absolutely extraordinary ...

1973 ... the pace accelerates slowly but surely. We begin to imagine the rest ...

1973 ... then the tempo slows down again to make way for this magnificent Ultimate Slow. MA-GIC !

1974 ... and what about that one ! An inspiration that is already doing wonders and again, the best is yet to come ...

1975 ... the title that will change everything. Their first global mega hit. The beginning of a long series ...

1975 ... again in Intimist mode. It’s groovy, light and airy. What more...

1975 ... a year ending as it started. By a top hit ... But will have to get used to them because soon it will be all the time like that !

1977 ... an inexorable rise, piece after piece, which will lead to a deluge of mega hits in the years that follow

1977 ... a year of transition before the start of the mega fireworks and the first legendary titles

1978 ... the proof with this first HUGE cross-country hit which will raise them to the rank of undisputed and incontestable planetary stars. Surely one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1978 ... they repeat the same year with another title of the same caliber and deliver again one of the major hits of the 70s. A crazy talent !

1979 ... and 1, and 2, and 3 intergalactic tubes ! Even more huge than the previous 2. Yes Yes, it's possible ! Earth Wind and Fire will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest tube suppliers of the 70s

1979 ... phew finally time to breathe ! After 3 mega Dance hits, they finally leave in Ultimate Slow mode. An area they also perfectly master !

1979 ... everyone born before the 80s in France will immediately recognize the intro of this song. A legendary intro that has been used by TF1 to open its Sunday evening cinema session for years. Ah, what good memories ...

1979 ... always as rhythmic, always as Dance, always also Earth Wind and Fire. An incredible discography !

1980 ... a change of decade that takes place with the best there is with this track with 2 Disco-Funk influences

1981 ... their first top hit of the decade. And surely not the last ... The decade 70 was great, the decade 80 will get very close !

1981 ... new interstellar tube ! This group is a real war machine and delivers here one of the biggest Dance hits of the 80s. An inspiration constantly renewed and which does wonders decade after decade. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1982 ... another title that hits home ! Surely one of their best titles of the decade

1983 ... each year its hit from the group. In 1983, this is it ! And it is HUGE ! Like all the others, by the way ...

1983 ... but this one is not bad too ! Another multi-hit year that shows once again the full extent of their incredible talent

1984 ... and for 1984, it will be this one. Well, not necessarily their best title but it holds water, as always

1987 ... the sound of the group begins to evolve somewhat. Normal, we are mid-80, it's time to stick with the times !

1988 ... back to the fundamentals of the group and it works again !

1988 ... great form! Another excellent track, perfectly rhythmic and always So Earth Wind and Fire !

1990 ... who could have imagined that they would still be there at the dawn of the 90s ... An incredible longevity !

1993 ... the group arrives once again - and last time - to place a large caliber hit. More than 20 years after their debut, not beautiful ! But what a career !


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