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Watching you watching me...

David Grant is an English singer who started his artistic career in the Linx group, a group which would experience its heyday at the very beginning of the 1980s.

The artist's solo career began at the end of 1982 but he did not experience his first successes until a year later in 1983. And what success with no less than 4 hits in a row that are “Stop and go”, “Watching you watching me”, “Love will find a way” and “Rock the midnight”, just that ! The four tracks are taken from his eponymous album which came out the same year and which also enjoyed significant success.

A dazzling start, to say the least, which he failed to take advantage of the following year with the release of the single "Organize" in 1984, a single that did not have the success of its predecessors.

Back to the frank and massive success in 1985 thanks to his shocking, but above all charming duo, with singer Jaki Graham on the title "Could it be I’m falling in love". The track was a hit and remains the artist's biggest solo success to this day. Duet renewed on the title “Mated” which came out the same year and which also had a nice run in the Charts. Just like the album "Hopes and dreams" which also came out in 1985.

After a year 1986 when not much will happen, new success in 1987 with the single "Change". But less success, which shows above all that the artist is seriously in the process of dropping out of the leading pack.

He will nevertheless obtain two new successes at the end of the decade, one with the single "Life" in 1989 and another with the single "Keep it together" in 1990. But which this time will indeed be the last ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Have yourself a merry christmas 1982

  • Stop and go 1983

  • Watching you watching me 1983

  • Love will find a way 1983

  • Rock the midnight 1983

  • Organize 1984

  • Could it be I’m falling in love 1985

  • Where our love begins 1985

  • Mated 1985

  • Close to you 1986

  • Change 1987

  • Take us back 1987

  • Intuition '88' 1988

  • Life 1989

  • Keep it together 1990


Clips :

1982 ... a first playful and light title to boot. The title will go completely under the radar but anyway, the intention was good ...

1983 ... this time, it's no longer laughing. Here he is in the heat of the moment and he intends to carve out a place for himself in the sun. And it starts pretty well with this first classified title !

1983 ... a linear rise in power which saw him quickly join the big leagues. Rather well all that, to say the least !

1983 ... enormous year 1983 with a succession of hits, to say the least, impressive. The singer is now on a dynamic that carries him on the road to success in a masterly way

1983 ... four titles released that year and four top hits, just that ! In just one year, the singer will have established himself as one of the phenomena of the moment. Good performance !

1984 ... after an exceptional year in all respects for the artist, 1984 will appear somewhat pale. A single title on the clock and very average success. The years go by but are not necessarily alike ...

1985 ... it is as a duo, and not just any duo, that he will achieve consecration. This shocking duo, but above all charming, with one of the female stars of the moment, will offer her the biggest success of her entire career. MA-GIC !

1985 ... odd years are particularly successful for him, to say the least. Even if this title will not reach the same level of success as its predecessor, it still offers the artist a new major success, confirming at the same time its status of sure value of the moment...

1985 ... the 2 lovebirds put the cover back. And as soon as they are gathered to sing the song together, success is guaranteed. A duo that works from god's fire !

1986 ... a nice track all smooth and finesse which once again proves a talent with obvious versatility. And who says versatility, says great career. Which will be the case concerning him !

1987 ... the sound evolves in order to perfectly match new trends. The result is up to the task and allows him to stay in the Elite with obvious ease

1987 ... despite a title of certain quality, success will not be there. Nothing to worry about at this stage but to watch anyway ...

1988 ... this title will unfortunately not do better. Small slump but concerning him, we can trust him to straighten the bar quickly ...

1989 ... a bar straightened out thanks to this title. Of course, he will never regain the level of success he experienced in the middle of the decade, but the essentials are preserved with a new success at the end of the day

1990 ... a successful transition to the 90s with this title which will have a nice run in the Charts. It is clear that the best is now behind him but he does better than resist, that's clear. A resistance that will have its limits because he will disappear purely and simply in the years that will follow ...


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