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We will not forget her name...

Carmel, whose real name is Carmel McCourt, is an English singer who will form the group of the same name in Manchester in the early 80s with Jim Parris and Gerry Darby.

Their first single "Storm" was released in 1982 and enjoyed great acclaim. Just like the album which bears the band's name and which was released the same year.

New album "The drum is everything" two years later in 1984. Album with much more success and which will deliver 2 enormous singles which are "Bad day" and "More, more, more". The career of the group suddenly takes height.

At the rate of an album every two years, this time, it is the album “The falling” which leaves in 1986. Album which paradoxically will do less well than its predecessor across the Channel but will know a resounding success in the rest of the old continent. In particular thanks to the enormous single "Sally" which will make him a real worldwide hit. 500,000 copies will be sold in France alone.

Riding the wave of this huge success, the group released a new album the following year in 1987. But the years go by and are not necessarily alike. "Everybody's Got a Little ... Soul" will have limited success.

Just like the other albums which will also experience only a small success.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Storm 1982

  • Bad day 1983

  • Willow weep for me 1983

  • More more more 1984

  • I’m not afraid of you 1985

  • Sally 1986

  • Mercy 1986

  • J’oublierai ton nom 1986

  • It’s all in the game 1987

  • Every little bit 1988

  • You can have him 1989

  • I'm over you 1989

  • Je suis tombée amoureuse (I have fallen in love) 1989

  • And I take it for granted 1990

  • You're on my mind 1992

  • You're all I need 1992

  • If you don't come back 1994

  • La complainte pour Sainte Catherine 1994

  • Don't lose your love 1995

  • Running 2011

  • Non je ne regrette rien 2011

  • Second wife blues 2015

  • Misty 2022

  • September sun 2022

  • You walked out 2022


Clips :

1982 ... the first steps. Impossible to imagine at this stage the huge sequel that is on the horizon. Apart from the voice, nothing prefigures an above average talent. And yet ...

1983 ... a year and this title will have been enough to make an unknown singer a recognized singer. And this is just the beginning, his talent is obvious, so the best is yet to come !

1983 ... a style unlike any other, just like her voice. Two major elements to make the difference with the competition !

1984 ... a truly atypical sound that clashes with you. A deliberate choice and above all a risky bet in this decade of the 80s where 90 % of music that works is electronic. What is not her choice, it is clear ...

1985 ... an originality claimed and assumed but which sometimes isolates her. And even if this title is not devoid of interest, far from it, its tortured side is not accessible to all ordinary people ...

1986 ... then THIS title comes ! The singer finally seems to have found the right balance between what she likes to produce and especially what people want to hear. Suddenly, she signs here the biggest success of her career, a mega hit which makes her One Shot fit into the musical legend of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... she leaves direct in the wacky Intimist, a musical style for the less original and that she is one of the few to practice at this level. Races result : free fall in the Charts ...

1986 ... a shocking and charming duo that will work perfectly in France but nowhere else, necessarily. Johnny Hallyday's fame abroad at its limits ...

1987 ... once again very gently, as she knows how to do so well. But the public in the mid-1980s wants Dance, and there, for once, it's bad pick ...

1988 ... this popo-jazzy style really struggled to find its place in this decade where popo-electronics reigned supreme. But that, we will not remake her again ...

1989 ... and even when she picks up the tempo, half the time it goes missing. But she believes in it, always and again, that's the main thing !

1989 ... and yet she has plenty of talent. The proof with this magnificent title which literally floats in the air. But that does not stick to the musical standards of the moment ...

1989 ... a plethora of titles in the year 1989 with, to end the year in style, a colorful title in Caribbean colors. She hadn't given us that one yet ...

1990 ... change of decade and change of sound, finally. And my gosh, what she's offering is more than interesting. A healthy change !

1992...a salutary change but which paradoxically will not bring her more than that. But the adventure continues anyway and that's the main thing...

1992 ... a second part of her career which shows a totally different side of her than what she had offered us until then. And even if success is no longer there, we appreciate the change !

1994 ... again of the Intimist of big caliber which allows to end the adventure in style. A magnificent title where the singer can give the best of herself. MA-GIC ! unclassifiable title that will only work in Belgium, of course, given Jo Lemaire's origins. A strange duo...

1995...we think that this title will be his last. Her last, of course, but only for the 90s because we risk seeing her again in a few years, even a few decades...

2011...while everyone thought that the 90s had been her last decade in business, here she is, unexpectedly coming back 16 years later. It is the basic fans who will be delighted... great originality to cover one of the greatest tile of Edith Piaf dating from 1960. She still manages to make a revisited version of it not devoid of interest, that's clear...

2015... the air holes follow one another but she comes back again and again. A desire to believe in it to the end which undoubtedly commands respect...

2022...we lose sight of her again for almost 7 years and here she is back in this new decade of 2020. And what better way to start than to cover Johnny Mathis from 1959... umpteenth return that will unfortunately go unnoticed to say the least. She wasted too much time coming back and the public went elsewhere...

2022...will this title be the last ? We now know that she is able to come back at any time so everything is possible...


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