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Daryl Hall and John Oates, the magic tandem par excellence, joined forces in 1972 on a concept which they themselves called "Rock and Soul", a subtle mix between rock and Rythm & Blues. We owe them a lot of essential songs from the 80s like "I can’t go for that", "Out of touch". But it is especially their flagship title released in 1982 namely "Maneater" which will remain as their Masterpiece. In the end, the duo will have the luxury of having 34 singles in total classified in the American Billboard Hot 100, 7 platinum records, 6 gold records. In short, to sum up, this very prolific duo made in the USA will surely have been one of the biggest tube factories of the 80s. Heavy, very heavy, in short, to sum them up in one word: essential !! To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• She's gone 1973

• Sarah smile 1976

• Do what you want, be what you are 1976

• Rich girl 1977

• It's a laugh 1978

• Wait for me 1979

• You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling 1980

• Kiss on my list 1981

• You make my dreams 1981

• Private eyes 1981

• I can’t go for that 1981

• Did it in a minute 1982

• Maneater 1982

• One on one 1982

• Family man 1983

• Say it isn’t so 1983

• Adult education 1984

• Out of touch 1984

• Method of modern love 1985

• Some things are better left unsaid 1985

• Possession obsession 1985

• Everything your heart desires 1988

• Missed opportunity 1988

• So close 1990

• Don't hold back your love 1991

• Everywhere I look1991

• Starting all over again 1991

• Promise ain't enough 1997

• Romeo is bleeding 1998

• The sky is falling 1998

• Throw the roses away 1998

Clips :

1973 ... a title which comes out for the first time that year and which will come out 3 years later. And already at that time, we can already see that this duo is not trivial ...

1976 ... an Ultimate Slow with certain quality and which already shows the full potential of the 2 lads ...

1976 ... we take the same and start again. Almost copy and paste ...

1977 ... the first real hit! From a duo who does not look like mine but who is growing in strength in an inexorable way and who will become one of the biggest suppliers of Dance tubes of the end of the XXth century

1978 ... the style and the sound, which will change everything and make their reputation, are being put in place slowly but surely ...

1979 ... everything is ready for the mega fireworks that will follow. And what fireworks !

1980 ... change of decade and our magic duo releases a first hit that will appeal to many others. All thanks to a sumptuous cover of the title of the Righteous Brothers dating from 1964

1981 ... the tube factory begins to run at full speed. It's a flood of hits that will follow and nothing and no one can stop it ...

1981 ... in halftone. It's fresh, it's going fast but it won't stay like their Masterpiece ...

1981 ... back in force, the little air hole has passed. Little guys find all their inspiration and especially their inimitable style

1981 ... the HUGE transcosmic tube which will change everything and raise them to the rank of planetary stars. Surely one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade. And who will remain as one of the best title of all their discography. A mega tube which will become another when Simply Red takes it over in 2003. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... a continuation of certain quality, which looks very much like ELO but which cannot compete with the previous 'Mona Lisa'

1982 ... the other HUGE tube which definitely consecrates them as one of the best duets of the decade and the end of the 20th century. And this thanks to an inspiration constantly boiling which allows them to produce this kind of HUGE title

1982 ... sweet break after this surge of Dance hits. They are good in all areas the buggers !

1983 ... they are so good that their cover of one of Mike Olfield's flagship titles is almost better than the original. What talent !

1983 ... whirlwind restart on the tube side. It's not complicated, with them, it's almost a mega hit per year. At least !

1984 ... a nice title but which will not be the mega hit of that year. It is the one who will follow who will win all the votes ...

1984 ... the second biggest hit of their discography. A new mega dance tube that literally sets fire to all Dancefloor on the planet. One of many. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1985 ... for that year, the mega hit is him! A very subtle blend of strength and finesse of which they have the secret ...

1985 ... once again full of strength and finesse. An Intimist title that works perfectly but coming from them, no wonder !

1985 ... a year apart. No mega hit Dance but subtle and airy titles. An ability to renew itself extremely rare at this level

1988 ... after 3 years of relative absence, we find them in great shape with this title which will remain as one of their best

1988 ... a suite where we find their style so inimitable and which hits every time

1990 ... after an 80s decade which raised them to the rank of almost living Gods, and this mainly thanks to legendary titles rather dance oriented, we find them at the dawn of this new decade in 100% Rock mode. Not really their favorite field all that ...

1991 ... their last notorious hit. Their musical re-orientation, contrary to the standards of the time, will unfortunately be fatal ... But what a career ! Surely one of the most beautiful prize lists of all the decade 80 !

1991 ... whatever the case, the adventure goes on and on. And even if the level of success encountered no longer has anything to do with that of the previous decade, the group continues to deliver quality titles, it's clear !

1991 ... almost 20 years after their debut, the duo is still as effective even if the level of inspiration has seriously dropped in recent years. But it doesn't matter, the quality still remains far above the average of the competition !

1997 ... big air gap of 6 years followed by a return to Intimist mode which shows that they have still lost nothing of their talent. A truly incredible longevity !

1998 ... the duo knew how to adapt perfectly to the new musical trends of the moment but that unfortunately will not be enough to get them back to the leading pack ...

1998 ... the last success of the decade. But there is still success, which is rather reassuring for them. Certainly of low amplitude but it is always better than nothing as we say !

1998 ... a decade of 90 that ends gently with this magnificent Intimist title. Are we going to see them again the following decade ? It may well be that ...

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