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Love Unlimited is an American female trio formed in 1969 by singer Barry White and composed of Glodean James (who would become Barry White's wife), Linda James (Glodean's sister) and Diane Taylor (the cousin of the James sisters).

First title and especially first huge success in 1972 with the title "Walkin' in the rain with the one I love". The title is a global hit and will sell over a million copies worldwide. Title taken from the album "From a girl's point of view we give to you...Love Unlimited" which was released the same year and which also met with significant success.

A year later in 1973, the album "Under the influence of...Love Unlimited" was released, an album that was even more successful than its predecessor and remains to this day the biggest success of all their album discography. Album which produced two new top hits with "It may be winter outside (But in my heart it's Spring)" and "Under the influence of love".

The album "In heat" was released in 1974 and contained their last notorious hit with the title "I belong to you". Two more albums will be released later but will not achieve the same level of success.

A great adventure that will end at the very beginning of the 1980s with two last major singles : "I’m so glad that I am a woman" and "If you want me, say it".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Walkin’ in the rain with the one I love 1972

  • Is it really true boy - Is it really me 1972

  • Oh love, well we finally made it 1973

  • It may be winter outside (But in my heart it’s spring) 1973

  • Under the influence of love 1974

  • People of tomorrow are the children of today 1974

  • I belong to you 1974

  • Share a little love in your heart 1975

  • I did it for love 1977

  • High steppin, hip dressing fella (You got it together) 1979

  • I’m so glad that I’m a woman 1980

  • If you want me, say it 1980

Clips :

1972 ... the first steps of a trio that will quickly become one of the most famous of the decade. And when we see what they offer from the first title, we would have been surprised if it were otherwise !

1972 ... with Barry White at the helm, we suspected that the result would necessarily be up to par. And we are not disappointed !

1973 ... a unique style, a unique sound, 3 unique women, a unique conductor, in short, the result could only be so, unique !

1973 ... new top hit for the 3 girls. An adventure that is becoming more and more important and which makes the trio one of the biggest phenomena of the moment

1974 ... the trio works really well and each title released is a real success. The Master's dough is not for nothing, that's clear !

1974 ... this title will not even be classified and it would have frankly deserved it, just like the others. There is no need to say, this trio is zero waste !

1974 ... the big hit of 1974, it will be this one. It is clear that the production of titles is slowing more and more and that this does not necessarily bode well for future years ...

1975 ... proof of the very strong deceleration with this single title year. Only one title but once again at Premium quality so we will largely be satisfied with it !

1977 ... an empty year in 1976 and not a really winning return in 1977. And yet the girls are far from unworthy, that's clear. But the public is already tired, unfortunately ...

1979 ... quality, again and again. The years go by without the melodic inspiration weakening an iota. It's just the musical tastes of people that change and that, either we adapt, or eventually we disappear ...

1980 ... and here they are entering the 1980s without any complex. It starts from a good feeling but the result will not really be what they expected ...

1980 ... a magnificent adventure which will end there. They will still have spent 8 years in the world's leading pack and just as such, we can only salute the performance !

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