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Goodbye Cruel World...

Shakespears Sister is an Anglo-American group formed in 1988 by ex Bananarama Siobhan Fahey, who will be joined by Marcella Detroit a year later in 1989.

A first single "Break my heart" was released in 1988, a single which unfortunately went somewhat unnoticed.

Conversely, the following single "You’re history" which was released a year later in 1989 will not go unnoticed, far from it. The title is a real hit on the Old Continent and propels the duo to the front of the stage in a shattering way. Single from the album "Sacred Heart" which was also released in 1989 and which will experience a nice career in the Charts.

All the same, they will have to wait 3 more years and the year 1992 to see their efforts finally rewarded at their fair height thanks to the album "Hormonally yours". Album of the consecration which will make a real planetary success and offer the 2 girls a direct ticket for posterity.

Notably thanks to the hugely huge track "Stay", a single that will remain as their most successful single-side record. A particularly successful album since it will also produce two other very high caliber tracks which are "I don’t care" and "Hello (Turn your radio on)".

Unfortunately, too much media coverage of Macrella Detroit in the promotion of the single "Stay" will greatly displease Fahey with the consequence of an irreversible degradation of relations between the 2 girls.

A degradation that will lead to the gradual dislocation of the duo which will eventually separate the following year in 1993.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Break my heart 1988

  • You’re history 1989

  • Run silent 1989

  • Dirty mind 1990

  • Goodbye cruel world 1991

  • Stay 1992

  • I don’t care 1992

  • Hello (turn your radio on) 1992

  • My 16th apology 1993

  • I can drive 1996

  • Bitter pill 2002

  • Pulsatron 2005

  • Bad blood 2005

  • All the queen's horses 2019

  • When she finds you 2019


Clips :

1988 ... the Bananarama adventure closed, here is Siobhan Fahey at the helm of a new group. A daring bet and above all a risky bet ...

1989 ... after a first title which will have gone somewhat unnoticed, things will finally gain volume with this new title. It must be said that at 2 is necessarily better !

1989 ... this title will not really know the same level of success as its predecessor, it is clear. But the dynamic is now well in place and that's the main thing !

1990 ... the beginning of the 90s more complicated to manage than expected. The tumble in the Charts is accelerating and we really wonder if the duo will resist it ...

1991 ... business doesn't get better, to say the least. Girls have almost disappeared from Charts and the production of titles is minimalist to say the least. It smacks of the inevitable exit from the road all that ...

1992 ... then THE miracle comes ! A miracle which takes place thanks to this HUGE title which will make a real planetary success and above all offer them a direct ticket for posterity. Like what, we must always believe in it. MAS-TER-FUL !

1992 ... the rest will be lower level but offers the 2 girls a new global success. When it wants, it wants !

1992 ... 1 mega hit and 2 top hits just for this year 1992, a real feat ! A year 1992 which ends in apotheosis with this absolutely sumptuous Intimist title and which shows all their versatility. Absolutely MA-GIC !

1993 ... the euphoria will be short-lived unfortunately. The girls will relapse directly behind and the crash will be severe. Hard law of the trade ...

1996 ... a tumble which will be accompanied by an outright disappearance of radars for 3 years. So here they are back in 1996 in a more than relative form. The beginning of the end, it is clear ...

2002 ... this time, it's 6 years that will separate this title from the previous one. And the change of decade will not change the situation. When it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...

2005 ... the last classified title of the Shakespears Sister and again, of very small caliber. An adventure that draws to an inexorable end ...

2005 ... anyway, Siobhan Fahey can always boast of having left his name in 2 distinct musical adventures from the end of the 20th century, 1 exceptional and the other of great caliber. Sacred achievements !

2019 ... we thought the adventure was definitely over. It was very bad to know them. Here they are back and they are far from ridiculous !

2019 ... they will have amazed us until the end. A truly original duo that at least had the merit of believing in it until the end !


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