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Win some, lose some...

Few interesting informations about Scandal except the fact that it is an American group formed in 1981 and originally composed of Zack Smith, Ivan Elias, Keith Mack, Benjy King, Frankie LaRocka and Patty Smyth.

Group which will remain mainly in the musical history of this end of the 20th century for the high-caliber single "The warrior" which will be released in 1984.

For this reason alone, we had to devote this article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Goodbye to you 1982

  • Love’s got a line on you 1983

  • Win some, lose some 1983

  • The warrior 1984

  • Hands tied 1984

  • Beat of a heart 1985

  • Silent night 2011


Clips :

1982...a first title with obvious quality and which immediately positions the group as one of the big revelations of the moment. Now all that remains is to confirm...

1983... the group confirms with this title that he is not only there to do extras. It now remains to produce THE title that could bring them glory and fortune...

1983... what is certain is that it will not be with this title that the group will win the timpani because it will go unnoticed to say the least. Can and must do better...

1984...on the other hand, this one will not go unnoticed, far from it ! Here it is THE famous title we were waiting for and which will propel them to the forefront of the international music scene in a sensational way. HU-GE !

1984...a year 1984 which will undoubtedly remain as their best Vintage with a mega hit on the clock and a top hit in stride. All good as they say !

1985...we had to take advantage of it because the adventure will not go any further. As incredible as it may seem, the career of this group at the top level only lasted 3 years...

2011...a totally unexpected return 25 years later, all on one of the most emblematic Christmas titles, who would have believed it ? Not many people at first sight given the very low level of notoriety achieved by the title...


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