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The One Shot Festival - 2

An anthology of cult titles or very high quality but whose group has produced only a "One shot" or so few titles that it would have been ridiculous to devote an entire article to it.

Part 2 :

  • Dhar Braxton - Jump back 1986

  • Benjamin Orr – Stay the night 1986

  • GTR – When the heart rules the mind 1986

  • Tippa Irie – Hello darling 1986

  • Kazero - Thai na na 1986

  • The Voyagers - Distant planet 1984


Clips :

1986 ... American singer of which it will be the one and only top hit. The main thing is that it is successful and it is, it is clear !

1986 ... American bass player and singer of The Cars, it will be the only classified title of his solo career. It's always better than nothing as they say !

1986 ... ephemeral group which gathers members of Yes/Asia/Genesis and of which it will be the only hit. Nice heavyweight skewer !

1986 ... English singer of which it will be the flagship title. A fresh, light and airy ticket that simply does good

1986 ... nice wacky song by an ephemeral duo from Toulouse which will be the main composition. This single title was enough to bring them One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s on the French side. HU-GE !

1984 ... we end in style with this Italo Disco title, my faith very nice. High quality One Shot and that's all we ask for !

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