What’s that noise...?

Coldcut is an English duo composed of Matt Black and Jonathan More and considered to this day as one of the forerunners of electronic dance music.

Group who released his first single “Say kids, what time is it ?" in 1987, single which will unfortunately go somewhat unnoticed. Single which will stay in history all the same as the first single made in UK made mainly of samples.

A year 1987 which will allow them to mark the spirits for the first time with their enormous remix of the title "Paid in full" by Eric B & Rakim.

The year 1988 will change everything with the release of the track "Doctorin’ the house", performed by singer Yazz. The title will shatter everything on a planetary level and project the duo and the singer on the front of the stage in a shattering way. A hit title followed by another in stride with "Stop this crazy thing".

After having launched Yazz, the group will launch another singer with the title "People hold on" in 1989. This time, it is Lisa Stanfield who will benefit from their incredible talent and find themselves overnight in the spotlight of the ramp. Title that will bring them their 3rd mega hit.

A year 1989 which also saw the release of their first album "What’s that noise ?", single which will confirm the status of phenomenon of the moment of the group.

As paradoxical as it may seem, the albums that will be released subsequently will be unable to produce any world class single. As much "Some like it cold" in 1990 as "Philosophy" in 1993.

Only the album "Let us play !" in 1997 will allow them to reconnect with success for a while thanks to the single" Timber ".

Success which will be the last of the duo because everything that will come out subsequently will only experience a limited level of success ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Say kids, what time is it ? 1987

  • Beats + Pieces 1987

  • Doctorin’ the house 1988

  • Stop this crazy thing 1988

  • People hold on 1989

  • My telephone 1989

  • Coldcut’s Christmas break 1989

  • Find a way 1990

  • Dreamer 1993

  • Autumn leaves 1994

  • More beats and pieces 1997

  • Timber 1998

  • Re:volution 2001

  • Everything is under control 2005

  • Man in a garage 2006

  • True skool 2006

  • Walk a mile in my shoes 2006

  • Everyday another sanction 2016

Clips :

1987 ... from the first title, the duo shows the full extent of their talent in terms of assembling diverse and varied tones. An extraordinary talent that will make their fortune and their glory ...

1987 ... 1987 will only be a year of break-in because for the great success, we will have to wait a little longer. But it will not be long...

1988 ... it was enough to add a female voice and voila. The duo, just like the singer, will be projected under the lights in a shattering way to say the least. For the group, it will be quite simply his biggest success with the key to a global mega hit which makes them enter One Shot in the musical Pantheon of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... 1988 was an exceptional year for the group in all respects since he achieved a new success of very high caliber here. Admittedly, it will not equal its predecessor in terms of planetary fame but without coming closer ...

1989 ... not only will the duo have stayed in history as one of the most creative on the sound side, but they will also have launched the careers of 2 future stars of the English music scene. If that's not flair !

1989 ... paradoxical as it may seem, the duo will fall back into ordinary people as quickly as they left it. This title will only know a very mixed level of success and marks the final breaking point of the duo with the very high level ...

1989 ... the adventure will continue, of course, but the success will henceforth be limited exclusively to England. An incredible turnaround to say the least ...

1990 ... and they will not succeed in repeating the feat with Queen Latifah that they had achieved with Yazz and Lisa Stansfield. Unfortunately, the magic recipe will not have worked every time ...

1993 ... the women having brought them luck, they say to themselves that it will necessarily work again at one time or another. But the miracle will never take place ...

1994 ... it won't work on this title anymore. Taking back the flagship title of Yves Montand dating from 1950 and making it a special title for the 90s will not change the situation anyway ...

1997 ... which does absolutely not prevent them from believing in it over and over again and from continuing the adventure no matter what. A hard-line that commands respect ...

1998 ... on the other hand, one really wonders what they are running after now because they are more doing some figuration than anything else. Afterwards, everyone leads his career as he wants ...

2001 ... and they will even attempt the transition to the 2000s, hoping for a possible miracle. But what no longer worked during the 1990s will not work anymore during this 2000s ...

2005 ... especially since what created the event at the end of the 1980s may seem downright banal in the 2000s. They do not seem to have understood it at first sight ...

2006 ..., nothing, and no one, seems to be able to tell them that the cause is definitively lost. They firmly believe in it and they certainly do not intend to stop there and whatever the weakness of the results in the Charts ...

2006 ... we imagine that if they continue their adventure through thick and thin it is because they find it obvious pleasure. Why spoil them suddenly ...

2006 ... especially since they are far from being ridiculous, the proof with this title which proves in a striking way that they still have some under their feet. It's just the general public who seem not to have noticed it ...

2016 ... big air hole of 10 years and here they are again rising from their ashes in a very, very surprising way. A return for nothing unfortunately ...

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