What’s new pussycat ?

The Flying Lizards is an English group formed in 1976 by David Cunningham, which will be joined by David Toop, Steve Beresford, Deborah Evans-Stickland, Patti Palladin and Vivien Goldman.

The group released their debut single "Summertimes blues" two years later in 1978, a luxury cover of Eddie Cochran's 1958 track, a debut track that would go completely unnoticed. It wasn't until a year later, in 1979, that things started to get serious with the release of their debut album named only after the band's name.

But also, and above all, the single "Money (That’s what I want)", a luxury cover of Barrett Strong's track dating from 1959. A title that gave them their first global success. Album from which will also be extracted the title "TV" which will also be popular with the public.

New album "Fourth wall" in 1981, album with much less success. Album which will produce no less than 3 singles with to begin with "Move on up", a luxury cover of Curtis Mayfield's track dating from 1971. Then "Hands 2 take" and "Lovers and other strangers". None of the 3 singles will be ranked.

The album "Top ten" which will be released in 1984 will not do much better. Despite luxury covers such as "Get up (I feel like being a) Sex Machine" by James Brown dating from 1970 or "Dizzy, Miss Lizzy" by Larry Williams dating from 1958. Repetitive failures that unfortunately sealed the fate of the group.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Summertime blues 1978

  • Money(That’s what I want) 1979

  • TV 1979

  • The laughing policeman 1980

  • Move on up 1980

  • Hands 2 take 1981

  • Lovers and others strangers 1981

  • Sex machine 1984

  • Dizzy, Miss Lizzy 1984

  • What’s new pussycat 1984

Clips :

1978 ... beginnings that border on the experimental. It is clear that they will have to raise the level of play somewhat to hope to play in the big leagues ...

1979 ... there is better but the least that we can say is that the group is frankly wacky. Typical at this time across the Channel ...

1979 ... only the English, and some Americans, will have been able to offer us this kind of delirium. Welcome to the 80s !

1980 ... and this is not this song that will change the game. But that's also the 80s and we love them for that too !

1980 ... the sound changes somewhat, as does the style. Of course, we still do not really know in which musical galaxy the group is located but he is close to ours, that's clear ...

1981 ... we hoped for a return among the living but rather the opposite is happening. But what planet are they from ? Frankly, we wonder ...

1981 ... they are definitely lost, that's clear. They will never respect codes and standards but that is also their trademark ...

1984 ... 3 empty years and back to 1984 in relative form. They play it to us completely revisited version on this cult title of James Brown dating from 1971. Completely wacky, that's clear !

1984 ... new luxury cover - and above all once again totally aware - of Larry Williams' title dating from 1958. The year of covers !

1984 ... which will surely remain as their most successful title. A work in the end totally indefinable and which classifies them in the 'UFO' category. Long live the 80s !

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