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Beyond your wildest dreams...

Lonnie Gordon is an American singer-songwriter who began her career in the early 1980s with a group called Nythjar, which mainly operated in clubs on the Harlem side.

A musical adventure that changed continent at the end of the decade when she decided to leave for England to follow her husband. We then find her new in clubs while at the same time participating in the Quartzlock adventure with whom she produced a first single called "No regrets" in 1988.

The year 1989 saw her gain momentum with her first major success on the Simon Harris track "(I've got your) Pleasure control" on which she provided the vocal part. A remarkable performance that allows her to sign with the Supreme Records label.

A label that allowed her to release her first solo single "It’s not over (Let no man put asunder)" in 1989, a single which was to be a great esteem success. A year later in 1990, the magical trio Stock-Aitken-Waterman took over the singer and offered her the title "Happenin 'all over again", originally planned for Donna Summer. And as so often with them, anything they produce immediately turns to solid gold. The title will make a real worldwide hit and explode the notoriety of the artist.

Success confirmed with the title "Beyond your wildest dreams" which comes out in stride, but less success. Just like "If I had to stand alone" which also comes out the same year and which will hardly do better.

New major partnership in 1991 this time with the group Black Box who produced the single "Gonna catch you". Title which offers the singer a new planetary top hit and which will even end in the soundtrack of the film 'Cool as Ice'. The same year released his first album "If I have to stand alone" which will also be popular with the public.

Change of label in 1993 and arrival at SBK Records. A change that will hardly benefit her because the release of the album "Bad mood" in 1993, despite a significant commercial success, will not bring her any global class hits. A poor performance that will see her gradually disappear from the radar ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • No regrets 1988

  • Don’t turn around 1988

  • (I’ve got your) Pleasure control 1989

  • It’s not over (Let no man put asunder) 1989

  • Happenin’ all over again 1990

  • Beyond your wildest dreams 1990

  • If I had to stand alone 1990

  • Gonna catch you 1991

  • Bad mood 1993

  • Do you want it 1994

  • Love eviction 1995

  • Dirty love 1996

  • If you really love me 1996

  • Beat the street 1998

  • Everybody's talking 1999


Clips :

1988 ... ultra Dance beginnings and which immediately sets the trend : with her, the Dancefloor may ignite somewhat ...

1988 ... we continue in the same trend and the least we can is that this singer has talent to spare, it's clear !

1989 ... here she arrives in House mode, the end of the decade requires. The rise in power is linear and we suspect that at some point, it will necessarily pay off !

1989 ... unfortunately it will not pay off during the 1980s. She will have to wait a little longer before reaping the fruits of her hard work ...

1990 ... as soon as Stock Aitken & Waterman are in the area, it has to pay off. And it will pay off so much that the singer signs here the biggest success of her entire career and obtains her one, and only, mega planetary hit. MAS-TER-FUL !

1990 ... a year 1990 which saw her succeed in everything and whatever the field. Not sure it works like this all the time, but for now, everything is running like clockwork !

1990 ... a great adventure which continues on the hats of wheel. Admittedly, the level of success has dropped somewhat, but for now, she is profiting !

1991 ... single-title year, but what a title ! Here she obtains a new major planetary recognition and obtains her direct ticket for posterity. HU-GE !

1993 ... year 1992 empty and back in this year 1993 in an average form. The level of success suddenly relapses and only the American public will allow her to keep her head above water ...

1994 ... a new single-title year but this one will not really have the same level of success as the previous one. The singer does it with ease and the audience has looked elsewhere at first sight ...

1995 ... the singer will never find the level of inspiration of the beginning of the decade and the delay taken with the competition will unfortunately never be filled ...

1996 ... what she continues to offer is far from being ridiculous but does not really stand out from the crowd. And given the bloated competition of the end of the decade, it is difficult to exist in such conditions ...

1996 ... the last hit. And again, low caliber. Mass is said for good and the singer will only do some figuration afterwards ...

1998 ... the end of the decade which will bring nothing more but which still allows the singer to still exist a little. Not for very long ...

1999 ... and this luxury cover of Nilsson's flagship title from 1968 will unfortunately not change the situation. A nice version, certainly, but which arrives far too late ...


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