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Too much, too little, too late...

Deniece Williams, whose real name is June Deniece Chandler, is an American singer-songwriter who released her first single "Love is tears" in 1968. A single that unfortunately goes completely unnoticed.

While waiting for better, she then becomes for a while the backing vocalist of a young promising artist at the beginning of her career, a certain…Stevie Wonder. A Stevie Wonder that she left in 1975 to stand on her own feet by signing to Columbia Records .

This signature allows her to release a first album a year later in 1976 called “This is niecy”. Album from which his first success will be extracted and what a success ! Indeed, the single "Free" will make a real planetary success and explode the notoriety of the singer overnight.

Success confirmed and especially amplified two years later in 1978 when the album "That’s what friends are for" was released, where she sang a duet with Johnny Mathis. An album that will remain as the biggest success of his entire album discography and which also allows her to achieve his biggest single success with the title "Too much, too little, too late".

The albums "When love comes calling" and "My melody", released respectively in 1979 and 1981, do not know the success of the previous album. It will therefore take her four years and the year 1982 to regain a level of success to match his talent with the album "Niecy". Album from which will be extracted mainly the single "It’s gonna take a miracle".

New album "I'm so proud" a year later in 1983. Album that will not produce any major hits. This is not the case with the next one, "Let’s hear it for the boy", which was released in 1984 and which was a hit. Album carried at arm's length by the enormous single which bears the same name as the album.

But which will unfortunately be the last notorious hit of the singer. Anything that comes out later will only meet with average success.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Love is tears 1968

  • Glorious feeling 1969

  • Free 1976

  • That’s what friends are for 1977

  • Baby, baby my love is all for you 1977

  • Too much, too little, too late 1978

  • You’re all I need to get by 1978

  • I’ve got the next dance 1979

  • I found love 1979

  • Time heals every wound 1981

  • It’s your conscience 1981

  • It’s gonna take a miracle 1982

  • Waiting by the hotline 1982

  • Do what you feel 1983

  • I'm so proud 1983

  • Love won’t let me wait 1984

  • Let’s hear if for the boy 1984

  • Next love 1984

  • Black butterfly 1984

  • Wiser and weaker 1986

  • Healing 1986

  • Never say never 1987

  • I can’t wait 1988

  • This is as good as it gets 1988

  • Every moment 1989


Clips :

1968 ... a very delicate and smooth start. Despite an obvious quality, this title will unfortunately pass under the radar ...

1969 ... and it is not this duo of shock but above all of charm that will change the situation. It will therefore be necessary for the singer to be patient a little before going to touch the stars ...

1976 ... after a big air gap that will last 7 years, the singer returns in a form that will be described as Olympic. Here, she signs an enormous hit which literally explodes her notoriety and makes her One Shot enter the big leagues. HU-GE !

1977 ... this title will not be able to compete with the enormous previous title but it is far from being without interest, it is clear. Now that the dynamics are engaged, it remains for the singer to unroll !

1977 ... the singer switches to Dance mode and the result is up to par, it's clear. Rather a good omen for the rest of the events ...

1978 ... new duo of shock and charm. Unlike the first, which had only experienced very limited success, this one will shatter everything on a planetary level. It must be said that singing with Johnny Mathis was a sure guarantee of success from the start. MAS-TER-FUL !

1978 ... the duo put it back in stride. Of course, this title will not have the same level of success as its predecessor but the duo works once again and that's the main thing

1979 ... back to Dance mode. Whatever the field in which she is found, it is clear that the result is always up to the task. The mark of the Great !

1979 ... a year 1979 which will therefore be exclusively Dance. And in this area, the singer shows obvious aptitudes for doing great things. Patience, patience ...

1981 ... the transition to the 1980s is very smooth. After an empty year 1980, here she is back in great shape and ready to give everything during this decade. It promises !

1981 ... it will still be necessary for the young singer to take the measure of the new musical standards of the moment because there is still a little work to be at the level of the competition ...

1982 ... what is certain is that in the Intimist field, there is no need for adaptation. Even if this title sounds very 70s, it largely holds the road. It must be said that she takes here a standard of Royalettes dating from 1965, this is what we call a minimalist risk-taking ...

1982 ... she finally begins to take the measure of the present time in terms of trends. Rather auspicious for the rest of his journey during this blessed decade

1983 ... efforts that pay off and allow her to compete on an equal footing with the competition. Not yet enough to go familiar with the stars but we are getting closer

1983 ... the Intimist domain, a domain she particularly likes and in which she once again excels with the most obvious ease

1984 ... and here is the magical duo which puts the cover back as in the good old days. Once again, the sound sounds very 70s. But how can you blame her ...

1984 ... then THIS title comes ! The title of the consecration, the one which finally makes her definitively fit into the musical legend of the 80s and at the same time offers her the biggest success of all his discography on the singles side. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... a year 1984 resolutely oriented Dance. Where she remained more or less average in this area, she will finally have been able to step up a gear in 1984. With results in the Charts very clearly on the rise !

1984 ... chase the natural, it comes back at a gallop. It is obvious that she cannot get away from the Intimist domain for more than 2 songs. And as the result is once again up to the task, we will not complain !

1986 ... the more the years go by, the more she matures on Dance titles. Even if this title will not touch the stars, its quality is more than obvious !

1986 ... a new sweet parenthesis of all beauty. A field in which she excels and which has allowed her to show the full extent of her talent

1987 ... a career that lasts thanks to this very judicious alternation between Dance titles and Intimist titles. As they say, there is something for everyone !

1988 ... the last notorious hit. Almost 20 years after its debut, the circle is almost complete. When we remember its beginnings, we can only note the enormity of the road traveled. What a metamorphosis !

1988 ... the adventure is not quite over. An adventure which was beautiful, rich in titles of great caliber and which will have allowed the singer to register her name in the legend, just that !

1989 ... the last one for the road. This time, it is indeed the end of the adventure. One last quality title to come out the front door !


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