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When the phone stops ringing...

Eight Wonder is an English group formed in 1983 by Patsy and Jamie Kensit, who are not husband and wife as you might think but brother and sister.

The group was originally called "Spice" and Jamie Kensit auditioned his sister, who was only 14 years old, to make her one of the group's backing vocalists.

It was not until 1984 that the group took its final name and that Patsy Kensit began to write songs for the group herself.

In 1985, the group signed with CBS. Which allows him to release their first Single “Stay with me”.

Single which knows only a success of esteem in the Anglo-Saxon countries but cardboard in Japan and in Italy.

After the departure of two of its musicians, the group decides to use more systematically rhythm machines and other synthesizers.

Things accelerated in 1986 with their meeting of Mike Chapman, well known for his collaborations with the singer Blondie.

Thanks to him released the same year the Single "Will you remember" which also knows success in Italy.

Then it was the Single "When the phone stops ringing" released in 1987 which in turn met with some success in Japan.

1988 will prove to be a decisive year with the collaboration of the Pet Shop Boys and Phil Harding.

Very fruitful collaboration which will give birth to the cult "I’m not scared". Single that will smash everything in its path.

The same year released the Single "Cross my heart" which will also be a success, certainly less than the previous one but all the same.

Also in the same year, the album "Fearless" was released, selling more than 500,000 copies.

Two other Singles will be released later but without real success.

Sounding the end of this flagship group of the 80s.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

• Stay with me 1985

• Having it all 1986

• Will you remember 1986

• When the phone stops ringing 1987

• I’m not scared 1988

• Cross my heart 1988

• Baby baby 1988

• Use me 1989


Tracks :

1985 ... a particularly promising start. Everything is ready for the next wave of hits...

1986 .... a title with an indefinable style, timeless but so timeless that the public does not follow suddenly. Casting error as they say ...

1986 ... the group quickly recovered and returned to the sound fundamentals of the moment, fortunately. We came close to the industrial accident as they say ...

1987 ... a sound more and more structured, like the style of the group elsewhere. And the best is yet to come ...

1988 ... the HUGE interstellar tube which literally explodes their notoriety. One of the biggest Dance hits of that year. One of the biggest Dance hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... they reoffend in stride with an equally huge title. An exceptional year 1988 which sees them at the pinnacle of their art and especially their inspiration !

1988 ... a third heavyweight title to end the year in style. 3 top hits for this single year 1988 including 1 exceptional, the group literally walks on the water !

1989 ... a light and airy title but which will be the last title of the group, and yes, already. A great adventure which unfortunately only lasted a few years. Too bad because we asked for more !


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