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Two places at the same time...

Raydio is an American band formed in 1977 and originally composed of Ray Parker Jr., Vincent Bonham, Jerry Knight and Armell Carmichael.

A group that won a notorious first success with the release of its first Single "Jack and Jill" in 1978. Single extracted from their first eponymous album which was also released the same year and which will also experience significant success.

New major success the following year in 1979 with "You can't change that", title taken from their new album "Rock on". The Single, like the album, will experience less success than those released the previous year but will still come out with flying colors.

After a smashing career start, the sequel will prove to be a little more complicated to manage than expected with the lackluster release of the album "Two places at the same time" in 1980. Album with minor success and who will struggle to produce the slightest Single of planetary class…

They will manage to save the furniture the following year with the release in 1981 of the Single "A woman needs love (Just like you do)", title which allows them to obtain a new planetary success. Very high level success which will unfortunately be their last…

The group will eventually separate and one of the members, Ray Parker Jr. will thus have a free hand to begin a most successful solo career, the culmination of which will be his famous title "Ghosbusters" in 1984.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

70s  Decade :

  • Jack and Jill 1978

  • Is this a love thing 1978

  • Honey I’m rich 1978

  • You can’t change that 1979

  • More than one way to love a woman 1979

80s  Decade :

  • Two places at the same time 1980

  • For those who like to groove 1980

  • Can’t keep you from crying 1980

  • A woman needs love (Just like you do) 1981

  • Still in the groove 1981

  • That old song 1981

  • It’s your night 1981


Tracks :

1978...first title and direct planetary jackpot ! A smashing entry that propels the group in an ideal way to the forefront of the international music scene !

1978...difficult for this title to compete with the huge previous steamroller but it still allows the group to show that the enormous success encountered on the previous title was anything but the result of chance...

1978....the 'little' hit of the year. After a smashing start to say the least, the group will experience a little slack but nothing to worry about at this stage...

1979...the proof with this new mega hit ! The group proves once again that he is indeed one of the phenomena of the moment and that he intends to remain so for a while...

1979 ... what is surprising is that they will not have managed to get their biggest hits on Dance titles. This title will once again pay the price... soon as they return to the Intimist register, success becomes consistent again as if by magic. Might as well play the 'emotional' register card to the full, so...

1980...who says Dance title says relative poor performance. There is nothing to do, as soon as they want to speed up the tempo, the success becomes minor again...

1980...whether there is a major or minor success, everything the group produces is of more than certain quality. We therefore necessarily ask for more...

1981...the year of the big take-off for Ray Parker Jr. After having studied with Raydio, it is time for him to start emancipating himself...

1981...a year that will allow him to show that in Raydio he was the figurehead. And future years will prove it vividly...

1981... whatever the case, he ended the year quietly with Raydio so as not to cut the tie too quickly. Who would blame him... adventure that only lasted 4 years but produced a significant number of mega hits. A performance to be applauded !


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