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Nathalie Cole was an American singer-songwriter whose father was none other than the exceptional crooner Nat King Cole. Singer who could also boast of having sold no less than 30 million records to date around the world.

She started her artistic career at a young age, singing at the age of 6 on an album of Christmas carols from her father. Then began performing on stage at the age of 11.

We find her in the early 70s in a group called Black Magic, a group with whom she performs in clubs and cabarets and which welcome her mainly because she is the "daughter of".

This does not prevent her from recording several models in parallel, models that will allow her to stand out on the Capitol label. The same label that will allow her to release a first album "Inseparable" in 1975.

And for a first try, it is particularly successful since the first Single "This will be" will make a real worldwide successs and explode overnight the notoriety of the singer. So much so that she is compared to the time as the new Aretha Franklin !

New album "Nathalie" a year later in 1976, album with less success but which confirms all the same that the young singer is indeed one of the biggest phenomena of the moment.

A dynamic of success that gained momentum even more in 1977 with the release in quick succession of two new albums, "Unpredictable" and "Thankful". With the hugely successful track "I’ve got love on my mind". An exceptional year 1977 which saw the singer be the first American artist to see two of her albums reach the level "Platinum" in the same year.

Surprisingly, the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s will see her decline somewhat, despite the release of several albums. Only the title "Someone that I use to love" which came out in 1980 and featured on the album "Don’t look back" allows her to stay afloat a minimum. A decline mainly due to his drug addiction, an addiction that would undermine his career until the middle of the decade.

So she will have to wait for 1987 and a detoxification cure to finally get back in the race with the album "Everlasting". Album from which will be extracted two top hits that are "I live for your love" but also, and especially "Jump start". But that would also produce one of the biggest hits of his career with the revival of Bruce Springsteen's title "Pink Cadillac" dating from 1984.

New successful album two years later in 1989 with "Good to be back", album which allows her to end the 80s in style with the release of the enormous Single "Miss you like crazy".

The final consecration came in 1991 with the release of the album "Unforgettable...with love", album which will reach record sales levels in particular thanks to the breathtaking virtual duo that she realizes with her late father on the track "Unforgettable".

The album "Take a look" which came out in 1993 was also going to be a significant success but paradoxically struggled to produce any major hit.

A breaking point which will see the singer decline in an irreversible way and this despite the release of several albums thereafter.

Singer who died on December 31, 2015 at the age of 65 from heart failure linked in particular to high blood pressure.

To discover or rediscover.


Discography (among others ...) :

70s  Decade :

  • This will be 1975

  • Inseparable 1975

  • Sophisticated lady (She’s a different lady) 1976

  • Mr Melody 1976

  • I’ve got love on my mind 1977

  • Party lights 1977

  • Our love 1977

  • Stand by 1979

  • Gimme some time 1979

80s  Decade :

  • Someone that I used to love 1980

  • Nothin’ but a fool 1981

  • Too much mister 1983

  • Dangerous 1985

  • A little bit of heaven 1985

  • Secrets 1985

  • Jump start 1987

  • I live for your love 1987

  • Pink Cadillac 1988

  • When I fall in love 1988

  • Everlasting 1988

  • Miss you like crazy 1989

  • I do 1989

  • The rest of the night 1989

  • As a matter of fact 1989

90s  Decade :

  • Starting over again 1990

  • Wild woman do 1990

  • Unforgettable 1991

  • The very thought of you 1992

  • Take a look 1993

  • A smile like yours 1997

  • Snowfall on the Sahara 1999

2000s  Decade :

  • Angel on my shoulder 2000

  • Livin’ for love 2000

  • Day dreaming 2006


Tracks :

1975 ... a first perfectly successful title which propels the young singer in a sensational way on the front of the stage. Race results : a first planetary top hit directly. We couldn't ask for a better start !

1975 ... from the start of her career, she displayed an impressive versatility of style. She signs here a magnificent Intimist title which shows that in the Cole family, the Intimist, it is in the genes !

1976 ... the year 1976 starts again on the same bases as the year 1975 and reinforces the side 'phenomenon of the moment' of the singer. One might have feared that as a 'daughter of' she would pass like a shooting star. Oh no, it is quite the opposite which occurs !

1976 ... perfectly in tune with the times, the style, like the sound, perfectly matches the expectations of the public. With the key to a constant level of success !

1977 ... she alternates with an obvious mastery of strong moments and clearly softer moments. A quality that is only found with the Greatest ...

1977 ... an ideal start to her career which saw her line up the hits at a truly astounding speed. She takes place with ease, to say the least, and does not intend to stop there, that's clear !

1977 ... she once again suspends time as if by magic. A unique know-how that makes this Cole family a truly unique family !

1979 ... after a year 1978 when, surprisingly, not much interesting happened, we find her at the end of the decade in great shape. A certain form which allows her to sign this kind of title with more than certain quality !

1979 ... at 2 is so much better ! The singer plays it in duet mode on this supercharged track which works very well. Dance, Intimist, duets, its extreme versatility commands respect !

1980 ... one would have thought that the passage to the 80s would spell the end of his career and would see her gradually disappear from the radar. It is rather the opposite !

1981 ... the beginning of the decade was still a bit sluggish and saw the singer stagnate. And yet she does not demerit but the competition has already taken a few steps ahead that will have to be filled quickly ...

1983 ... big air gap in 1982 followed by a furtive comeback in 1983. The singer is really struggling to stay afloat at the beginning of the decade and she will quickly have to recover otherwise there will be disappearance pure and simple...

1985 ... new air hole in 1984 and back in 1985 this time in a certain form. The singer finally knew how to take the measure of the new expectations of the public and adapted accordingly. And it can be heard !

1985 ... a year 1985 which sees her come back in force and which confirms the fact that she did not come back to do only some figuration. She has been able to raise her level of play and success comes naturally ...

1985 ... beautiful and BIG year 1985 with a plethora of titles and quality on every level. She will have taken a long time to adapt to new trends, but now that it's done, it's rolling out !

1987 ... new air hole in 1986, it becomes a mania. Followed by a new winning return in 1987. A year 1987 which promises to be under the best auspices ...

1987 ... still as effective in the Intimist field, a field that she had somewhat obscured lately. We are therefore rather happy to see her return to this field that she has always mastered perfectly ...

1988 ... here she plays it to us luxury cover version and the least we can say is that it is particularly successful for her. This revisited version of the title of Bruce Springsteen dating from 1984 will simply offer her the biggest success of her entire career. HU-GE !

1988 ... the first virtual duo between father and daughter on one of the latter's most beautiful titles. The magic systematically operates on this title whether it is performed solo or in duo, the result is therefore necessarily up to the task !

1988 ... a BIG year 1988 with a succession of top hits for the less impressive. The singer is at the top of her possibilities and it can be heard. Hope it lasts !

1989 ... a new year and a new global mega hit. The end of the 1980s saw her succeed in everything and reach stratospheric levels of success. It was rare for a singer from the 70s to literally explode the following decade. The feat is therefore all the more remarkable. MAS-TER-FUL !

1989 ... the end of the decade decidedly under the sign of the 'emotional' register. Whether alone or with 2, it works perfectly anyway. Once again the proof !

1989 ... the pass of 3. Three Intimist titles of all beauty and which make of her one of the great specialists and this in a incontestable way. But with such a father, the opposite would have been frankly surprising !

1989 ... the 4th title of the year will be...Dance. Even if this title will be the 'little' hit of the year, the year 1989 will have really been exceptional in all respects for the singer. Years like this ...

1990 ... new luxury cover this time on the track "Now we're starting over again" by Dionne Warwick dating from 1981. A revisited version which will not equal the original but which largely holds up...

1990 ... being part of the soundtrack of what will become one of the cult films of this decade is rather flattering, to say the least. And it also shows that we are part of the sure values of the moment to have been precisely chosen to be part of it ...

1991 ... a real technical feat combined with a pure moment of emotion makes this virtual duo one of the most significant moments of this decade which begins. Few singers can boast of singing a duet with one of their parents, that's clear. MA-GIC !

1992 ... while everything is going at the speed of light in this decade of 90, the singer openly takes the bet, and especially the risk, to play it vintage version 50s. Impossible to deny its genes, it is clear !

1993 ... swimming against the tide is risky, if not suicidal, to say the least. What she now offers, despite an obvious quality, can only marginalize her in the short term. And this is necessarily what is happening ...

1997 ... the production of titles has dropped considerably in recent years and the little that comes out meets only a very limited success. Hard law of the trade ...

1999 ... she tries to catch up with the latest trends but it is already too late unfortunately, much too late. She will not have known, or wanted, to evolve with the times and she is paying a high price for it today

2000 ... she will attempt the transition to the 2000s, but when mass is said, it is very difficult to get back into the race unless there is a miracle. And of miracles, there will unfortunately not be ...

2000 ... and yet she is far from being ridiculous in everything she has offered for the past ten years. But its dropout in the mid-90s is now impossible to catch up and the younger generations have already moved on for a long time ...

2006 ... the end of the adventure. She is attempting yet another comeback which will end in the same way as the previous ones, that is to say in failure. We would have liked so much for her to return to the front of the stage but fate will have decided otherwise. Such is life...


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