Where, Who, When ?

The Who is an English group formed in London in 1964 and originally composed of Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and Keith Moon. A group that can boast of having sold to date no less than 100 million records around the world, just that !

It was Daltrey at the age of 15 who set up a first group The Detours, a group which performed in particular in weddings at the end of the 50s. And it is within this group that he notably recruited Entwistle in 1959 then two years later Townshend in 1961.

The Who was officially born three years later in 1964 and released a first single "Zoo Suit" the same year, a single that went unnoticed to say the least. This is not the case with the following "I cant explain" which, for its part, will experience a much more favorable fate thanks to the Brunswick Records label. Label with which the group has just signed and which will propel him to the forefront of the international scene in a sensational way to say the least.

Huge success overnight which did not prevent strong tensions within the group, especially between Daltrey and Moon during 1965. To the point that Daltrey was dismissed before being reinstated on condition that he stopped his hegemony over the group.

Tensions interspersed with dazzling successes with this time the huge success of the title "My Generation" the same year. A title that will undoubtedly remain as one of their most emblematic titles of the 1960s and that will be found on their first album which came out the same year and which bears the name of the single.

The year 1966 saw the group rise in spectacular fashion with two new high-caliber tracks "Substitute" and "I’m a boy" but also, and above all, the huge single "Happy Jack". Single which will be a real global hit and further strengthen the image of the phenomenon of the moment now carried by the group. Title taken from their new album "A quick one" which will also be released the same year.

Phenomenon of the moment which at the same time conveys an image of 'bad boys' who like to break their equipment on stage and who above all break everything they have at hand, especially in hotels. With a tour of the United States in 1967 which saw them devastate several rooms, sometimes with explosives ...

A year 1967 which will be fortunately saved by the release of two enormous titles which are "Pictures of Lily" and "I can see for miles". And to a lesser extent by the relative success of their new album "The who sell out".

The group made headlines again in 1968 during their disastrous tour of Australia, which ended prematurely with outright expulsion from the country. A year that will save furniture at the last minute with the success of the “Magic bus” title.

New album "Tommy" a year later in 1969, album which will give the group its first global success of very large caliber on the album side. Album written around the life of a deaf, dumb and blind young boy who desperately tries to communicate with others. An entire program…

Album which will mainly produce the title "Pinball wizard", title written especially so that one of the journalists of the New York Times, fan of pinball in his spare time, can give them a most favorable review ...

But which will also produce the title "See me, feel me", flagship title of the group's discography and which however will experience only a mixed level of success in the Charts the following year in 1970 ...

The band was then at its peak in 1971 when they released the album "Who's next", an album that will undoubtedly stay as one of their biggest commercial successes. But who will know only one notable success on the single side with the title "Won’t get fooled again". The titles "Behind Blue Eyes" and "Baba O’Ryley", which would be released a year later in 1972, achieved only an average level of success.

Despite strong tensions between Daltrey and Townshend and a Moon totally uncontrollable due to its excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol, the group still manages to produce the album "Quadrophenia" in 1973. Album whose theme is the story of a boy named Jimmy, boy who goes through a personality crisis and his relationship with his family, his friends and his culture Mod. An album writing focused on four themes, four themes reflecting the four personalities of the Who ...

An album which will have difficulty finding its audience and which above all shows a beginning of disaffection on the part of this one for the group. To this is added a tour which will follow calamitously where the major problems will follow one another as much on stage as behind the scenes ...

It is the year 1975 which will save the group from sinking thanks to the particularly successful film version of the album "Tommy", a film with a dream cast with names such as Elton John, Ann-Margret, Oliver Reed, Eric Clapton and other Tina Turner !

A year 1975 which also saw the release of the new album "The who by numbers", album which saw the group come back somewhat in the race notably thanks to the flagship single "Squeez box".

In spite of a group more and more adrift, a new album "Who are you" was born in 1978, album which will make a real planetary success in a completely unexpected way. Album carried at arm's length by the enormous title of the album name. An album that will be the last of Keith Moon, who dies of an overdose on September 6 of the same year ...

An adventure that would take a dramatic turn the following year in 1979 when 11 fans of the group were killed in an uncontrollable crowd movement shortly before their concert in Cincinnati.

Two new albums were released at the start of the 1980s, namely “Face dances” in 1981 and “It's hard” in 1982. Two albums with significant success but which almost definitively sealed the fate of the group, which ended up separating the year next.

The group will be reborn in a totally unexpected way in the middle of the 2000s, but that's another story ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Zoo suit 1965

  • I can’t explain 1964

  • Anyway, anyhow, anywhere 1965

  • My generation 1965

  • Substitute 1966

  • A legal matter 1966

  • The kids are alright 1966

  • I’m a boy 1966

  • Happy Jack 1966

  • Pictures of Lily 1967

  • I can see for miles 1967

  • Call me lightning 1968

  • Dogs 1968

  • Magic bus 1968

  • Pinball wizard 1969

  • I’m free 1969

  • The seeker 1970

  • Summertime blues 1970

  • See me, feel me 1970

  • Won’t get fooled again 1971

  • Let’s see action 1971

  • Behind blue eyes 1971

  • Baba O’Riley 1972

  • Join together 1972

  • Relay 1972

  • 5:15 1973

  • Love, reign O’er me 1973

  • Postcard 1974

  • Squeeze box 1975

  • Who are you 1978

  • Trick of the light 1978

  • Long live rock 1979

  • You better you bet 1981

  • Don’t let go the coat 1981

  • Athena 1982

  • Eminence front 1982

  • It’s hard 1983

  • Real good looking boy 2004

  • Wire and glass 2006

  • It’s not enough 2006

  • Be lucky 2014

  • Ball and chain 2019

  • I d’ont wanna get wise 2019

Clips :

1964 ... the timid beginnings of a little band out of nowhere. At this point, no one can imagine the incredible career that awaits them in the years to come ...

1964 ... from the 2nd title, the group finds himself projected in a spectacular way on the front of the stage. With the key to a first major success ...

1965 ... a sequel a notch below which sends the group somewhat into the depths of the Charts. But given what is on the horizon, no need to worry about them, on the contrary !

1965 ... because THIS title will propel them One Shot to levels of notoriety that they could never have imagined ! In just 2 years they will have gone from shadows to light in a shattering way to say the least !

1966 ... difficult for this title to compete with the previous enormous steamroller. But the dynamic of success is well and truly in place and that is the essential thing above all !

1966 ... this one will do even less well. The group does not manage to repeat the feat of "My generation" and chains the semi-successes. But it could be that the end of the year will see them return to the race in a spectacular way ...

1966 ... plethora of titles in this year 1966 with very different destinies in terms of results in the Charts. This one will not do better than its 2 predecessors ...

1966 ... business finally resumes with this title. We were seriously starting to wonder when the thinning would come ...

1966 ... there, we no longer even speak of thinning but of radiant sunshine. The group landed here a second mega hit and de facto confirms its status as a phenomenon of the moment !

1967 ... a status of phenomenon of the moment which is left to last a few more years ! In just 2 years, the group will have become literally essential and now chain mega hit on mega hit !

1967 ... the group now shines all over the world and certainly does not intend to stop there. With such a level of success, the opposite would have been surprising ...

1968 ... it still happens to them to produce some 'little hits'. But once again, given what is yet to come on the horizon, no reason to worry too much ...

1968 ... there is something better but we will have to wait a little longer before seeing them win a new prestigious star. On the other hand, they can't produce Masterpieces every time either, that's clear ...

1968 ... it is the end of the year which will bring them back to the front of the race in a spectacular way. A brilliant end to the year followed by the start of 1969 which will be even more so ...

1969 ... they will sign here what will surely remain as one of their most emblematic titles. A headline originally written to flatter a pinball journalist. Sacred gift !

1969 ... a good year 1969, and above all a good decade of the Sixties, which ended in the best possible way with a new title of very high caliber. One more !

1970 ... a new decade of the 70s which started on the same bases as the end of the 60s, ie at the top of their possibilities. The group now perfectly masters its art and its destiny and unrolls in a super impressive way to say the least !

1970 ... here they make it for us in a luxury version with this revisited version of the title of Eddy Cochran dating from 1958. This version will not bring much more than the original but will bring them whatever it is a new star on a prize list which already has a certain number of them !