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Too young to fall in love...

Mötley Crüe is an American group formed in Los Angeles in 1981 by Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Vince Neil and Mick Mars. A group that can boast of having sold no less than 100 million records around the world to date.

A first album "Too fast for love" was released the same year. Album which will be a great esteem success and from which the single "Live wire" will be extracted. Single which will go completely unnoticed on the other hand.

But the group will quickly make talk about him, not in the people sections, but rather in the news. Indeed, their first tour in Canada in 1982 was punctuated by various incidents between seizures of prohibited material, bomb threats during concerts and televisions being thrown through windows in hotels by Tommy Lee ...

It will take them two years to calm things down and especially get noticed by a certain… Ozzy Osbourne. Which takes them in the first part of his tour of 1984, thus offering them an unexpected showcase. But once again they stand out for their extravagance, both in terms of clothing and their abusive consumption of drugs and alcohol.

This does not prevent them from experiencing their first major successes with the titles "Looks that kill" and "Too young to fall in love", two singles taken from the album "Shout at the devil" released a year earlier in 1983.

The year 1984 saw the group once again find themselves in the news when Vince Neil was embroiled in a fatal car head-to-head. Dramatic accident in which passenger Nicholas Dingley of the Hanoi Rocks died in the crash. The album "Theater of Pain" which came out later in 1985 was dedicated to him. An album which sees the sound of the group evolve considerably and which will produce their first two top planetary hits which are "Smokin' in the boys room" and "Home sweet home".

Another dramatic episode two years later in 1987 when Nikki Sixx was found near-dead following a heroin overdose. Miraculously, he escaped thanks to the intervention of the doctors who saved him with 2 massive injections of adrenaline. The same year, the group still manages to release the album "Girls, girls, girls", album which will make a huge planetary success and which paradoxically, will produce only one notorious hit with the single of the same name as the album.

Despite the growing success of the group, Thaler and McGhee, the two managers of the group, no longer tolerate the excesses of the various members and sent them by force in 1989 to rehab. Most saving cure since all the members become clean again and immediately release their best album, "Dr. Feelgood". Incredible album which will remain 114 weeks in the Charts and which will above all produce the biggest success of all their discography with the title which bears, once again, the name of the album. Four other top hits will also be extracted, namely "Kickstart my heart" still in 1989 and "Without you", "Don't go away mad (Just go away)" and "Same Ol 'Situation (SOS)" in 1990 .

A year later released their first compilation called "Decade od decadence", which will produce two new top hits that are "Primal scream" and "Home sweet home ‘91".

The following two albums, "Mötley Crue" in 1994 and "Generation Swine" in 1997 will also experience their heyday but the success will be beyond measure compared to previous years. A declining success linked to the “grunge” phenomenon which unfortunately will give them a hell of a blow of old age, leading to a slow but irreversible disaffection of the public.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Stick to your guns 1981

  • Live wire 1982

  • Shout at the devil 1983

  • Looks that kill 1984

  • Too young to fall in love 1984

  • Smokin’ in the boys room 1985

  • Home, sweet home 1985

  • Girls, girls, girls 1987

  • You’re all I need 1987

  • Dr Feelgood 1989

  • Kickstart my heart 1989

  • Without you 1990

  • Don’t go away mad (Just go away) 1990

  • Same Ol’ situation (S.O.S.) 1990

  • Primal scream 1991

  • Hooligan’s holliday 1994

  • Afraid 1997

  • Bitter pill 1998

  • Enslaved 1998

  • Teaser 1999

  • Hell on hige heels 2001

  • New tattoo 2001

  • Treat me like the dog I am 2001

  • If I die tomorrow 2005

  • Sick love song 2005

  • Saints of Los Angeles 2008

  • Motherfucker of the year 2008

  • White trash circus 2009

  • Sex 2012

  • All bad things must end 2015

  • The dirt (Est. 1981) 2019


Clips :

1981 ... a first title which immediately sets the trend : it's going to beat up and it's going to beat up hard. We have been warned !

1982 ... the group is still chasing his first ranked hit. However, it is not for lack of goodwill. Rest assured, their efforts will soon be rewarded ...

1983 ... the first ranked hit, here it is ! Sure, low caliber but it's still better than nothing. A first hit that will appeal to many others !

1984 ... now that the machine is well and truly launched, the group begins to unroll impressively. And this is only the beginning...

1984 ... year of transition which sees the group release a single title. The rise in power is linear but the group is not yet able to cross the course which will bring him into the big leagues. It won't be long ...

1985 ... the year that will really change the game. Success finally becomes global and propels the group to previously unattainable levels of success

1985 ... as is often the case in these cases, Heavy Metal bands excel in beating but also in Intimist, paradoxical thing. Here is a perfect example !

1987 ... after a year 1986 empty, we find them in this year 1987 in a form for the less Olympic. And obviously the quality of the titles benefits !

1987 ... are they the same...? The sound has nothing to do with what they offered until then. A radical change which proves that they can also play in other categories and it bodes well for the future

1989 ... return of the beating as a rule, we suspected that the parenthesis opened on the previous title was not going to last. Anyway, a winning comeback because the group simply signs the biggest hit of its career here. MAS-TER-FUL !

1989 ... huge year 1989 with a second top hit in the wake. Of course, smaller than the previous one, but the group is unquestionably at the height of its art !

1990 ... a transition to the 90s which is done in Intimist mode. Well, in Intimist Heavy Metal mode but anyway, quality is essential. A new time !

1990 ... the top hits follow one another at an impressive speed. 5 years already that the group is at the top and it is left to last a few more years

1990 ... 5 years at the top and above all 5 years of beating as a rule sound side. A group that will have changed very little unlike most of the competitors who will have played, at one time or another, a little more in the pop rock category

1991 ... anyway, the fact of not changing anything still pays off given the level of success they continue to meet. The proof once again with this title which will remain as one of their best classified !

1994 ... big air gap of 3 years but that does not prevent them from staying in the leading pack. Not sure it will last for years but as long as it works ...

1997 ... new 3 years air hole. Well, there it starts to do a lot. Repeated air holes which inevitably weaken the group and which announce a more or less near end of adventure ...

1998 ... the group still believes in it and continues to move forward, no matter what. What is certain is that the best is behind them. But at this point, they don't know it yet. The adventure will continue for the next decade, of course, but for a disappointing result ...

1998 ... a title that will go somewhat unnoticed despite a certain quality. Times are really getting harder and harder... end of the decade which saw them gradually disappear from the radar. Even if the level of success has dropped sharply over the years, they are still there anyway...

2001...a beginning of the 2000s decade which rhymes with the transition to 20 years of career. A more than busy career, to say the least...

2001...another title that will pass 'through' as they say. A phenomenon that is growing and which sees the group doing the yo-yo permanently in the Charts now...

2001... ditto for this one. A beginning of the 2000s which sees them somewhat struggling and which leaves them to think about what to do next on the career side...

2005...we will lose sight of them for almost 4 years and here they are back in this year 2005 in a form that we will qualify as certain. Certain but insufficient to return to the race unfortunately...

2005...a mid-decade 2000 which will allow them to remind their basic fans that they still exist and that they still do not intend to stop there...

2008...certainly the air holes are multiplying but they come back again and again. It is better to play quality than quantity, that's clear...

2008...with each title, you say to yourself that it may be the last, but they don't see it like that at first sight. They will go all the way no matter what...

2009... they will still have managed to classify all their titles during this decade, which clearly proves that the group is far from being at the end of its adventure. See them next decade...

2012...a new decade on the clock, one more ! A decade that will turn out to be a little more complicated to manage than expected...

2015...the production of titles will slow down drastically during this decade. We feel that the group is indeed at the end of the race this time... remains to be seen if they will have the strength to come back for the next decade. Only the future can answer this question now...


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