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The Woodentops is an English group formed in 1983 in south London and originally composed of Rolo McGinty, Simon Mawby, Alice Thompson, Frank DeFreitas and Paul Hookham.

A first single "Plenty" was released a year later in 1984, a single which would meet with great esteem and project the group on the front of the stage.

A success that calls for others since 3 other successful singles were released the following year in 1985 : "Move me", "Well well well" and "It will come".

The first album of the group "Giant" was released in 1986, an album which confirms the obvious rise of the group. Album which will mainly produce 2 singles which are "Good thing" but also and above all, "(Love affair with) Everyday living”, single which remains to this day their biggest single discographic success.

New album "Wooden foot cops on the highway" in 1988, album which in turn became popular with the public in particular thanks to the flagship single "You make me feel". A single which will unfortunately be their last success.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Plenty 1984

  • Move me 1985

  • Well well well 1985

  • It will come 1985

  • Good thing 1986

  • (Love affair with) Everyday living 1986

  • Give it time 1987

  • You make me feel 1988

Clips :

1984 ... a first quality title which shows all the potential of this small group out of nowhere. And there is potential !

1985 ... the rise in power is linear and allows the group to climb the ladder one after the other. Nothing fancy but a good job, quite simply ...

1985 ... a BIG year 1985 which sees them align several titles of big caliber. Only 2 years of existence and already a status of sure value of the moment

1985 ... it is clear that the group will never be among the top notch but the level is more than enough to play in the big league. It's already that !

1986 ... a truly atypical style unlike any other. In a very electronic decade, the group prefers to play it with all that is more classic sound. And my faith, it works pretty well !

1986 ... then comes THIS title. A title which will remain as the best classified of all and which allows them to definitively return to the musical legend of the 80s. All good !

1987 ... surprisingly, this title will go completely under the radar. It must be said that it will only be released in the United States, hence a necessarily limited impact ...

1988 ... the last success of the group, and yes, already. A career to say the least ephemeral but which will still have produced several titles of significant quality. What more !

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